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Oliver Newsletter January 2019

Issue 1 Volume 4 January 2019
Ramping Up For 2019
As many of you are aware we have already booked half of the 2019 production calendar and available slots are filling fast.

It's great that we have filled up so much of the production calendar! If you are looking to get your Ollie in 2019 we highly recommend putting in your order as soon as possible to guarantee your delivery date in 2019. These slots are filling up fast.
2019 Oliver Owner's Rally
We are happy to announce that the 2019 Oliver Owners Rally will be hosted at Lake Guntersville State Park in Lake Guntersville, Alabama on May 16th-19th, 2019.

Registration is now open to owners and to the public.

Our 2019 Oliver Travel Trailer Owners' Rally is off to a great start with 74 Oliver Travel Trailers register with a total
of over 140 total people attending the Oliver Travel Trailers 2019 Rally.

Lake Guntersville State Park has 300+ campsites with hookups and a primitive camping area so there are plenty of campsites for the Rally. However, the best campsites are being reserved so make your reservations soon.

The 4-day rally will be packed with plenty of activities, programs, food and most of all fun with all of our Oliver friends, both long term and new. We have several programs and activities beginning Thursday morning to teach owners about your trailer, accessories, maintenance and special camping information.  
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Welcome to the Family
Darryl & Kim P.
Dave & Annette M.
Duane S.
John & Terri N.
John B.
John & Eileen Z.
Kerry & Cathey K.
Lawrence & Mary F.
Neil W. & Mary Beth M.
Tom & Holly S.
Oliver Owner  Anniversaries
Katherine J.
John B.
Hugh M.
Laura L.
Arlys M. 

Joe & Susan F.
Randy & April G.

Tim & Doris B.
David L.
Lori B.

William W.
Timothy H.
Bruce A.
Jay B.
Arthur (Duke) C.
David C.
Kenny & Madeline B. 

Texas's Best Camping Spots are adorned with beautiful landscapes.
Such as the Palo Duro Canyon and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and offering some of the most spectacular beauties such as the Wichita Falls, Lake Travis and Padre Island National Seashore, Texas is a blend of a variety of flavors and a place to be for campers and travelers.
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Oliver Travel Trailer
By: Jason Essary, Service Manager
The Zamp Solar 30 Amp 5 Stage Digital Deluxe Solar Charge Controller # ZS-30A has PWM or Pulse Width Modulation, which is a digital signal that is used to control power applications and has 5 stages of charging for best battery health and longevity. This controller can support the typical types of deep cycle batteries – Lithium (LiFePO4 & LTO), WET, GEL, AGM and Calcium. We pre-set the controller at the factory according to what batteries are installed and the charge controller will automatically regulate and charge the batteries according to its pre-programmed state. This makes life much easier for you so you can concentrate on camping instead of programming and maintaining a charge controller.
  • LCD screen displays battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity, battery types and fault codes.
  • LED light indicators show charging status and battery condition.

5 stages of charging:
  • Level 1 – Soft Charge – When batteries suffer an over-discharge, the controller will softly ramp the battery voltage up to 10V.
  • Level 2 – Bulk Charge – Maximum current until batteries rise to Absorption Level.
  • Level 3 – Absorption Charge – Constant voltage charging (battery is over 85%).
  • This stage takes longer than any other stage to complete. You will typically see your battery status remain in this stage unless you are not using the camper. The full battery indicator is about the last 2% and while running lights and other components it will remain in the absorption stage. *Battery volts displayed during this stage are charging volts not actual battery volts.
  • Level 4 – Equalization Charge – Only for WET battery or Calcium battery type. When the battery is deeply drained below 10V, it will automatically run this stage to bring the internal cells to equal states and fully complement the loss of capacity. (Gel and AGM batteries do not run Equalization Charge).
  • Level 5 – Float Charge – Battery is fully charged and maintained at a safe level. Fully charge is more than 13.6V.

Zamp Charge Controller & SeeLevel II (Battery Volts)
  • Both systems will display charging volts rather than actual battery volts when power is being supplied to the batteries.

Customer interaction

  • The charge controller has 2 buttons. One button labeled Amp/Volts can be used to scroll through relevant information

Amp/Volt Button
  • Current battery volts or charging volts
  • Current Amps being supplied to the battery (Initial startup will be lower amps and slowly increase to maximum output depending on sunlight available.
  • Current total of Amp Hours supplied within the 24 hour timeframe. This setting will reset with every 24 hour period.
  • Current Battery Temperature. (Displayed in Celsius). This is used by the charge controller to monitor the battery.

Battery Type Button
  • This is pre-set at the factory based on the type of batteries installed and should only be changed if you replace your batteries with a different battery type.

Zamp Error Codes:
  1. P01 – Solar Panel Reverse Connection
  2. P02 – Solar Panel Over Voltage
  3. 601 – Battery Disconnected or less than 3.0 Volts
  4. 602 – Battery Reverse Connection
  5. 603 – Battery Over Voltage (> 17.5 Volts)
  6. 604 – Battery Temperature over 65C
Andrew Jackson's
Hermitage Mansion Tour
4580 Rachel's Lane Nashville, TN 37076

9AM - 4:00PM CST

Upcoming Events:
Battle of New Orleans Day

Walk through Andrew Jackson’s life and home, explore a beautiful, vintage Tennessee farm, and experience an important piece of Nashville and our nation.
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An Oliver Travel Trailers' Journey
By: Frank McMichael, Hull #101
The Scablands are so large and so complex like a maze that one visit cannot bring it all together.
To fully understand the Scablands and to fully appreciate the features that were caused by the flood and left behind after the flood, one must see and walk them.
Not all can be seen as private lands and the works of man make them unavailable or they have become obscure.

This is my journey...
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Trip Planning:
Olympic National Park Washington
Discover Olympic's Diverse Wilderness

With its incredible range of precipitation and elevation, diversity is the hallmark of Olympic National Park.

Encompassing nearly a million acres, the park protects a vast wilderness, thousands of years of human history, and several distinctly different ecosystems, including glacier-capped mountains, old-growth temperate rainforests, and over 70 miles of wild coastline. 
Plan Visit
Campfire French Toast
With French Toast Everyone's A Happy Camper!

Total: 50 Minutes

Prep: 10 min

Cook: 40 min

Yield: 8 servings

Level: Easy
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Monthly Trivia
Last Month's Trivia :
In what year did John Horsley send the first Christmas card?

    a. 1787
    b. 1843
    c. 2018
    d. 1492

: b .
John Callcott Horsley, (born January 29, 1817, London, England—died October 18, 1903, London), British narrative painter best known as the designer of the first Christmas card created in 1843 for Callcott's friend Sir Henry Cole, an edition of 1,000 cards was placed on sale in London.

This Month's Trivia
In what year did the Roman Senate declare January 1st to be the beginning of the new year.

    a. 1 BC
    b. 45 BC
    c. 23 AD
    d. 200 BC
In Closing
On behalf of Oliver Team and Family we'd like to thank you for your interest in Oliver Travel Trailers.

We look forward to helping you learn more about the Oliver difference.

Feel free ask us any questions you may have at this time or if you would like more information please give us a call at
1-888-526-3978 .

Until next month,
Jason K. Walmsley, Newsletter Editor

We encourage you to research further and I can promise you, you will like what you see in an Oliver Travel Trailer. Visit our website at olivertraveltrailers.com to see more and schedule a plant tour or field visit. Happy Trails from Hohenwald, TN, USA!
© Oliver Travel Trailers 2018. All rights reserved.
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