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  1. I did just find this additional information off the Lithionics website as this subject builds:

    for the Lithionics 12V130A--G31-LRBM8

    Maintenance: For optimal performance when in use, the battery should be fully charged to 14.4V at least once every 2 weeks. Fully charging the battery calibrates the state-of-charge percentage to be the most accurate and allows the cells to balance if necessary.

    Storage: Storing your battery at the correct specifications is important as it keeps the battery in the healthiest state possible. Consult the table below for proper storage conditions.

      Storage Temperature & Humidity Range:

    < 1 Month -4~95°F (-20~35°C), 45~75%RH

    < 3 Months 14~86°F (-10~30°C), 45~75%RH

    Long Term Storage: If the battery needs to be stored for > 3 months, the voltage should be 13.2V (50% state-of-charge) and stored at the recommended storage specifications shown above. Additionally, the battery needs at least one charge & discharge cycle every six months.

    Self-Discharge Rate ≤3% per month.

        Typical storage example < 1 month:  1. Fully charge the battery.  2. Turn the battery OFF using the battery power button.  3. Keep the battery in an environment according to the specifications shown above.

       Typical storage example > 1 month, up to 6 months maximum:  1. Reduce the battery state-of-charge to 13.2V, which is 50% ±10% state-of-charge.  2. Turn the battery OFF via the BMS power button.  3. Keep the battery in an environment according to the specifications shown above.  4. Every 6 months, charge the battery to 100% state-of-charge, then discharge the battery to LVC, then charge it back to 50% ±10% state-of-charge. 


    Powering the Battery Off     Be sure to shut down any high amperage loads prior to turning the battery off. To turn the battery off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The power button status light will turn off to confirm that battery power is off.


    It also appears the Xantrex Freedom XC PRO 3000 inverter/charger does not lose its memory when DC power is removed per the Mfg

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  2. Hello all 2021 LE II Hull #848,


     I'm getting ready to storage my Ollie ("Illinois" inside climate controlled) 3 to 6 months storage intervolve:

    I rewrote this intro to provide what I have found.

    2021 LE II

    Lithium battery 12V130A-G31-LRBM8, Zamp solar package, and Xantrex Freedom XCPRO 3000 w

    Procedure as I have put together so far. Please help correct this post if I have bad information.

    Turn off the Zamp system by rotating cut off switch located in drivers upper storage compartment at aft wall of pantry to the off position.

    Remove all AC connections from trailer this will insure charging is stopped.

    Discharge the battery system to 13.2v or 50% +/- 10% (run accessories to discharge)

    Power batteries off by pressing push button switch on each battery for 3 sec

    insure battery is kept at 14 to 86 deg F and between 45 to 75 % relative humidity 

    Note: these batteries will self discharge at a rate of  < than 3% per month and the batteries will need one charge cycle and discharge to 50% every six months if configured like this

    The Xantrex Inverter/charge should not need reprogramming upon system restart.

    The above should ensure your Oliver electrical system is properly configured for the winter storage season.


    Hope this helps



  3. This is funny. I just sent Oliver an email asking for information on the proper way to pickle the LE II electrical system. There is a switch in my 2021 Le II upper aft drivers storage, aft wall of the pantry. But I am not 100% sure how this switch is wired to the trailer system electrical. Per the Battery MFG, the batteries can go 90 days without charging if 100 % charged at the time of shutdown.


  4. 1 hour ago, John E Davies said:

    This is very poor customer relations. 

    as of late I have seen a steady decline on responses from Oliver service and sales on matters of defects with my LE II. It feels a little disappointing in the lack of enthusiasm in my needs. I hope others are not experiencing this too, and its just me LOL.

    I would hate to see a we sold it now its yours deal with kind of thing

    My List:

    Inverter not programmed right at the factory I reprogramed

    Exterior was not buffed correctly- swirls galore 

    Cracked brass check valve at the water heater (too much "blue" teflon tape IMO) I fixed Oliver to reimburse

    Tire Pressures too high I adjusted

    Hope it does not continue, albeit, all the above are minor issues and it may be growing pains, the brand is still the best of the best






  5. Your inverter, ie Xantrex Freedom XC Pro 3000 (installed in my 2021 LE II), can be programed, and it should be set up from Xantrex to take a charging current of 30A. https://support.olivertraveltrailers.com/portal/en/kb/articles/xantrex-freedom-xc-pro-inverter-settings 


    With a neutral grounding plug, a must, that may be to much of a draw for a 2000 or 2200 smaller geni. You then need to go into the inverter programing and turn that value down to meet the capabilities of your geni.

    Granted you will then be doubling your charge time provide you have no other load on the system.



  6. As most of the trailers received the pressures are serviced to 80 PSI from the factory, as they were on my 2021 LE II. After 9K on the trailer since July I have notice the ride is pounding.

    So I contacted Cooper (standard install on Hull #848) for the Cooper Discoverer HT3 LT225/75R16 M+5, Trailer loaded weight is 5700#

    and I Quote from Cooper Tire

    "We rounded up to 6000 lbs for total weight for the trailer. 2 axles with 4 tires under the trailer. At 35 psi cold your would have 1500 lbs cold carrying capacity x 4 tires gives you 6000 lbs total carrying capacity. Yes at 80 psi you have 2680 in each tire or 10720 lbs at 40 psi 1650 x4=6600"

    I will be down pressurizing my tires to 40 PSI and monitored with a TPMS system.


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  7. Update, You can have the best of both worlds, CB and Ham (I believe) with this I upgraded just recently:


    SR-955HPC – SSB Radio – Never Drift All Over On SSB

    ·  Frequency Range: 28.000-29.700 MHz & 24.890 – 24.990


    •    IF Frequency AM/FM:10.695 MHz 1st IF, 455 kHz 2nd IF SSB: 10.695MHz

    ·      (PC Programmable)

    ·      Frequency Bands 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 & VFO (11 meter “CB” Conversion band 4)

    ·      Channel 40 channels (programmable) in each band

         High power 90 watts PEP (with tweak and tune)

    It has a scanner as well

    With a good antenna this radio which reach

    Now I may get my Ham License along with Part 107 Drone certs (photography) This brain may to used up for studying at this stage

  8. On 4/17/2021 at 12:42 AM, JRK said:


    So, yes  I use a CB and consider it a communication safety device, albeit sometimes with limited range  

    Ham radio gives me something to do while driving. Worldwide communications are regularly possible. It's fun. Something to do at a rainy campsite. 


    A 10 Meter export radio converted to a 11 meter tweaked and tuned with SSB reach is quite far, and yes it is entertaining and occupies the mind while on the road.



  9. On 4/15/2021 at 12:52 PM, Overland said:

     I found though that the range was pretty limited, though that might have been my lack of expertise in choosing and tuning the antenna.  

    But when we got the truck, I wanted a pair of handhelds, and ended up going with ham radios (which I converted for MURS channels 

    SWR is very important with establishing range for CB or any Radio for that matter. The MURS IMO have a less effective range then the CB and if you couple a 10 Meter export radio converted to a 11 meter tweaked and tuned with SSB reach is quite far.



  10. 4 hours ago, John E Davies said:

    You cannot turn off the fuel and run the carb dry, so you should drain it manually after every trip or major use, so the old gas won’t dry up in there and plug the jets.

    IMO this is over kill. End of season yes or use Sta-Bil. 

    With all due respect there isn't any need for draining the fuel after each use.


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  11. Hello All,

    CB's, a blast from the '70-'80s past, brought communication and entertainment to many folks back in the CW Mcall days.

    I was just wondering if anyone of you uses them today. 

     I travel by myself, well, not quite dog in tow, and I just installed a CB in my Ram 1500. Mainly for entertainment purposes. Although informational broadcasts about accidents and road hazards have saved me much wasted travel time sitting in stopped or slow traffic. Not to mention the ever-appreciated "BEAR" call.

     Yes, I know the expletives can fly freely on the "Driver" channel (19), which isn't very family-friendly. But you have 38 more channels to choose from.

    What intrigues me is the possible usefulness in a caravan or group travel setting. Their range (over other devices), along with zero cell communication opportunity or (via SSB) in emergency need, is the driving factor in my resurgence in interest.

    I also get "that is what cell phones are for"

    Share your thoughts


    Joliet, IL

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  12. 2 hours ago, SeaDawg said:

    Hi, Pat. 

    Welcome to the forum!

    Only a short time away, you'll be cruising the roads with the Oliver in tow. What are you using to tow?

    My aunt and uncle lived in Joliet many years (Caterpillar), as did my family for a short time when I was very young. 


    Thanks 2020 Ram 1500 3:92 P75 trans. Not a bad town to live in

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  13. Introduction: I will start by saying hello I'm Pat from Joliet, IL. Thank You for this forum and the opportunity to meet all of you someday. I do not fully own an Oliver, but I will soon pick up an LE II on July 19th.

    A little about myself, I am a divorced Dad that raised three beautiful young ladies. I spent most of my life working on things that fly and just retiring from a 37-year aviation career. During that time, I have had an opportunity to work on some iconic machines. P51 Mustangs, TBM's, A4's, AD1 Skyraders, F86's, and all of today's modern aircraft from DC9's to 747's. I have also worked on Outlaw sprint cars, Drag cars, both super gas and alcohol burners, and off-road race cars. The list goes on.

     I am also a lifelong camper with canoe trips to BWCA, backpacking Alaska 10 times, to just tromping the Midwest woods. As I got older and had a family, I moved up to a pop up then to a teardrop(empty nester), and now the cats meow an Oliver.

     In retirement, I hope to meander around the US, Mexico, and Canada with my dog Phoebe and my camera creating art in my home on wheels. I hope to meet all of you in a camp somewhere, sip some wine or a good whiskey, heck any adult beverage, and trade stories.

    See you soon




    Pat Marsh

    Joliet, IL

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