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Oliver Travel Trailer and Camper Fiberglass Quality Luxury RV

The Oliver family first began producing high-quality luxury fiberglass travel trailers in 2007. Our unwavering goal was to create the best quality RVs available on the market. The Oliver's unique engineered double-shelled molded fiberglass composite hull is a testament to our commitment to quality and longevity.

Our design and specifications provide superior insulation, durability, and strength. Our campers are constructed with premium materials such as aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for the chassis.

The Legacy Elite is crafted to surpass a lifetime of expectations and an Oliver is not just an investment for the present; it is a Legacy that can be passed down. When searching for excellence will lead you to Oliver, and you will find that Oliver is genuinely one of a kind.

Four Season RVs

Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Create unforgettable memories at your own pace, with no alarms to set, no transport to catch, no bookings to make, and nothing to worry about. All that remains is time for family, fun, and relaxation.

Our camping trailers offer built-to-last quality, enhanced weather protection, luxury finishes, the latest technology, off-grid, four-season capabilities, and much more.

Length : 18' 5"
Width : 6' 6"
Seats Up to 6
Sleeps Up to 3
Standard Floorplan
Explore the Legacy Elite
Travel Trailer
Length : 23' 6"
Width : 7'
Seats Up to 6
Sleeps Up to 3
Standard and Twin Bed Floorplans
Explore the Legacy Elite II

Innovative Design

Our campers feature a unique double-hull fiberglass shell design that protects against extreme temperatures and helps reduce energy consumption. All plumbing lines, water tanks, and several mechanical components are installed between the inner and outer shells. They are constructed with high-quality materials, precision craftsmanship, and smart technology integration. The interior is just as impressive as the exterior, with premium quality, comfort, and convenience that will make camping feel right at home.

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Standard Features, Options & Benefits

  • RV Types For Sale
  • Camper with Bathroom Toilet Shower and Kitchen
  • Custom Double-Hulled Fiberglass Shell (5-Year Warranty)
    Features Radiant Barrier Bubble Insulation, Tanks, Plumbing, Ducts, and Mechanical Systems Enclosed between the Fiberglass Camper's Double-Hulled Shells.

  • Designed for Easy Towing
    Custom Built Heavy Duty Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame Chassis And Steps (5-Year Warranty), Galvanized-Dipped Steel Sub-Assembly Equipped With Zinc Anodes To Help Resist Corrosion, Premium Aluminum Wheels on 10-ply E-Rated Tires (Full-Size Spare with Aluminum Rim), Dexter Nev-R-Lube Axles & Dexter EZ-Flex Rubber Equalization System (Elite II Models), Leaf Springs and Gas Shocks.

  • Style & Personalize Your Ollie
    Choice of Desert, Midnight, or Storm Decor.
    Power Up Your Camping Experience with Our Premium & Platinum Packages.

  • Base Models are Loaded with Standard Features
    Including a 11,000 BTU Dometic High-Efficiency A/C, Ducted Furnace, Powered Awning, Three Point Powered Stabilization Jacks, Stainless Steel Microwave, Propane Tanks, Flush Mount Dual Burner LP Stove, 2-Way Fridge, Bathroom with Shower, Flat Screen TV, Entertainment System, and Much More.

  • Heritage of Quality and a 5 Star Warranty
    Oliver RV Trailers come with a five-year warranty on the fiberglass body and aluminum chassis for coverage of five full camping seasons, a two-year warranty on all components manufactured and installed by Oliver, a one-year warranty on components as well as extended continual support from us and through our dealership partners nationwide. The warranty is to the original retail purchaser and is non-transferrable.

  • Premium and Platinum Packages Available

    • Lithium and AGM Battery Power Packages with Solar Panels and Pro Inverter
    • Truma On-Demand Water Heater & AC Packages
    • Electronic Package includes:
      • Omni-Directional Antenna
      • Backup Camera
      • Electronic Door Lock with Keypad
    • Additional Packages include:
      • Nature's Head Composting Toilet
      • Street Side Additional Powered Awning (Elite II Only)
      • Hypervent Condensation Prevention Matting
      • PU Leather Upholstery Upgrade

New Package Options

Extend your stay beyond campsites with our new Premium and Platinum RV package options. We took our most requested features from previous years' model's add-ons and upgrades and put them into new packages to enhance our customer's camping experience and extend their stay.

Our new packages include features such as 400-watt solar panels, lithium-pro batteries, a backup camera, Truma AC and instant water heater, a composting toilet, and more.

Features Options Eco-Friendly Solar Panels Lithium and AGM Batteries for RVs

Customer Video Reviews

See What Actual Owners Are Saying About Oliver Travel Trailers.

Pete Meets Jim Oliver

"When I was approaching my retirement, I was looking for my escape, and I was looking all over the internet for a robust Last Forever trailer, and I was finding other fiberglass travel trailer brands, and it was on another community forum that they said 'Hey there is this new guy on the block it's this company called Oliver.'"

Chris's First Year with Oliver

Chris and Stacie have been proud owners of their Legacy Elite II for nearly a year. Recently, Chris visited the headquarters for maintenance and took the opportunity to share his experience with his Oliver. They have also participated in the Oliver Owner's Rally, stayed in various states, and conversed with fellow enthusiasts about their Oliver.

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We're Not an Ordinary Travel Trailer Manufacturer

We are a family owned and operated, and at Oliver, we share your unwavering pursuit for excellence. Oliver campers are renowned for their exceptional high-quality, comforts of home, and durability.

Embrace a new era of high standards as we redefine what is possible. From first contact, to seeing an Oliver recreational vehicle, every step of the journey is a first-class experience that has come to be known as "The Oliver Difference". Trust us to deliver, from the no-hassle sale to the delivery of your new Oliver.

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