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    Michelle and I picked up hull 610 on our 30th wedding anniversary in early June and made our way north, up the Blue Ridge Parkway, staying in RV parks and with Harvest Hosts along the way. Ollie life has been everything that we had hoped. Since our return to Maine, we have been on a couple more outings (Acadia had record low numbers of people for July). We plan to visit Gulf Hagas next. We just had a bit of graphics added to the Ollie, as a final touch. We look forward to seeing other Ollie owners on the road! - Jamie-
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    I would also say thank you to the Oliver Travel Trailer owners and employees. After all, they are really the reason for this forum’s existence. I would also extend a shout out to the forum moderator's, who are always present to offer guidance to all who seek it as well as their collective expertise. Mossey
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    Imagine this. You are traveling a back road, because interstates all look pretty much all alike. The afternoon is getting long and then you see it. An old stone building along the side of a lazy stream. There is a slow turning water wheel making an occasional squeaking and gurgling sound. The trees are just starting to turn to a beautiful range of shades from reds to yellows to oranges. There is a wide flat gravel drive and a grassy area, with picnic tables, next to the stream. Scenes like this, and many others, are available all over this country. The Oliver is built for you to get to enjoy these scenes in comfort. Without plugging in you can have lights, heat, water, a bed, food, and other creature comforts only a few feet behind you as you gaze about to see what this country has to offer. Enjoy...
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    My truck can beat up your truck with one wheel tied behind its tailgate. So there...
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    Resurrecting an older thread. We've had our Elite II for a year now, never had trouble with the water system, except the pump seemed to be pretty loud (our first RV, so no other experience to draw from) and the flow was never what I would call strong. However, on our latest trip, the water pressure took a very noticeable drop. On Jason's advice, I checked the water filter and it was half full of the white plastic shards. Cleaned it out and reinstalled, but the problem persisted. Turns out, the 1' of braided hose connecting the fresh tank to the pump was also packed with the plastic. That particular section is more constricted than the other pipes leading from the tank, so the debris more easily lodged there. Difficult to remove, but managed to make a pipe cleaner from some stainless wire I had in the tool kit. Once the shards were out, water pressure is much better AND the pump is much quieter.
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    Mike, as your Oliver is one of the early ones, it likely has two 3-way valves instead of the 4 on-off valves of later builds. The is the original (as delivered) valves in our Hull # 050. Maybe this will help trouble shoot your valve positions. This a photo of the later valve layout. They both do the same thing, but the factory altered their manufacturing plan. I removed my manual valves and replaced them with electric ones. Now a flip of a switch takes me from "Normal" to "Auxiliary".
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    Oh, I know a certain moderator who’s got you beat.
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    Meeting Ollie owners is the best part of an Oliver rally, and I can understand why people going to Lake Guntersville still want to connect with each other. I want to remind people that the pandemic is serious and It is best to exercise appropriate cautions. It would be good to wear masks when talking to people, especially when visiting inside a trailer. Reasonable actions concerning shared food activities can improve safety. Disinfect surfaces. No finger foods or shared appetizer bowls. Serving utensils can transmit virus via hands, so each family group should bring their own serving utensils to food events. Alternatively, social interactions could happen without shared food, in the interest of safety. Of course anyone with symptoms would not attend the rally, but with a group this size the odds are significant of having at least one asymptomatic person capable of transmitting the virus. We don’t want this to be a Superspreader event, where people from diverse locales are brought together and then return to spread the virus through their home communities and family groups. Stay safe.
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    After Paula and I ordered our 2019 LEII we both spent considerable time reviewing the forums for the tips, techniques, and trouble descriptions that folks have contributed. I remember some posts about having ready spares on hand, particularly on longer trips, and we had plans to do that so I purchased some ready spares, tools required and recommended, and additional materials to facilitate repairs. As it turns out, We are camping in Pittsburgh, NH today and for the next few days near the main source for the Connecticut River which runs between NH and VT through western Massachusetts, central Connecticut and onto the Long Island Sound. This is our first trip this far north in our home state of NH. We get to Ramblewood Cabins and Campground, find our site and proceeded to setup. We eventually started thinking about supper. Paula was prepping ingredients when she noticed the Truma light flashing on the control inside our Ollie. I went outside to review the flashing light pattern, got the manual out and read the description which indicated a propane issue. I had already turned on the propane tanks, but checked again to be sure. I had recently filled the tank that we had emptied on our last trip. I asked Paula to try the stove and she reported no propane at the burners. I checked to see if both tanks to insure that we had propane in the tanks and we did, but the regulator showed red aka empty on the tank we used last and when I manually switched to the recently filled tank, it also showed red. I remembered a post from folks about having a bad Fairview regulator either on the Oliver forums or one of the Fulltime RV forums on FB. One of my ready spares was a Marshall dual HC regulator. I found it in the basement and pulled the bag with the pipe dope and leak testing fluid. I removed the offending regulator. I installed the new regulator, reconnected the propane, leak tested and gave Paula the heads up to light the stove. Voila, all is well. I will open a service incident with Jason as we are still under warranty and get a new ready spare.
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    I am impressed with each of your culinary skills. I wish I had some of your talent. However, I did cook a Ballpark hotdog in a George Foreman grill the other day!
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    This is Canyon Point USFS Campground. It’s about 30 miles east of Payson, AZ. 7,700 feet, perfect weather in early August (low 50s at night, high 70s afternoon). There are two loops, some sites have 30a hookups, most do not. Highly recommended.
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    Here are some pics of an inexpensive Oliver Elite II, everything is standard, except for the bike hitch, confection oven, LP outside outlets, and power door key lock. That is the stock factory white interior, stand flooring, and seat covers. The dinning table is black grained and goes with this combination very well. Everyone who looks at it says it beautiful, that's even other Oliver owners. Just something for new prospective buyer to think about, of course you won't be keeping up with the Jones, we have to park our trailer somethings way at the back of the camping sites use to be able to camp there. If you camp with utilities and have an iPhone you really don't need to much other stuff, which we do. trainman
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    Thanks to all. So the problem was i needed to scan a larger then normal piece. Every shop i contacted could not do it. Fedex office store could. Once it was scan getting a shop to make it vinyl wasn't hard. Below is the finished product. Hull 546 Robin's Nest is complete. Mattnan yes we must have been right behind you. We got ours on 11-5-19. Again thank you all for the help and the oliver community is great you all rock.
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    Back in 2008, we were excited to hit 100. This past weekend, we reached 4000 total members, over 4000 topics, and over 40,000 posts. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our forum. We do appreciate it! Sherry/seadawg
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    Everyone who has the EZ-Flex equalizer needs to read the following explanation I put together for this condition. I know from experience that there is a disconnect somewhere as to how this bolt should be torqued. If the EZ-Flex center bolt is not properly torqued to the 65-75 ft lb specification, the steel center bushing that is supposed to provide the lubricated pivot point for the two individual arms, will not be held stationary allowing it to rotate directly on the un-lubricated center bolt. The center bolt now becomes the pivot point for the entire equalizer assembly as a single unit. This un-lubricated bearing contact will tend to rotate the center bolt, which will in turn eventually loosen the prevailing torque locking nut. Hopefully the frame hanger will not have been destroyed by the rotating serrations of the center bolt. I would recommend removing the EZ-Flex and inspecting the hanger and steel bushing to see if either hole is out of round and/or enlarged. Then, if neither of these conditions exists, you may get by with just replacing the bolt and nut. Worst case could be replacement of the complete EZ-Flex and/or frame hanger repair or replacement. I don’t think Dexter will supply just the steel bushing as an individual part because replacement requires specialized shop equipment and tools. That would be the desirable alternative to replacing the whole equalizer though. GJ: Please keep us updated.
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    That other owner would be me!!! Yep, never driven a truck or pulled a trailer of any kind. Also haven't camped in at least 50 years. But, I love my Oliver (hull #267). Bought it used from two ladies that brought it to me. It was a beauty, oh and it still is. Still figuring things out but it is getting easier. This forum has helped me out so many time it is unreal! Also have been to Steve and Tali's house for installation of the slide in the Tundra and by the way, I bought the Tundra from and Oliver owner I met at the rally last year. This is just one big happy family!!! LOL. And I enjoyed eating dinner with you and Krunch last year. Hopefully we will run into each other again. Nan Wallace - probably one of the oldest members at 73 years old...again LOL.
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    Works well if you 'quack' a window...
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    We used to buy bottled water but that is a pure disaster (pun intended) in terms of storage and disposal. This pitcher is available for $30 in many places like Home Depot, replacement filters are easy to find, are about $9 each, and are good for 30 gallons. PUR 7 Cup Pitcher at Amazon We use an apple juice bottle for a storage tank, it normally stays on the galley counter near the cooktop. We refill our personal water bottles from that and when it is empty, we refill the juice bottle with water from the pitcher, and then refill the pitcher from the galley faucet. Since we don’t use the bathroom sink at all, the pitcher goes on that counter top near the faucet - it takes about ten minutes to “strain” all the water by gravity into the lower compartment. It is out of the way there when not needed, except for showers. For towing, the EMPTY pitcher goes into the top front of the pantry, with a full juice bottle behind it, and with dry goods wedged in so it will not shift. The lid is not sealed and you can’t transport the pitcher with water in it! It fits amazingly well, as if it were designed for this space. The reason we use the apple juice bottle is that we will always have at least that much drinking water when we stop for lunch or for the evening, and we don’t need to get the PUR pitcher out and filled until it has a safe place to sit overnight. This has been working great for two seasons now and I highly recommend this method over bottled water or drinking straight out the faucet. If you have access to good water, you can just keep the pitcher stored away and refill the juice bottle as needed. EDIT: Changed capacity and Amazon link, sorry I made a mistake on the initial posting. EDIT: If your used but dried out filter won’t flow water, remove it and soak it in water for 15 minutes. This will rejuvenate it, and this is the method you use for a brand new replacement. If it still won’t flow, install a new one. John Davies Spokane WA
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    Thanks to @Overland for showing us how to make polls! We will see how this works, and how many responses! Also, Why did you decide to sleep in the specific orientation you use?
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    It depends on how much you want to spend, but if I were in your situation, I'd get the smaller Ollie and with the money saved, get a pop-up camper shell, probably a Four Wheel, and place it on a one ton truck so that you can tow the Ollie too. You then have the option of doing some more remote and a little more primitive camping with just your son along. He'd love it, and I bet you would, too. Like I was saying in another thread, think of the Ollie as your base camp / chuck wagon with its kitchen, bath and storage, and a few berths for guests. The more I think about the idea, the more I start to wish I'd thought of it before buying our E2.
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    Hello, I never owned an RV but I am excited about buying one in the next few years. My wife and I (both in mid 50's) dream about doing the big sky country tour and seeing more of this great nation. I have been obsessively researching RV's for several weeks and I came across these great trailers. Awesome that it is less than three hours drive to the factory! Looking forward to learning from the forum. Safe travels...
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    We just just spent a week at Bear Den CG just North of Spruce Pine, NC. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ with Hull# 634 which performed flawlessly. It was a well needed vacation post our blueberry harvest. We took time and spent a lot of time learning our Ollies systems- Love Love the Truma, long instant hot showers a win.I think it took like 6-8 seconds for us to have constant hot water at the kitchen sink and sink/shower. Microwave convection oven a must have for us. We were easily able to quickly cook/heat meals during a heavy storm one evening. Full hook ups allowed us to use our black and gray tanks seamlessly. The generator tray was extremely useful for a number of tasks. (We did not take our Honda generator this trip). Our AC kept us cool and cycled as it should. We did run the Dometic furnace on a cool 60 degree morning and it performed great. All in all a great safe week! A few photos....of our great State of North Carolina! 😊🇺🇸 Our Tundra CrewMax and it’s reliability delivered and performed outstanding. Check out Bear Den if your ever traveling the gorgeous elevations of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Happy Camping! Patriot
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    We've always just poured the bleach into the other end of an attached hose prior to attaching to the spigot. Turn on the water and it just washes right into the tank. For sanitizing, NOT drinking, we use 1/2 to 2/3 cup of bleach for the 30+ gallon fresh tank and all the associated pipes. Just run each faucet until you can smell the chlorine. We usually let it sit overnight and then drain and rinse. Don't forget the outside wash station.
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    Hello to all from Chapel Hill, North Carolina! My wife, Anita and I have just sent in our 2nd payment for an Elite II. If all goes well we will be making a trip to Hohenwald in mid-November to pick her up! We have camped off and on over the years, but always in a tent, so this is really going to be a huge step up for us. We've always had a plan to treat ourselves to a travel trailer one day and enjoy seeing North America from the ground up, so it has been a lot of fun preparing to realize this dream. I definitely owe everyone that participates in this forum a huge thanks for being so open, honest and helpful. This is without a doubt one of the most respectable forums I've ever come across - kudos to the moderators! I think I've read just about everything in this forum since "search" seems to find everything except what I'm actually looking for. 😉 We'll be pulling the Elite II with our trusty 2006 Silverado 2500HD Duramax Diesel, which is barely broken in at 225K miles! Hope to meet some other Oliver owners in person on the road someday soon! Best, John
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    Thanks for the memories, Overland. The original " can I tow with it thread" from 2008. Yes, we explored a wide variety of possible tow vehicles. And had a lot of laughs.
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    Signed up for a May delivery slot today for LE1. Looking forward to the design and build process. I appreciate all the feedback on my prior thread! Oliver needs to hire the YouTubers who put out the 90 minute factory tour. What a great video. I don’t even own one yet and I’ve been through all the how to videos on Oliver YouTube channel! I live north of Dallas in the suburbs and will be mainly traveling with my 35lbs english cocker spaniel. The post COVID world has created a much more virtual work environment for me so planning to get out a few weeks at a time and then much more once retirement rolls around!
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    No, we have never seriously thought about changing our 2008 to the bigger Elite II. And, definitely, would not think about the Escape. It's still a molded fiberglass hull, but that's about it for similarity. Boxy, Imo. One hull, not double. Brown woody interior so like so many other rvs. Steel frame vs aluminum. It just never appealed to us . They do have a really nice group of owners, and a nice forum. It's all about choices. If one rv worked for everyone, there wouldn't be so many choices.
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    We picked up our camper yesterday! (Monday). Phil Andrews and James Oliver did an excellent job answering all our questions in 3 hours. We are planning on staying till Friday morning then heading to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Ga for 2 nights before returning home in Palmetto Ga Sunday afternoon. I had no idea there is a 80% chance of rain tomorrow. Not sure I will change our plans but will continue to just learn our Ollie. We had another Oliver that pulled into the campground this afternoon for a 1 day stop before heading out for an another trip. It was great to stand and chat for awhile 6 feet apart of course. If you are well seasoned campers then I understand not camping, but of course you never know what little problem you may have when you get home. Have a safe trip! Thanks for all the post and excellent answers from all these past 9 months or so. All the information made our walk through seem less intimidating. I will post a few picks when I get home
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    The only reason you need an adjustable mount is if you plan to use it on multiple trailers. A simple fixed ball mount and a regular ball are fine. I prefer an extended (extra long) shank so I can stack hardened Grade 8 flat washers under the ball as needed to fine tune the height. The fancy hitches are expensive and beautiful, but more prone to theft and harder to store away when not plugged into your receiver. You need to base your mount choice on the distance to the top of the receiver when the truck is heavily laden, as if for a long road trip, not when it is sitting empty in your garage. John Davies Spokane WA
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    From BHNCB: "If the EZ-Flex center bolt is not properly torqued to the 65-75 ft lb specification, the steel center bushing that is supposed to provide the lubricated pivot point for the two individual arms, will not be held stationary allowing it to rotate directly on the un-lubricated center bolt. The center bolt now becomes the pivot point for the entire equalizer assembly as a single unit. This un-lubricated bearing contact will tend to rotate the center bolt, which will in turn eventually loosen the prevailing torque locking nut." One additional technical input that I learned from Jason this morning: The Center Pivit Bolt flanks (not the threads) should have "Never-Seize" applied during re-installation. Doing so helps prevent the dry Center Pivit Bolt from becoming the pivit point vs. the (wet) steel center bushing" that BHNCB discusses above. Today I spoke at great length with Jason, and also Dexter (Nikki). She has sent up to the Dexter Senior Manager (Mr. Sean Cantzler) the failure of the center pivit bolt locking nut not holding torque concern. From BHNCB, I think I understand that the EZ Flex center pivit bolt and frame tabs form a simple crush connection. Since there is plenty of room on either side of the frame tabs for a longer bolt, why not change out their shackle bolt Center pivit bolt with longer bolt (with Never Sieze) that uses either double nuts, or better a castilated nut with a cotter pin? This would eliminate the single point of failure that at least four of us have had to deal with... fortunately by the Grace of God without injury to ourselves or family. Geronimo John
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    And then, those of us with LCs will be there to tow home the pieces for you.
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    We're not that far from the factory. If you want extra outlets installed, bring your trailer to our house after your pickup and together we'll put outlets any where you want them. Won't cost you a dime.
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    Edit: I see others have responded while I was composing this post. And yes I had to unload the groceries and take out the garbage and I’ll admit to not multi tasking very well. For the newcomers, let me begin by saying that I am an Oliver Fanboy. I may not be #1 but I’m probably in the top 10. So now that you know where I am coming from, please don’t be offended because none is intended. I certainly understand that not everyone is a handyman capable of doing some of the modifications that are discussed on this forum, but there are plenty of owners that are and will assist in any way possible. Just ask Jan, who bought a used OTT with no RV experience at all and I don’t believe she every drove a truck either much less towed a trailer of any sort. And trying very hard to remain a gentleman, I won’t guess her age because she told us while having dinner at the 2019 Oliver Owners Rally and I forgot it. And I don’t know the whole story, but I do believe some forum members helped deliver the trailer to her and they and other members helped her with towing lessons. And I would guess that if someone camped next to you and they didn’t know how to connect a sewer hose or back into to their camping spot or any of the other things that come up while camping, you or any of us would offer to help in any way we could. I believe this forum has a wealth of information and knowledge regarding OTT's from the ground up. What I don’t think it has is very much information on the latest trailers being made or to be made. So I think the best place for those questions are with the Oliver sales team. If there are items such as electrical outlets for instance, that are not in the location you want them, then the service department might be able to accommodate you needs. And if they can’t, stop by and we'll figure it out. So keep your questions coming because for me, communicating about OTT’s is almost as much fun as using it. Mossey
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    Thanks for the heads up, Matt. Disappointed but not surprised. We’re going to keep our reservations and enjoy a quiet weekend hopefully seeing some Oliver friends who also will still go camping that weekend at Lake Guntersville. Mike
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    What air conditioner noise? 😄 just set thermostat to comfortable temp🥶, AC on low fan setting...hibernation time.😴 We just adapt and overcome. 👍🏻
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    Our grill table was wobbly, impossible to level. I hunted through the tinder and kindling box for material to wedge the legs. Look what I found. Cutoffs from a project, look like mini Anderson levelers, and work just great. 😁 Brats no longer want to slide off the grill to a gritty death in the foliage below. Sherry Ps. maybe I'll clean them up ,varnish them, and keep them with the table.
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    Hahaaaaa! I haven't seen that picture in a long time. The Bugeye is a towing BEAST . . . OK, maybe not, but it sure looks good with the Ollie behind it.
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    So today I called my Dad and asked his advice. (He refrained from telling me “told you so” about the Tacoma as when I purchased it he recommended the Nissan Titan.) He told me his 2013 Titan has a towing capacity of 9,400lbs and he would be willing to let me borrow it for any trips not on flat land where we would need more power. My only fee... cleaning the vehicle.
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    I think the taco is the sort of truck you tow with a few times, make some posts about how well it does and how much you love it, then quietly trade in for a half ton.
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    So, the chrome bands in the bath fell off. Paul took the chrome strip to his workbench, and scraped the single band of vhb tape off the middle. We applied two new strips of narrower vhb, top and bottom. We left the strip in the sun for a few hours. I cleaned the belly and area with 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol three times. After 15, minutes, we applied the belly band trim with the new tape, ripping off the backing every five inches or so. I rubbed the whole strip, back and forth, with a towel, five times, with special attention to the ends, and the curve. We're camping, so I didn't have painter's tape. I ripped half strips of duct tape, and used pieces of paper towel to keep the duct tape adhesive from sticking to the chrome band. I removed the duct tape 18bhours later. Hoping this will work better, as the original had adhesive over primarily the convoluted surface where the hulls meet. This may not apply to newer trailers. Ours is 12 years old. Sherry
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    Joy and I are trying to be optimistic and have not cancelled our reservation at Guntersville . It would be great if we could safely meet other Oliver owners but admittedly we are in a very difficult time. Of all places, we are coming from Florida, but I assure you we are being careful to a fault. Hopefully the stars will line up, we can meet informally and have a good time. Stay safe out there, Renegade
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    My Coffee Paraphernalia: Comandante Coffee Grinder Hario Filters/Holder Super fancy Kettle Generally not a fan of items that are one-trick ponies - but coffee is a heck of a drug.
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    Glad you got it to work. I've now uploaded it to youtube as well in case anyone else is having trouble getting it to play. You may want to view this full screen or on youtube in theater mode to be able to read the text.
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    I find that the wet bath gives my wife and I just enough space to do what we need. We got the factory shower curtain, and it keeps the rest of the bathroom nice and dry. The shower is on the small side, and sometimes the curtains bumps us while showering, but it isn't anything that effects function. I would much rather have the current wet bath then lose my nice closet. We don't spend much time showering in a typical day, so we deem it perfectly acceptable. My parents however are on the larger side, and have informed me the shower could never work for them, so I guess it all comes down to personal preference.
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    Thanks, Matt. I totally understand. It will be a big disappointment for many, but it's the safest course. Thanks for the early notice. Sherry
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    Yes it definitely pays to have a few key spares on hand. My regulator has gotten stuck a few times as well, but so far I’ve had good luck with either the whack-it-with-a-wrench or the open-and-close-the-tanks-a-dozen-times methods.
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    I don't think that's it. There are a number of lithium drop in replacements for group 27 batteries. I know Battleborn advertises one. So do other brands. We have 2 group 27s, in the newer updated tray. It's tight, but doable. I think it may be the limits of the rooftop solar, in the typical rooftop install? But, that can be changed up, too. We have had 200 watts (2 × 100) on our little trailer since September, 2008. We have the panels and other bits to upgrade to 400 watts. The typical 340 would easily fit, with our sidemount that Paul designed, and Oliver fabricated and installed, beautifully. The saddle brackets they made in the machine shop are a thing of beauty, imo. Sherry
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    Shoot! Paint them red and sell them for $39.99!
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    Susan Huff, this little hanging trash can from IKEA has a lid. Stainless and plastic insert. Doesn't fold or collapse, but it hangs on the wall, or sits on the floor. I think it might be the right size for behind my toilet in the Oliver. I have at least 6 inches unused space between the open toilet lid and the back wall. 8.5 x 5.25 x 11 should fit. I'll look at it next time I'm at IKEA. I think I should be able to hang it on a few command hooks.
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