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  2. All, Quick note back to the other Ollie owners out there to let everyone know the new "longer" shackles arrived on Friday and were installed on Saturday. Happy to report that the installation went fairly easy and the upward travel is now ~1.5" as designed. Thanks again to Jason and his team on getting me the new shackles in a short timeframe and working with me on getting the trailer ready for our next trip.
  3. Wow! Bet you will need to look behind the Tundra to be sure you're towing Ollie! Looking forward to your report!
  4. Congrats Johnwen! We are a couple of month's ahead of you...but years behind you in terms of experience (our first RV)! We look forward to your insights!
  5. Omg, the scams. What, no hot tub?
  6. Since you have to pull the intake off, be sure to check the EGR pipe in the very back near the firewall, it can crack at the flex joint and now would be a good time to just put a new one in. And consider changing the starter too, since you will be right there..... I really hate working on my stomach, do you have one of those mechanic’s topside creepers like these: ..... https://www.amazon.com/s?k=mechanic+topside+engine+creeper&i=automotive&ref=nb_sb_noss If I were forced to do a job like that, I would buy one first, my bones won’t take it otherwise. What fun, we need pics.
  7. Hi John, If you have any interest in the Clam, then you should take a look at Gazelle. They are a little smaller than 10x10 and stow at 63 inches long and are considerably cheaper than a Clam. We have one and the only downsides I see are that it is floor-less and the screening blocks most of the wind, so summertime you need a fan. The screening does block out insects very well. The Gazelle pops out just as the Clam does, very easy setup and take down. The hardest part is getting it back into the bag 🙂 John
  8. Thanks John. Pulled the pan and replaced the filter/strainer a couple of weeks ago. Also did a full Amsoil ATF fluid replacement. I had previously done a fluid swap at 50K. Almost nothing other than a little sludge on the pan magnets. Had a full compliment of pan bolts here just in case, but I used PB Blaster ahead of time and all the bolts came out easy peasy. Not much salt used on the roads here in Georgia, thankfully. Yes, remap of the ECU and higher flow injectors. Mine is Flex Fuel so it already has the high flow fuel pump to deal with E85. No longer flex fuel after the swap.
  9. Or you could just upgrade to the triple slide bunk house Casita, lots of room! This one popped up on Craigslist for just $800! LOL, John Davies Spokane WA
  10. katanapilot, if you haven’t replaced the tranny filter and done a full system flush, do so ASAP. Here is a guide for the Land Cruiser, it is basically the same: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/complete-transmission-flush-diy-video.988261/ The fluid is supposed to be “lifetime” but it does get VERY nasty. Mine has 143,000 miles on it, and I am in the middle if doing the job. I doubt that any previous owner did it because the dealers are really reluctant to do it, they do not even stock filters or pan gaskets! It isn’t at all difficult, but if you have three out of the twelve 6 mm pan
  11. Thanks for sharing pics of the plantation. The buildings are amazing . . . . . especially the log houses. We have a log house on our SW Oregon ranch . . . . . still occupied . . . . . though it isn't as old as those you shared.
  12. LOL, within the Oliver family the question is “Is that some sort of Casita?” Get used to it. Though I do admit that within the last year more people seem to recognize an Ollie and the number of those questions has decreased. John Davies Spokane WA
  13. We are doing the same (keeping current camper until convinced the Ollie is the way to go). However, I suspect the old one will sit unused and then later sold.
  14. Congrats! We had a Casita (17’) before picking up our E2 last fall... We loved that old camper but are so happy to have switched to Oliver.. the extra roominess makes a big difference for sure..
  15. According to Magnuson, 550 hp and 550 ft-lbs of torque. I assume that’s estimated based on a dyno test at the rear wheels. I’m not trying to win a drag race, just improve the towing performance for our trips through the mountains. Downside is premium fuel required and of course, lower than the already poor fuel mileage. To me though, it’s cheaper than a new Tundra and I know my truck’s history. I’ll provide a report after the install and after towing the Ollie a bit.
  16. I'm sure the 2022 will be nice, but don't know how many $. What kind of power increase do you expect after Supercharger installation on the 5.7L?
  17. And, a couple short videos, recording the sound on low from small dinette, and high from the bed. I suspect it will be a bit more quiet when I reinstall the shades, and the rest of the cushions and rugs. Sounds still echo a bit without the soft surfaces. 20210418_084422.mp4 20210418_084309.mp4
  18. I hope it’s not too nice 😗 I’m installing a Magnuson supercharger in my 2011 Tundra with 106k miles this week.
  19. I left the dehumidifier function on overnight, instead of ac, to reduce power consumption. I don't have a hygrometer, so nothing scientific to report. It certainly felt better in the trailer than the 88 per cent humidity outside. There is a low kind of pulsing "hum" when the compressor runs, barely audible above the fan. Outside the trailer, it's also very quiet. I was hesitant to run the old unit in the sideyard, because I didn't want to annoy my neighbors. So, initially, at least, we're both happy. Let's hope it doesn't get noisier with time.
  20. We picked up the trailer Friday, and I've been working on putting the interior back together. It's been warm and humid, so I enjoyed running the new quiet ac. I downloaded a decibel meter, and took a few readings from the small dinette area. Note the averages are "high", because the meter records every screenshot click as 81 decibels. On a few shots, you can see the bump of a screenshot being recorded on the graph. All the sound levels have been lower than normal conversations (60 db), so I'm confident we can sleep comfortably or carry on a conversation with the ac on.
  21. We have a 2.4L 5 speed manual 2003 Tacoma with over 180,000 miles and running strong. The 2003 year had frame corrosion problems, but we purchased it new for $12,500 and it's never been on snow or road chemicals, so it does not have any frame issues. Have smaller utility trailers we're always hauling mulch, stone, and helping family members to move. It will be very interesting to see the next generation 2022 Tundra. Reported to have a 400+HP Turbo V-6. Will see....
  22. I was simply blown away by the new bigger Tundra when I first crawled around it at a car show fifteen very LONG years ago. I asked if they planned to produce a more capable version and I was quite disappointed when the salesdroid said no.... I still won’t buy one, they are really missing out on the huge US Heavy Duty market. John Davies Spokane WA
  23. I think that under a bed is a truly horrible location for something you routinely access, unless you travel solo and that bed is not in use, or if it doesn’t have sheets and blankets on it. You could maybe relocate yours to a spot poking through the inner wall near the inverter, if there is room. This mini switch with key would not be very intrusive, but you would need to mount it very high under the mattress overhang so it would not get kicked. It would still be easy to access there. I picked the location up front for the main switch to keep the cable length as short as possible, I do no
  24. Drifting a little more: I don't know anyone that believes the Toyota is not a good truck. Toyota has a well deserved reputation for quality and reliability. Where Toyota seems to fall behind somewhat is in the HD market - and it is by choice. Seems Toyota is content with robust sales and subsequent incremental profit margins. Although - many seem to believe the Tundra is not being refreshed enough to keep pace with the others you mentioned. Similar for the Tacoma. Were Toyota to produce a real HD vehicle - with the reserve power and suspension to handle a well laden TT and full
  25. Around these parts Brad is well known as a master of the guitar. There is an interesting video with Joe B interviewing Brad. They talk guitars and such..... Live From Nerdville with Joe Bonamassa - Episode 17 - Brad Paisley - YouTube RB
  26. Thanks Bill. We didn't have the resources to pay for an Oliver until we sold the house last year. We really hate the idea of leaving the Casita behind, so we'll keep it in storage for a year or so after we get the Oliver to make sure of the "Oliver life." They look similar from the outside and we've even had a few people ask if the Casita was an Oliver...since we have no logos on the Casita.
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