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  2. This is how I ran the AC with the 2000 watt inverter. I added anther transfer switch to operate the AC circuit on my 2019 built Oliver. Posted September 7 Besides the huge improvement in the sound level there is also another area where it surpasses the Dometic AC that I had replaced. The Houghton with the compressor running draws 10 amps while the Dometic was pulling 16 amps. So I decided to install a second transfer switch for the air conditioner to test it running off the batteries. It was 11 o'clock in the morning on a cloudless sunny day the temperature was 88 degrees. I had my batteries 400 Ah fully charged with 340 watts on the roof and 230 watts remote ready to feed it. I set the thermostat at 70 degrees and turned on the AC. Once it brought the temperature down to 70 I noticed it was cycling four minutes on with the compressor and four minutes off. I left it running until about 5 o'clock and was surprised to see that the batteries were at 97 percent. So I was happy with those results but time will tell if that is the norm. I put the picture in to also show it's nice low profile. Paul
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  4. I believe the 3000W inverter is what allows the new models to run the AC off their lithium batteries. If that was your ultimate goal, I think you would need to upgrade. Mike
  5. Good point, Mounted our non-Bluetooth shunt/indicator in the battery box. If it's Bluetooth capable, this installation could also work in the battery box if there's room and exterior door vents are plugged/sealed when using lithium batteries:
  6. I want to follow up by letting folks know that--after contacting Dragonfly Energy, who then contacted my RV tech--my tech was able to install the four BBGC2 Battle Born batteries. He accomplished this by placing the batteries on their ends as some of you have suggested that it be done. He told me that it was "a nightmare" to do the wiring in this configuration, and I see now that there is indeed a very tight fit of batteries and wires in that slide-out compartment. Thanks to all who offered their input. My tech and I discovered a new issue, however, involving using the new 400 AH battery bank and also a newly installed EasyStart in the A/C compartment to start and run the A/C. I assumed that my new setup would do this since Oliver announces on their sales website that their new lithium "Pro" package option, with 390 AH, allows one to the run the A/C without shore or generator power. One of my main reasons for spending so much money and time on my lithium battery upgrade was to enable my battery bank to accomplish this previously impossible task. The issue, says my tech, is that my Xantrex 2000-watt inverter is not connected in a way that allows it to start the A/C. (He has tested the EasyStart and it works well on shore power.) My uneducated guess is that the new "Pro" and "Platinum" solar packages must employ a different wiring configuration involving the inverter that was not needed when the only option was to operate the A/C on shore or generator power. I have contacted the Oliver service department about this issue (submitting a "ticket"), asking for advice on what my tech can do to work around this problem. Nonetheless, since my Ollie is in the shop over the weekend, and Oliver's response may not be as speedy as I would like it to be, I would appreciate any input any of you tech-savvy owners may have. Thanks.
  7. On the boat, we mounted the victron monitor in a space that's not really easy to see/get to, but the app makes the placement pretty much irrelevant. I can check the batteries from the back deck of the house, and certainly from anywhere on the boat, on my phone. Shorter wire run, and we had no space left on the existing monitor board.
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  9. They bumped the price to 700, still a good deal imo. If anyone needs a Honda companion generator Northern Tool has them in stock. Current “deal” is a $200 gift card to use at their store.
  10. No matter which toilet option you choose, you will still have the gray water tank to empty (the tank that collects water from the sinks/shower) and most states/campgrounds prohibit dumping gray water on the ground, so you’re still dealing with the campground sewer connection. And with the composting toilet you still have to dump the small pee tank somewhere.
  11. Well, we did it. My husband and I have committed to an Oliver Trailer! Now for more decisions. Getting to the point, I would love to hear from Oliver owners their experience with compost toilets. While I love the thought of not having to empty tanks at the campground, I am not sure if compost toilets are worth the extra effort. Personally, my main concern is .... and I hate to have to be so blunt, but after speaking with several women friends, we all have concluded that while using the toilet for No 2, it is almost impossible not to mix pee with the poo. There I said it. There is lots of info about compost toilets but nothing basic like this. It is my understanding that if any urine is mixed with the poo, you will have a problem. If this is absolutely true, I know what decision I will be making. Feedback, please. Thank you
  12. Here's where mine went, it is out of the way. but relatively easy to see if you lean down. The data cable goes up the gap between the battery compartment and the inside electronics bay. I was thinking about putting it at eye level, but in retrospect it isn't needed, since I always use the app. FYI the center line of the monitor and other stuff in the pictures is 3.5" below the bottom of the removable counter top. The monitor comes with a huge data cable, maybe 50 feet? I bought a short one that was 5 feet and that fit fine, with the shunt located right below the factory 12 volt positive bus. From this thread: ... https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/5301-how-to-lithium-battery-powered-vent-system/ Some members have not even bothered to mount it where it is visible, it is OK to just leave it hidden under the street side bed. However I think having it located in the cabin is useful if you have visitors who may not have the phone app. I hope that helps. John Davies Spokane WA
  13. I have hired an RV tech to install four Battle Born 12-volt lithium batteries in my 2017 Ollie Elite II. We are in a bit of a quandary about the best place to install the Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor in a way to make it easy to view and with minimal risk of damaging the fiberglass or interfering with any other components. I am wondering if someone on the forum has done this or had it done and can share that location with me, along with information about where the wiring was placed and the way in which it was run from the shunt to the monitor without damaging the fiberglass. A bonus to a clear description would be a photo of the monitor placed in the cabin. Thanks!
  14. Our delivery date was moved from February 2nd to the 10th. Apparently, Oliver had to shut down for a week due to a shortage of gelcoat. We were told that is a firm date. Hope so...
  15. Tooletries bath organizers are 25% off today. They seem to be pretty popular here in the forum so I decided to give them a go.
  16. Instead of replacing with "rubber" material, I purchased cedar closet lining at Lowes, used the black mats as a pattern. Bill
  17. Yeah! Once again I'm among the "lucky ones" - my Ollie batteries are now into year 7 and my lone remaining motorcycle battery is on year 11.😉 In the interest of full disclosure though - both have always been religiously maintained and on chargers when not on the road. Bill
  18. My daughter has an eleven year old AGM battery in her Subaru, and it still works fine. That doesn’t mean that is anything near normal. She and you have both been very lucky. My Ollie batteries were acting up by the third season, and tango uniform by the middle of the fourth. Two were shorted out, so I tossed those and limped along on the other two until I bought lithiums…. John Davies Spokane WA
  19. I just noticed on the Battle Born page that their standard 100aH case blemish battery is $675. It says the battery is 100% functional, but the case has a blemish. Mike
  20. I don’t know if this is a BF price, but it is the best I have seen anywhere and has free shipping. (Amazon Prime is $72.) https://tweetys.com/tank-check-024-1002-dual-propane-level-sensing-system-with-bluetooth-technology.aspx The base spacer rings are not cool, they are a little cheaper than Amazon, but then they stick you with an extra $10 shipping charge. Buy those here: …. Mopeka 024-5002 LP Check Tank Halo I plan to use the IOS app, I personally think the battery powered monitor is ugly beyond words, but if you like it, you could always hide it in a cabinet. EDIT, Tweetys did not charge sales tax, most unusual, that saved me 9%😬 John Davies Spokane WA
  21. John D., 3 -5 years for AGM batteries? We had AGM batteries on our boat and they lasted for about 10 years.
  22. does anyone know where to buy replacement storage compartment liner material? closest I can find is tool box liner
  23. it is the strangest thing...I'm very attune to these kind of smells and we didn't notice it after we drove 18 hours to look at it. the owner did say it has been sitting with the windows open for a few days. it still puzzles me how I didn't notice it...I think I was just so excited! I did notice it the next night when we went to sleep in it on the way home. then after it was shut up for a few days it was super noticeable. I think it will be okay after we air it out over the winter and replace the fabrics, etc.
  24. If the reported $25K quote for AGM to LiFePO4 upgrade is accurate, maybe Oliver is throwing out deliberately high bids because they really don't want the work? I expect that, like the manufacturing side, Oliver's Service Department is struggling to keep up with just regular service on the rapidly increasing number of Olivers now on the road. I had a similar experience recently serving as general contractor on the home we built in rural Idaho during a hot building economy. We got several outrageously high bids from potential roofing and drywall subcontractors that said to me: "O.k., we will make the drive and do your job, even though we are really busy "in town," if you are willing to pay enough to put my kids through college." In some cases I ended up doing the work myself because we were not willing to pay that extreme premium. But, we are planning to pay the premium for the Lithium Pro Package on our Elite II because we believe the economics of that factory upgrade make sense.
  25. The rubber in the closets and cargo area also lift out. The cushion covers can go in the washing machine, gentle, cold, dry flat. The foam may have to be replaced, but sitting outside over the winter might work for them, prop them up so air can circulate. I have to ask, didn’t you notice the smell before you bought it? Good luck. John Davies Spokane WA
  26. Oliver service is charging $120 per hour labor. Even that seems way too high to me, for a small town shop. They can’t have all that much overhead in terms of payroll and expenses…. Except they have to pay off that new building and the campground. But IMHO a few hours of that would be enough to buy some shade trees😬 John Davies Spokane WA
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