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  2. We worked with both Mike and Lew at Alcan in ordering our 5 spring-packs. Great guys and very helpful. FYI: We decide to reuse our wet bolts as the brass bushings in the spring eyes (albeit very thin) were still intact which left the steel bolts totally serviceable. IMO: The 2k#-rated Alcan spring-packs (or similar 5-spring packs) pair better with the 3.5k# Dexters than the OEM 4 spring-packs...
  3. Thanks, Bill. I was just going back to the beginning of this thread from 2017 to find the string description...you saved me some time :) although I think I'll finish the thread for fun...I need to find out if Steve (not pickin' on you Steve :)) is still eating bugs :) :) :)
  4. I'm now out of the motorcycle business after some 50 years. The 1998 R1100GS below was a veteran of over 15 "Daytona Bike Weeks" and some 6 cross country trips.
  5. While I used 1.0 mm cord, I believe that .08 mm cord would be closer to the original size and just might be easier to work with. Cord in both sizes can be found on Amazon HERE. Bill
  6. Initially it looked complicated, but after working on the first shade, it was not. Like Mike said, be patient. 🙂
  7. We've had up to 5 Beemers in the stall at one point, D used to ride too. We had an '06 R1150GS ADV (Alpine white/blue) and '08 650GS Thumper for D. We still have the '84 R90/6 (highly modified)... Correct-a-mundo! ...so, we're down to only 2 scooters at this point. 🥲
  8. I originally bought this 2” folding cargo carrier for the front of my TV, but ended up replacing it with a bike rack when our ebikes came into play. Often thought about installing a 2” receiver on the rear of the Oliver to make use of this carrier, as needed. The hinge is very solid and stable; never noticed excessive movement from my forward-facing vantage point.
  9. I actually spoke with the CGI crew at the 2022 Oliver Rally. I think the 24x24” area in the video was likely for demo and side by side comparison photo purposes. The actual application maybe a little larger area. I agree with you it is a time bandit flying solo. I bet your Ollie will look great when you finish.👍🏻
  10. Here’s an interesting article on what to do in a lightning storm. They say metal RV’s are safer than all fiberglass RV’s. They also give some other advice. I’d be interested in what the consensus is on what everyone does during storms. Mike Lightning Storm Precautions
  11. I’ll have to take a closer look at the bundle next time I go to the Cow Barn. I kinda recall being told at time of delivery that the terminal ends can be accessed on the roof at a certain spot, as well as the aluminum plates for panel mounting, if ever solar was to be installed.
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  13. Hello, the rubber tracks around my side windows (the ones that actually touch the outside of the windows) have folded over underneath the window. Because they folded over, they have become fragile and broken. I have attached photos below and was wondering if anyone could give me a part number or point me in the right direction of finding some replacement ones. Thank you! 2017 LE 2 Hull 267
  14. That’s where I found the #6 welding cable and battery temperature sensor cable. I think that was the extent of the “solar pre wire” for my trailer.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. Reckon I'll try to find some replacement string soon as I'm trying to make plans for the Maine rally and maybe someone there has attempted this ... I may need supervision.
  16. In watching the video, I assume they do all three stages in each 24”x24” area before moving on to the next adjacent work area. Is that how you see it or was this done only to demonstrate the process? Conversely, I’ve been completing each stage separately which isn’t nearly as efficient with regards to time and effort.
  17. “Oh what tangled webs we weave”. Your persistence definitely paid off, good job!
  18. Woke up thinking about this, so briefly researched and confirmed my recollection regarding the Xantrec Freedom XC 2000 in my unit. ‘All Xantrex Inverter/Chargers incorporate an automatic transfer switch. This switch senses when outside AC Power is present and transfers the load from the inverter to the source of incoming power (shore or generator). The unit also automatically switches from invert mode to charge mode.’ I suspect the ATS in the MP2 serves the same function and that an additional TS is required to run an A/C via the inverter.
  19. I found a bundle of wires tucked away below the street side bed at the juncture of the upper wheel well and battery box against the outer shell. My thought at the time was these wires were part of the solar pre-wire setup.
  20. HDRider, The carrier with the box pictured above on my May 13, 2023 thread posted by rich.dev, was simple and has worked very well for me. It does have a 1 1/4 inch bar not an adapter. The carrier that I purchased had both a 2 and a 1 1/4 in bar. I also used a hitch clamp that stabilizes the carrier and it does not bounce around as was noted as a negative above. I can verify this in my backup camera. For sure, I stay under the load limit for the Oliver rear hitch. I have also worked out a technique to slide the carrier box assembly without removing it, to remove the tire cover and spare tire. I had to actually do this on a trip to Hohenwald last summer when I had a flat and had to use the spare. In fact, I did it again today as I rotated my tires, putting the spare into the rotation at Jason's recommendation during a tire discussion on that summer visit. Ron
  21. You received good advice already on the storage box. This subject has been covered in dozens of threads. I wrote an upgrade thread last fall and have read many others before and a few since. There is a lot to consider here, no quick answer. Study the subject, measure your water flow rate, and ask specific questions. You will get good advice here!
  22. Yeah, if I was to buy another Beemer, it would be a K1600 for sure! Had an '08 R1200 for several years, commuted around Austin with it. I still have an old K-75c for grins, but the only one I will keep is my '84 Goldwing Standard. Not sure how the K1600 truly rides, but this old Goldwing will outlast and be much more comfortable than any BMW 1200 cc or less, jury out on the K1600.
  23. It's GREAT when a repair and upgrade come together nicely. Also had time to clean everything under the bed and worked some Forever Black into all the black trim I had removed. Got the truck 100% yesterday, filled the tank (with 2SO/ATF additive), ran some errands and this truck has considerably more power. Levels 1-2 on the Juice are really strong! (Levels 3 and above are for built engines AND transmissions only.) Running previously at 6 PSI +/- was starving the injection pump to a point, and likely it was running hot. Now fuel pressure is 15 PSI at idle and a constant 14 PSI when driving. Love the Juice, love the Fleece, love being done with positive results.
  24. John, as Bill has shown, it can be done. I had two blinds on the kitchen counter for several days as I did the re-stringing thing a couple years ago. One came out fine, the other one I had too tight which made it difficult to raise the lower shade. Had to loosen up the strings a bit, now it’s fine. Just plan some time and be patient! Mike
  25. You have mighty fine taste Art! 👍🏻 Looks like a custom Sargent seat too. This is my 3rd BMW Adventure over the years. I previously owned an 07 and a 15 YM. At 6’3 the ergos of this bike allow for a really comfy day in the saddle. I recently took delivery of this bike March 1st. I ride where the Buffalo still roam here in the Blue Ridge Mtn and foothills. My 15 ADV -riding the devils whip aka route 80 in the Blue Ridge Mtns.
  26. After our last 42 day trip out west we came home with a few best practices. We want our set up gear ready to rock.😊
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