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  2. The Cradlepoint does seem pricey, and we'd sure be happy to find something that would work well for a cheaper price. We'll have to do more research to figure out which option will best meet our needs, as well as continue following this thread for more feedback before finalizing our build. Thanks for starting this discussion Coach and Jojo! Here's a link I just found: https://rvlife.com/mobile-hotspot-plans-for-rvers/
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  4. We purchased Hull 617 April 2020 and had the same Jensen TV audio cutting-out problem as being described in this post . Our action steps to-date: 1. We contacted Oliver May 2020 and they recommended contacting Jensen to resolve the problem. We were unsuccessful, Jensen confirmed that they had no other reports of this type of problem. 2. Contacted Oliver and they sent a new Jensen TV (same model). However, this did not resolve the problem. 3. We bought a SuperSonic TV 110v. It did not provide an analog output for the sound but did have an optical audio output. Additionally, we bought a digital-to-analog converter to provide the analog audio to the Jensen stereo. This setup resolved the no sound (cutting out) problem, however, it caused a humming through the speakers that was even more annoying. We purchased a higher quality DAC unit but it still hummed so we returned the TV and both DAC’s. 4. March 2021 Oliver performed annual maintenance and during this visit Jason replaced the audio cables between the TV and stereo. However, this did not resolve the problem. 5. August 2021 we continue to have the problem. We again confirmed that the sound works correctly through the TV speakers. We agree with a previous poster that the audio decoding within the TV seems to be the problem. 6. August 4, 2021, contacted ASA Electronics (parent of Jensen) at 877-845-8750. The Rep, Erin, confirmed our call in May 2020 and is willing to provide a new TV under a good-will warranty if we work through a dealership to receive it. They want the old TV returned at owner’s expense. The Rep confirmed that she has not seen any complaints on this matter. This same response was communicated to us in May 2020. She confirmed they do conduct a 4 hour burn-in test for all TV functions. 7. So at this point we can deal with it “as is”, OR work through a dealership on the West Coast to receive the new TV (dealer $, ship to Jensen $) with no guarantees it will resolve the issue, OR use Oliver as the middleman dealer to receive and then forward the new TV to us and handle the forwarding of the old TV to Jensen (assuming Oliver agrees to this) again no guarantees it will resolve the issue, OR spend $ to buy and reconfigure a 110v TV and stereo such as the Vizio/Furrion solution that Oliver changed to in 2021 in part because of this issue and the lack of solution from Jensen. What would you do?
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  6. Honestly, JED, I'm not showing that photo to Paul. He wanted an even bigger, taller garage than we have, and, add to that, you have a snorkel! Our Ollie will (barely) fit in the garage, through the sidelane and side overhead door, and it's a real pita to maneuver it in. And, Paul has to move two work benches... yes, they're on wheels, but... You, indeed , have a beautiful setup. Enviable, in every way. He got his way with the new barn. Big door (12 ft. high.) I can live with that. Still working on the snorkel concept. 😋 Ps, the snorkel looks great on your 200. Really great .
  7. I love snorkels, I put one on my 200 last year, not so much to go fording 5 foot deep rivers, but to disguise the big crease my wife put in that fender at the grocery store .... But it gets the air intake completely up and out of the dust, and lowers the inlet air temp by a few degrees. The one on my Series 80 dropped it by up to 60 degrees, an amount you could actually feel. In the 200, it is more like 20 degrees.... Mainly it helps us find the Big White SUV in a sea of other big white SUVs in the box store parking lot... It does generate a whole lot of What The Hell Is That Thing questions. John Davies Spokane WA
  8. That can be a nice time of year to be here too and far less crowded parks and campgrounds. As you may have already experienced weather can change in a heartbeat too so be prepared for that.
  9. Darn, I missed the missing wheels on the last row but did account for the missing window. Astute powers of observation @FrankC
  10. We’re in Delaware now, beautiful weather. Last time, we were through Montana in late September/early October. Next time we’ll do the same. Will let you know! Mike
  11. Well you wouldn't want to be here right now, AQI is terrible with not much end in sight. On most days you can barely make out the Bridger mountain range let alone all of the others that encircle the valley. Stop in if you do make it out this way.
  12. Our thought over the years have been, get a big motor 4 x 4 van, and tow the Ollie. Leave the Ollie, and explore in the 4 x 4. (Paul really, really wants a big van, with a snorkel. 😄) As you can see by our signature, that hasn't happened. Maybe Santa will bring him one. I doubt it, though.
  13. I was always happy with the performance of my AGMs in cold weather. They did fine down to mid teens on many occasions. I haven’t subjected my Battle Borns to that yet, but that’s going to happen at some point. Heck, we went through Bozeman a couple of years ago and swore we’d return! Mike
  14. The Oliver in the equation is missing one of the windows. That must be a factor in the final answer. Mathematicians unite! Mike
  15. The answer is 89 because of the subtle little details of the Ollie in the last equation and also because of standard math rules. From the first equation, a complete Ollie Elite II is equal to 30. From the second equation a single wheel equals 5. And from the third equation a window equals 6. The Ollie in the last equation is missing the window on the door (so subtract 6 for that) and only has 2 wheels showing, not 4 (look really closely). So that means the Ollie in the last equation is 30-6-10=14. Then you have to follow the established math rules for how you sequence the equation. The memory trick is PEMDAS. Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Meaning you do any operations in parentheses first, then any exponents, then multiplication, then division, then addition and subtraction. So the final equation (doing multiplication first per the PEMDAS rules) is the de-featured Ollie trailer of 14 x 6 for the window which equals 84, then add the 5 for the single wheel in the equation which gives 89.
  16. As my jr. high math teacher would say, show your work or it doesn't count. 😜
  17. If that's the case then as someone else said the answer would 174 then.
  18. Thanks John and Mike and Carol for clarifying the issues with usage vs re-charge at cold temps. FWIW I got the idea of lead acid batteries performing at cold temps based upon my own experience. Granted I don't take off in the middle of a Montana winter when its sub zero but on more than one occasion have been caught out in low teens and our batteries did just fine. I was also referring to the storage of them as well. As long as there is NO phantom draw on power a fully charged lead acid wet cell battery is supposed to be good at extreme below zero temps. Not sure you can do this with lithium and AGM's. Regarding Long Way Up, agreed the program was fairly lame other than the magnificent scenery. While they may have been driving prototypes the batteries were anything but though, unless you know something I don't and it certainly did not speak well for that battery technology to my way of thinking. Our area has lots of Tesla's now a few Audi E-vehicles as well but suspect these are all housed in garages with some temp control and easy access to a charging station. Charging stations are few and far between in this neck of the woods, heck even gas stations can be depending on where you're going. Have not heard the Dust to Glory film but thanks
  19. Doesn't matter if you do or not - (4 x 6) + (10 x 6) = 14 x 6, if I understand what Steve is saying. The 'trick', I think, is that the bottom trailer is drawn slightly differently, telling you to break out the components from the start. So the bottom trailer isn't the same 30 points as the top ones.
  20. Why, I don't see any parentheses. Granted I'm not a mathematician. This is an assumption I don't understand.
  21. I see two potential answers, depending on how you want to interpret it. First, at face value, trailer = 30, tire = 5, window = 6, so the answer would be 5 + 30 x 6 = 185. Probably not the right answer. Second, since the top and bottom row trailers are drawn differently, you'd consider the window and tire values separate from the base trailer. So to get the base trailer value, subtract 4 tires (20) and one window (6) from 30 = 4. That gives a value for the bottom trailer of 14, since there's only two tires and no window ( 4 + 10 + 0 ). The final answer would be 5 + 14 x 6 = 89.
  22. Yep, the 200 amp version of this caught my eye because it was so cheap. Looks like the build and cell quality was quite good. If they have added a low temp sensor it just might work for my uses. Thanks! You could possibly add one, if they haven't. But, considering you live in Michigan, it's important. Not so much for me, in Florida. I'd test everything, before the return period expired, if it were me.
  23. Yep, the 200 amp version of this caught my eye because it was so cheap. Looks like the build and cell quality was quite good. If they have added a low temp sensor it just might work for my uses. Thanks!
  24. No, You have to consider the trailer in the final row as being an equation inside parentheses.
  25. Good catch, though I don't know if it's irrelevant to the math. I don't think anyone has noticed, before.
  26. If you're talking about this one on Amazon, you may want to watch this video from Will Prowse.
  27. Oops, 174 (missing window on door).
  28. 1. What LP/CO detector is Oliver putting in recent builds? 2. For those that have recently replaced the original Atwood unit with another Atwood unit, did you use the OEM unit, part number 36636, or the retail unit, part number 36681? And what was the date of manufacture on the back of the detector?
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