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  2. That’s a funny story that in the long run prepared you for whatever comes you way and helps explain you tool and parts inventory. But now what I really want to know is, where do you carry Atom Smasher? Mossey
  3. In this vein, are the nuts and bolts in the Oliver metric or SAE?
  4. Yeah, it was a disaster of a night. Siri gave us some bad directions that took us down some super bumpy roads. When we finally got into the campground at around 10pm I got out of the truck and heard the alarm. It had gotten knocked lose from its mount and somehow that triggered it. Took forever to dig it out from between the hulls. And then I couldn’t get it to turn off so I had to bash it with a rock, lol. Lots of fun. By the time I started hitting it with the rock we were laughing so hard that we we could barely stand up. And that was before I turned on the water pump only to have my feet get soaked from water spraying out of the return air vent. And before I realized that I’d lost power to the fridge. We went to Santa Fe the next day, dropped off the trailer at a repair shop and found some tequila. That was her maiden voyage, and now you know why I’ve spent so much time tying down all the plumbing and electrical and why I carry a lot of tools and spare parts. She’s tough enough now to handle pretty much anything. 💪🏼
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  6. Thanks, I’ll have to get one like that.
  7. I haven't actually done one, but it looks very very easy. You just take off the little orange retainer at the end that prevents the two arm pieces from sliding apart, then slide out the inner piece, remove a pin that holds the clip in place, replace the clip and reverse the process. The kit comes with the clip, a spare spring and pin in case you lose one of them, and a replacement orange retainer piece so that you don't have to worry about destroying the existing one getting it off. It also comes with two rivets, but it looks to me like you only need those if you plan to take the entire arm off to work on it - I think it would be a cinch to just work on it in place.
  8. That's a bummer. I just checked mine. They're fine. But a different design, and probably a different brand. Not surprising, since my trailer is ten years older than yours.
  9. Overland - Regarding the orange replacement clips - what does it take to change them out? I had one go south, and it was repaired by big O service. Next one is on me, so what's the skinny? RB
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  11. I kind of remember you losing an Atom in the bowels of Snowball, but are you saying it was in alarm when you lost it or were you singing in frustration and your campground neighbors didn’t appreciate either? I guess if I ever install any Atoms I’ll have to equip them with safety string so they are retrievable. Mossey
  12. You guys are great! From a first time user I was super impressed with the breadth of knowledge/experience and timelines of the responses. I sure do know where to go for expert advice!! I ended up installing the shunt and a new bus bar inside the battery compartment on the left hand side. I used a small piece of pvc molding (thank you Home Depot) and attached it to the battery compartment wall with 3M adhesive and attached the shunt and bus to it. I installed the gauge just below the pantry counter on the right hand side and ran the data cable and a power cable through the battery compartment using grommets to eliminate chaffing. Reinstalling the batteries and hooking the cables to the battery was a piece of cake. All works great! Special thanks to Andrew for the phone calls...and advice!
  13. I don’t think I have any rust, but will check tomorrow! Thanks for letting us know, something to check and know about. Mike
  14. Made me look🙄, haven’t seen anything like that thankfully. This is the dehumidifier I keep in the trailer and it only needs electricity to dry out the beads inside. When the beads turn green they are wet and need a drying cycle. Mossey
  15. I don't either anymore. It got to be just the same stuff posted over and over, and their editorial content of course is mostly advertisements. Plus some of those guys are just a little too much into it. But there's still some good content and I'll pop over every now and then to search for reviews or just to see what's new. Thanks for finding that thread - I'd forgotten about it. What I haven't forgotten is that night I was frantically looking for the little smoke detector that had fallen between the hulls. For some reason I didn't make any new campground friends that night.
  16. When JD posted about the Element fire extinguisher I remembered someone else had talked about it before. So I went looking for it. Then you mentioned a post about it and I was already looking at your 2019 post, so I just responded with the link. Sorry it’s not the one your looking for as I don’t stomp around on the expedition forum. Mossey
  17. I didn't own one, but my boss in the 80s owned one. It was quite the cool coach. I usually got to drive it back and forth to the repair shop for him, as I was one of the few willing to take it out in city traffic. It was the awesome 70s harvest gold exterior, with coordinated brown and gold interior. He used it as his mobile office and showroom when he started his business. It was honestly a pretty nice ride, in its day. This isn't his, but looks a lot like it. Don't think he had an awning. Sherry
  18. Seems like we have some folks around these parts with a lot of experience. Anybody ever owned one of the GMC motorcoaches from the 70s with the Olds powertrain? If so, what're your thoughts aside from "Well, its a 40yro coach." Particularly, how do they compare in terms of storage and table top space compared to your Oliver? There are a couple up for sale around my area and I may pay a few visits.
  19. Here's the tool bag that I carry all that stuff in. It was my regular tool bag until I reorganized my tools a while back. So I was glad to find a use for it - I don't think I'd spend that much on a bag just for spare parts, but I'm sure that there's something similar and more reasonable on amazon. But I do like these soft bags over hard cases since they're so much easier to stuff in a corner and don't jostle around as much. https://www.blueridgeoverlandgear.com/collections/tools/products/tool-bag
  20. That's what happens when you're on the forum too often like me. Every time someone mentions something they carry, I add it to the list.
  21. A couple of things I forgot about - along with the spare LP regulator, it's a good idea to have one or a pair of pigtails to go with it. The other is a set of Colby replacement tire stems - that's really for the truck, but they'd work on the trailer too.
  22. Has anyone experienced this? I just noticed that a couple of drawers were rough to open and it looks like the bearings on all my drawers are rusting - some pretty badly. Like, really badly. I'm not sure if there's a solution to this other than new slides. I guess I could take them out and soak them, but I'm sure they'd quickly rust up again. I have to guess it's just from humidity since there's no sign of water intrusion anywhere. Possible that I have a hidden leak between the hulls that's keeping it overly humid in there. I've got a dehumidifier, but I haven't been using it since it requires the trailer to be plugged in 24/7. I guess I've got a new project. I've sent a note to Oliver to ask about replacement. Blum has a lifetime warranty on everything they make, so hopefully they'll swap out the parts for me for free.
  23. Good find - but I was thinking of a long discussion about different types of fire extinguishers, pros and cons, etc. But that was probably over at expedition portal.
  24. I placed one on each side of the center console - they're out of the way but visible and in reach even with a jammed seat belt. I thought we had a thread on these a few years ago. Maybe that was over on expo. They're great, but not cheap. I keep both mine in the truck and then just grab one to put in the trailer when we're camped. The clips that came with them hold them pretty solidly.
  25. We are all in on the solar..that choice is easy. good advice about where to stock pile Oliver related gear.. too bad we don’t have a garage.. but we do have a barn😄
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