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  2. I only carry the most important tools with me in case something happens to a wheel, otherwise I'll just call a tow truck.
  3. I searched, and it doesn't look like the Ramp Cleat mat comes in 4' width, so I guess I'll get the Fine Rib.
  4. A moving mast will not work well with a directional antenna. Think of a flashlight - the radio signal is focused. The width of the radio beam depends upon the design of the antenna. An omnidirectional antenna is less problematic on a moving mast, and will probably work fine. The radio wave pattern is dependent upon the installation and antenna design, also. An omnidirectional antenna sends the signal out in a 360 degree pattern, or at least that's the theory, but again dependent upon installation factors. The radio signal won't be as "intense" as with a directional antenna, but with a dir
  5. I will be checking the logs and server to see what's going on first thing in the morning. Thanks for letting me know!
  6. Yesterday
  7. Personally, I have adapted to using my phone for most things. Your Verizon choice will likely get you signal in 95 per cent of US. Paul and I swapped carriers a few years ago, because I'm the power user. He's now tmobile, I'm verizon. When and if Canada opens up, tmobile has a connection with Roger's, so his tmobile works better there. As well as most of Europe, and Australia.
  8. Thanks! This is encouraging to hear. Very. I do use MacBook Pro, IPhone 11 Pro, couple of IPads, and I even have a fairly new Dell Win 10 I have yet to really set up. Not sure what the “inverter being powered on” means (yet!) but I will find out soon! I also got the solar addon which I hope helps at least keep batteries charged FWIW. I told my rep I really need anything that will allow me as much internet-power as I can get in the Ollie and want to be able to boondock a bit as well and still have power at least. So much to learn about all this.
  9. The aluminum "attenuation " (diminished signal) is basically the Oliver reflectix/foil insulation. Think-- tin hat. I have that problem at home, with aluminum ribbed roofing. We've worked around it.
  10. Thank you Sherry! I supposedly have Bus Verizon unlimited (from years ago). Will be interesting to see if I am throttled or what. I’m told they ALL throttle (speed not usage) now, regardless of language in anything. We shall see how it affects me or if I even notice that much. I will def notice if movies or Spotify slow down or buffer or whatever. If it is bad I will look to getting a better solution per others’ suggestions, and the Mobile Internet Resource Ctr people (member), when I get settled and more time to research. Good idea re: download stuff for later. Or even if I am at a decen
  11. The Fire TV stick works great in the trailer too. There is a USB connection on the back of the television to provides power. The Fire TV also requires internet to be of any use. I have both the Fire TV Stick and a Roku Stick Pus. The ROKU as a cleaner interface than the Fire stick (IMO) and supports screen sharing if you use IOS and/or MACOS devices, which is very handy. I like both but prefer the Roku. Both work great and do not require the inverter to be powered on to use them.
  12. I'd probably keep the dot, and a few smart plugs. They don't weigh much, and take up little space. If you later decide to get a Verizon jetpack, your dot could be useful. As far as Netflix, prime tv, hulu, youtube, etc, I can watch TV on my phone , and/or broadcast it to my "smart " TV upstairs . Or, download when I have wifi, and watch later. You could download music and movies to a thumb drive, or portable hard drive, and store a lot. We routinely download some shows to a notebook or laptop before an Alaska trip, because we often have zero signal in our favorite spots in the Yu
  13. I have no personal knowledge of either, they appear to be very similar, I think the Ramp Cleat version I am looking at has wider ridges and narrow slots. The Fine Rib you are looking at has evenly spaced narrow ridges and slots. I suspect that the latter would be softer and more flexible, great for lining drawers for light objects, but maybe not so good as the other for supporting really heavy equipment like a generator (or my batteries). I suspect that the Ramp Cleat is pretty sturdy. Mainly I want to protect the paint of the battery tray, yet allow a small amount of air circulation to preven
  14. Thanks Mike! I forget which Echo Dot I have exactly but it may be “not the older one” since it plugs into a regular household outlet. I also have the Amazon Firestick which I assume will work fine with the Ollie 1 TV and an HDMI cable, and .. . . gah this is confusing I think I’m just super tired. Pretty sure sales rep etc. said yes I can stream Amazon Prime movies and Netflix via wifi like one does at home except I am wondering about the speeds and all. Correction. My Echo Dot has the usb end going INTO the unit itself if that was unclear. I am just too tired to think straight today
  15. Echo Dot works great for listening to music, getting weather updates, etc., etc. so long as you are connected to the internet. Just use Bluetooth to link it to the Furion/Jensen unit and you are good to go. The older version Dot (the one that plugs into a USB outlet) uses less power than the newer units and do not require turning the inverter on. Mike
  16. Here are few pix of my stainless counter top. It was upgraded after this pic with a barrier on the right side to prevent spills and a nicer faucet. The microwave cabinet was a very successful upgrade. It gave more counter space, a place for knives and utensils, a wine rack and a secure microwave that could not fall out of the cabinet. The microwave that came in my Ollie, tried to jump out of the cabinet twice.
  17. You are waaaaay above my pay grade in this stuff, obviously. But I laughed (at myself!) because I “read” your post as “If there is an aluminum in the word word word word something word word word something word word frequency.” Srsly, I get the general impression I maybe should have just saved my money on the “Electronics Pro Package,” but it if has an antenna “thingy” then maybe that (MIMO?) WITH a mifi-Jetpack will work best far as me being able to surf, download, sync with DropBox, update create and write on websites, log in to servers, watch Netflix, listen to Spotify? Those are the t
  18. I know those wood table tops are beautiful. Maybe a mix of maple and rosewood
  19. That's how we keep the Martians from reading our thoughts!☺️
  20. A number of years back - corian was tried in the Olivers but was deemed too heavy to be practical. I thought that the stainless top was done by Raspy. Bill
  21. Dennis, Welcome to the Ollie Family and Greetings from Western ND. Bryan
  22. I've experienced the same issues several times over the last month or so. I've forwarded the info to the admin each time, and we've been back up and running quickly. Sherry
  23. I have seen photos of Foy Sperring's wooden dinette tabletops, and they are not only beautiful, but "warm up" the look. Fran, would you consider changing up the table top and microwave and pantry tops, leaving the dark fibergranite in only the wet areas? There's hardly any countertop showing, anyway. I don't know about today's trailers, but the wood top above the fridge in my 2008 is held in place with industrial velcro, and has never budged during travel. Sherry
  24. If there is aluminum in the hull shell, then radio inside the shell will be attentuated. How much depends upon the frequency. John
  25. What attention to detail! Excellent job...makes my neck and back ache just thinking about how you "Houdini it" in such tight places....5 gold stars!
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