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  2. We got the 22-inch double-burner Blackstone Griddle - it is a heavy and a bit overkill (with 2-burners you can cook breakfast for the entire campground). The 17-inch single burner, still a bit heavy, is definitely a better choice. Either way, Blackstone griddle is a versatile cooking machine. We also got the hookup hose for our Oliver propane connections - no need to rely on those propane camp bottles, although we still use them from time to time. And, we got the Blackstone table stand ($89) for easy leveling and eliminate the need for a portable cook table. Although expensive, and heavy, the Blackstone stand makes the Blackstone experience better. One last suggestion, using small disposable aluminum pans (or aluminum foil) to line your grease/oil catch trap makes cleanup easier. You may want to visit the Blackstone website to checkout options for your new griddle.
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  4. Congrats, and welcome! The Lagun table will be an awesome upgrade. Sherry
  5. My wife and I were at Gander outdoor the other day. They were having a 25% off everything in the store. we were looking to replace our 15 yr old Weber Q grill. Love that grill. I saw the Black Stone 17in griddle. We decided to give it a try. Cost was about $67.00 of course we had to get the griddle kit and and the carrying case. Total a little over $100,00 .Trying it, after a very easy seasoning process, I cooked so far 20 wings, sausage peppers and onions, and a full breakfast eggs, bacon, sausage and hash browns, things you can’t do with the Webber. I am happy with the results. Easy clean up and stores nice with the carrying case The only negative, a lot of grease/oil to clean up. It should get better with more experience using it. Looks like we may semi retire our Webber.
  6. Mirna and I have returned from our 30-day transatlantic cruise, in a word Wow! I’m heading back into the shop next week and Nightstand Drawer Organizer are up first on the production schedule. Space is a premium in our Oliver Travel Trailers and the nightstand drawer is a great catch all until you need to find something. The drawer is deep, long and can hold a lot of stuff, but finding something is always, a dig until you find it. To solve this problem, I designed a two-piece organizer that divides the lower part of the drawer into a larger back compartment and two smaller front compartments. Sitting on top of these lower compartments is a sliding half drawer that provides quick access to the most needed items – remotes, keys, glasses, etc. And with a simple push you can get to the items below. I am going to be taking orders this week and going into production next week. The nightstand divider is crafted from ¼” Honduran mahogany with birch plywood bottoms and is assembled using miter & dado joints, waterproof glue and pin nails. To this I apply a hand rubbed oil finish to show off the beautiful mahogany “ribbons” and make it a fantastic upgrade to your nightstand! Price $79 + shipping. Can I craft one for your Oliver? Email me at 48ocean@gmail.com
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  8. Thanks all - Once I learned about the Olivers and started looking into them it wasn't a hard decision coming from a Scamp. The build and design details I saw on youtube vids of factory tours really impressed me. It was easy to see improvements over the Scamp design (and maybe the Casista's. I've never been in one). Even though we have enjoyed our Scamp (it is a great small camper) I am happy for something a bit bigger and bit more rugged. The only modification I have planned right now is to mount a Lagun table as described by Overland. It is a really slick design. David: We'll have to drag you guys over to the Wyoming range sometime next year. It isn't really a secret, but it is not heavily visited. Jason
  9. We tow with an Audi Q7, which can pull 7700 lbs. It has been a great tow vehicle, with plenty of power. The owners manual for the Audi has a strict prohibition against a weight distribution hitch, and I think the same applies to most similar German cars. I did a bunch of research on the WDH topic, and one can weld a brace underneath the chassis that permits WDH use. This method was pioneered by the CanAm Airstream dealer in Ontario. I have a neighbor who pulls a 23 foot Airstream with an Audi Q7, and he had his Q7 modified by CanAm. I did not like the look of it, as it significantly decreases the ground clearance. My neighbor suggested that with pictures (which I have), any competent welder could install such a brace. My Q7 tows beautifully, with no sway despite not using a weight distribution hitch. Send me a private message if you want more info, including a bunch of relevant threads from the AirForum.
  10. Jason and Sonja, Congrats on ordering an Oliver. You will not be disappointed! David
  11. Congrats on your order! You’ll have something to think about and plan for as you go through the Wyoming winter. Welcome to the Oliver family! Mike
  12. We did too. Great products and easy to work with.
  13. I also used AB Lifestyles. I bought sheets, blankets, mattress pads and pillowcases from them. They are very nice people and very easy to work with. I would recommend them in a heartbeat! I also bought Dem-Dry for under the mattresses from Ravenwolf Marine and they are also good people to work with.
  14. I'd love to chat. My number is six2six-six95-9zero43. Thanks, Alison
  15. 16 degrees here with only a little condensation under the driver's side mattress. We didn't have Hypervent on that trip but am planning on getting it now. Also, I am ventilating the basement storage compartment, under the bed, to allow warm air from the furnace/hot water heater area into the basement. Furnace on at 61 degrees, vent open in the bathroom and a window over the bed cracked open. Andrew
  16. We tow an Elite II that weighs loaded, without water, 5,400 lbs. We tow it with a 2018 BMW X5 35d and it tows GREAT! We have towed about 5,000 miles, over all sorts of roads, including twisty mountain ones and six significant passes in the west up to 8,700 feet. Great power, ride, brakes and mileage. 17.8 mpg going from sea level in San Diego, CA to 8,700 feet in Mammoth Lakes, CA and 21.7 mpg coming back. And what a great vehicle to tour in, once we are at our destination! We tend to put about 1/3 of our trip mileage on w/o the trailer. We followed Andy from CanAm of Ontario's advice and we do use the Andersen WD hitch and we compress the red bushing 1/4". If you would like to discuss this topic further, please message me with your phone number and I will give you a call. There are also a number of forum members who tow with the Touraeg or Q7 and I am sure would be more that willing to provide you information about there experience. If I had to do it again, would get a German diesel SUV. Andrew
  17. I am so sad that VW is no longer making the Touraeg. Do any of you use an SUV while towing? And can you let me know how they work out for you? I am thinking of a used BMW X5; it has a tow capacity of 7,700 pounds. Any thoughts; anyone else towing with an SUV you'd recommend? Any problems when using the SUV as a towing vehicle? Thanks so much!
  18. I understand you not knowing about or seeing Oliver travel trailers, as they are on the low production side of the fiberglass travel trailers. I live in Texas and I can say the same about the Scamp, just not too many of those here either, but Casita's everywhere. Nice to see you have found the Oliver, now you will be the envy at the camping ground, I can tell you that many campers know about the Oliver's, be prepared to show and answer question on your Oliver. Welcome to the group. trainman
  19. Specifically what are the lowest temps people have used these in?
  20. We've been in ours fulltime for over 2 years and it's fine. The ac noise is cut almost in half when using the micro air easy start option. Other trailers with slide outs have a lot more room but they also come with a lot more problems and will not go into places as quickly or easily that our Oliver will. We love our Olli because it's a boondockers dream with the twin axles.
  21. When your ready look at AB lifestyles for the bedding. Sheets, blankets, mattress pads etc. all cut to fit the Oliver patterns. They are located in South Carolina. Great company to work with.
  22. I also bought mine from Souther Mattress in North Carolina. They could not have been nicer to work with and they shipped them in big boxes (and it only took them a few days, too!!). I highly recommend them!!
  23. After seeing your setup and reading your post, I just purchased from Amazon an inexpensive 50 watt solar panel, controller with cables. I plan to build a stand like you build with hopes of it keeping our AGM batteries fully charged as our storage site has no powerl Thanks for sharring, like your shed1 Duke and Chris
  24. I know you are looking for a white fan( so were we) but we ended up getting thgis one and like it quite well. It sticks very well and with so many usb ports in the Ollie you can mount it pretty much anywhere. https://www.amazon.com/LEMOISTAR-Battery-Powered-Rotatable-Vehicles/dp/B07D7S7K3N?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  25. This is the one I was talking about. $35 direct wire, $55 lighter plug . Cheaper in black, on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Caframo-Ultimate-2-Speed-Lighter-Plug/dp/B00OM5MILI/ref=sr_1_2?adgrpid=55287297999&gclid=CjwKCAiAlajvBRB_EiwA4vAqiIUxKRK7tbvEhRL0JfUkGLahfrywbm58HmxeN3_3yvENQEVwMYs8_hoCuxkQAvD_BwE&hvadid=274839819549&hvdev=m&hvlocphy=9012147&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=12790311878140615116&hvtargid=kwd-294887234866&hydadcr=12189_10197804&keywords=caframo+ultimate&qid=1575679050&sr=8-2
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  27. And I loved meeting you at the rally last May. You actually remembered my name everyday!! Blessings to you and your family!
  28. One thing we found is that the adding a Lagun table with a foldable top transformed our twin bed area into a great multipurpose area. Having both the dinette and the ‘lounge’ is awesome - we never felt cramped in our Ollie but now it feels downright spacious. Swapping out our mattresses for cushions made a difference too.
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