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  2. We were at Black Canyon a couple of years ago, so it probably wasn’t us. We also camped across from Sean and Kristy (LOLOHO) and their Airstream at Gros Ventre Campground at Grand Teton last year. Don’t think we’ve made it into any of their videos though! Highly recommend both of those parks. Black Canyon is pretty amazing. Mike
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  4. Those with Garmin drivesmart (61 or 65): 1. How does the unit plug into vehicle power - USB or 12v socket? (I'm new to these devices) and how does it charge? We want to use a beanbag type mount, but there are so many, it's confusing. I don't think all will work with the 6.95" display. Which one do I need? Or, is there a better type of mount? Our pickup dash has a flat recessed top where this would work well.
  5. Welcome. The Elite shorty like ours is most comparable to the Bambi you looked at . Lighter weight, wider range of tow vehicles. Good luck in your search.
  6. Larry started the original forum. We all owe him a debt of thanks. Sherry
  7. I was just watching the new "LOLOHO" video for this week. The scenery there was gorgeous. When they were driving through the south rim campground, I spied an Oliver II being pulled by a white truck. Was it you???
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  9. Hi, I am looking for an Oliver and don’t have one yet, but joined anyway! I was planning to get an Airstream Bambi 16RB and a dealer jerked me around. Promised-by this date and that date etc. I gave up. Now looking at Olivers which sound better for cold-snow temps which I love and wanted to be in FT, or mostly (maybe go a bit south AT TIMES) but whoo can I afford one? With the costs of camping etc. Ins, maint, all that. Anyway, hi everyone and I will be checking for good condition used Olivers which I am sure are in very high demand. I was hoping to be IN a travel-trailer and learn t
  10. I see Garmin now has Drive Smart 65 which is bluetooth compatible. Can this be paired to the vehicle system to send the voice directions through the dash speakers? My husband has a hard time hearing.
  11. Finally a practical use for the black tank.
  12. I have the RV660LMT and really like it. It is a slightly older model, and a larger screen would be welcome. The RV mode is needed to warn you of low bridges, steep grades, etc and it is SUPER ANNOYING. I turned it off the second day of our first trip. It kept popping up constant alerts that I already knew about “curves ahead!!!”, duh, I have been driving on curves for an hour. “Steep grade ahead!!!” True, but many miles away. The RV database is clunky, the icons are big and block details. In general I think it is simply poor programming. For low clearance, use the eyeballs you were born w
  13. I wonder if it's necessary to get the RV or truck version to have that function?
  14. Make sure whatever you get lists any overpass that is 10' or less. Oliver's have a tendency to travel back roads and places with low trees and bridges.
  15. Guess that design could use the empty black tank to turn the residue back to drinking water?
  16. Passing the wait time for our new Oliver shopping for a Garmin GPS. There are so many models, I'm confused. I found reference here for the 61LMT @Trainman and RV660LMT @John E Davies. Any other Garmin users care to share your experiences?
  17. The only built in Nav system we have had and like is in our BMW X5. It is Google maps based, so the maps are awesome. You can choose either regular map or satellite imagery. And, you can map your route on your computer then send the destination to the car via the car's wifi connection. We've had other nav systems (mazda, MB Sprinter RV) and neither was as easy to use. Our tow pickup doesn't have built in navigation, so guess wheat my husband is getting for his birthday? Looking for a Garmin.
  18. Yes . . . . . I'd like to see a thread for GPS recommendations
  19. I suspect that FJV meant to say - gasoline without alcohol - and not specifically "premium gas". Alcohol has bad effects on many gas lines and carburetor parts. Bill
  20. It would appear that Sir John Crapper did ☺️.
  21. The Dometic installed in my Oliver is an 11K BTU Dometic Penguin, so smaller capacity and twice as loud as John's Air Command. If someone has an earlier model that was built with the 13.5K units, I would be interested to see the sound measurements.
  22. Look at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve S.P.. No light pollution allowed at night. Biggest sky and brightest stars, as well as milky way, on eastern seaboard. Oleano S.P. , down south, is an unknown to most. Have to kick the deer out of your yard all day. Would like to go down the western side of the Mississippi, maybe January/Feb time frame. So many unknowns this year crossing state lines.
  23. I'm wondering if anyone has tested the 11,000-BTU Dometic A/A that is currently being installed in the newer models. Is it substantially quieter (or even a tiny bit quieter) than the 13,500-BTU unit that I assume KatanaPilot measured as "baseline?"
  24. SW Florida for the most part..we made reservations months ago. A late winter run to California to visit family, that will probably involve a few Harvest Hosts, Cracker Barrel parking lots and the like. Got a place to stay once we get there. Back to Maine next spring in time to deal with Alewives.. That’s plan “A”... I guess we will make final decisions as we put Tennessee in the rear view....
  25. Premium or mid grade gas is in no way needed for low compression power equipment engines. Fresh fuel is mandatory, so a fuel stabilizer is needed. Modern gasoline starts to go stale in about a month. With a stabilizer it can last a year. I only use ethanol free fuel for my mower, trimmer, generator etc to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the rubber fuel parts. The Maverik stations which are now all over the West have it, and there are apps to locate it at other brand stations. John Davies Spokane WA
  26. I have the EU2000i companion and EU2000i. Recall was/is, on the EU2000i companion, a simple job of installing spacers for better cooling, according to the service manager. After taking off the covers and checking that is the situation. The Honda line of generators(EU6500 & EU2000i & companion), mowers, roto tillers, weed wackers, water pumps etc., I have them all, use a better quality of components. Gas lines are immediately noticed when comparing to the "Other Brands". Ensure the use of Premium Gasoline in these appliances. I use the generators to operate a two burner hot plate under
  27. The Attwood Air Command originated in Oz. I have never heard of the Gree. My personal feelings about Wifi and Bluetooth for RVs is, the less, the better. Certain exceptions like the VictronConnect are great, but for controlling the main systems, I want simple and reliable hard wired controls. John Davies Spokane WA
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