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  1. I haven't been on the Forum for some time but I just got off the phone with Steve Landrum and he mentioned that someone was talking about possible having a Mini Rally in Maine. We are Ann and Grayson Cook and are the owners on 112, and also a Cottage in Chamberlain Maine, on the Pemaquid Peninsula. 

    We would be very interested in meeting Oliver Owners in the area.

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  2. If I remember correctly, I picked up my Oliver with a basket up front and a 30A plug to connect it to the trailer. I had a Honda 3000, which has a 30A receptacle. The Oliver people hooked up the Generator to the trailer with the short jumper they had made for it and could not get it to work. They had to made another jumper with the 15A plug on the Generator side to get it to work. Has been working fine like that for Three years.

  3. We picked up on Dec 16, 2015 and returned to CT, after a stay over at the Campground down the road from the Factory. We had water on board and were ready to camp, which we did on the way home. We kept the trailer cabin at 60 degrees with the propane heater for two weeks through Christmas and then headed south after New Years. We returned to Hohenwald to have some minor things corrected, and experienced some very cold temps in TN. One night in the Showroom parking lot it went to 9 degrees. That was our pickup experience, one that proved Our Oliver to be a "Four Season Camper" for sure.


    Attached are pictures of us leaving CT on our first trip south in our new Oliver and another of a 9 degree sunrise in Hohenwald. Thanks for the memories. Enjoy your new Oliver.



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  4. Thanks Steve, not overly concerned but more curious. Received this back from Ryan at Blue Sky, reply to e-mail


    Hi Grayson,


    It sounds like your controller is accounting for the "monthly self discharge" which is normally set to 3% for AGM batteries. The controller is able to see the input from the "shore power", so no excessive draw is reflected, but since it never completes a charge cycle, it does not consider the batteries completely full, so it applies the monthly self discharge as if the were never able to be fully charged.


    The controller will automatically readjust it's estimation on the batteries state of charge (Reflecting 100%) once PV input becomes available to the controller and it completes a charge cycle (transitions from absorption to float mode).


    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance either by replying to this email or contacting me directly at 760-208-2149.










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  5. I have a 2016 Ellite II with Blue Sky Solar. I have in the past plugged into shore power while storing it to keep the AGM batteries topped off. It has, in the past, always remained at 100%, but this year, after two weeks dropped to 99% and 97% after 4 weeks. Is there any need for concern, or anything that needs to be adjusted. Any feedback is appreciated.


    Thanks in advance

    Grayson (dharmardr)

  6. We have been fine at O degrees with the furnace set for 63. Last month in Angel Fire New Mexico went to 11 degrees, furnace set at 62. I just disconnected the hose I had connected to City Water, drained the hose and left it unhooked until temps got above freezing the next day. I would say yes Four Season Camper but that's just me.

  7. Steve and Tali




    Thanks for the invite, this trip sounds very intriguing. We never had any interest in Quartzite before, not a big fan of crowds, but now seeing the camping options it looks much more inviting. Ann and I just returned from Colorado and will be in Maine for a few weeks returning for Christmas and then leaving January 4th for FL and TX. Our trip will find us in BBNP again about the same time you are in AZ. We will be returning to CT end of March and then leave again for Oliver Rally in May. Our, winter 2018 plans make accepting your invite impossible, but you have peaked our interest. We would love a rain check if Quartzite is in your plans every year.




    Grayson and Ann

  8. In this new world of "Customer Service" I would never pass up the opportunity to talk to a real person on the phone. Thank you Oliver Travel Trailers for being small enough and considerate enough to still have this option. I, personally, love being able to call OTT and put a face to the person on the other end of the line.

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  9. Ann and I overlaped with Don for our Service visit and had very much the same experience. Great Hospitality, good service, and a feeling afterward that we had made the right decision in purchasing our Oliver Trailer. Our second Factory Tour was enlightening  and educational, thanks Brent.

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  10. We just made a run, yesterday, from Winchester,VA to home in NW CT. I opened the fresh water tank drain valve before leaving VA hoping to drain the tank completely, in preparation for winterization. I was thinking the movement of the trailer for 6+ hrs, up and down hills side to side on corners etc. would  get the job done. Am I making an assumption that is incorrect, or can I conclude that the fresh tank is empty?


    Also, would blowing compressed air through the black water flush and the city water outside connection passed the check valves be sufficient or is the AF and pump necessary? I blow all lines out and draw AF in them also but last year only blew out the black and city did not use AF in them.



  11. I have been interested in this conversion for some time. Currently our travel habits have made it possible to use toilets (pit and other), peeing only in the Oliver, and showers when available and when not the Oliver shower. But our time on the road is increasing and making free and dry camping options more the norm. As this happens, my interest becomes more and more acute. I really appreciate the information you have provided John and have had similar questions that others have expressed. Directing pee to black tank would be the primary one. By doing so you would have a system that not only used the equipment provided (black tank) but also one that only required the activity of dumping something once a month at most.


    Thank you for this interesting and informative thread.

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  12. Thank you Steve.


    I parked my Oliver in the shade earlier this summer ( to protect the finish) and left it plugged in for much of the time. After unplugging it for about two weeks with everything turned off, the batteries were down to 84%. Lesson learned about parasitic draw on the batteries.


    Thank you for your input.

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