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  1. Well, I will throw my two cents into the mix. I have the following item. It is in the closet positioned above the black pipe, on the left. As some of have noted, the suction cups may not last forever. And, these have not. I now hang the 'holder' from 2 Command hooks. The 'holder' is removable from the suction cups. Above this holder, I have a hanging bag hanging from a suction cup hook; a Command hook is at the ready for when the suction cup hook decides to give up the ghost. 

    Hum ~~~ just now noting that both of the items are 'currently unavailable'. 







  2. Another CalMark cover question --- can you run the Maxxfan with the cover over the trailer? We run our fan with the bathroom window open 24/7 to keep some air moving around inside. If you are unable to run the fan, how is the air inside the trailer after a period of time? 

    This is not actually an owners question; we are 'to be' owners, amybe. 🙂

    Thank you.

  3. On 3/25/2020 at 9:39 AM, BackofBeyond said:

    13. Bleach cleaned the window outside inserts, to almost new white condition  - my new black ones are on back order......

    Hi BackofBeyond,

    Could you give me a link for for this [window outside inserts, black] product? I am highly interested in replacing ours as well.

    Thank you.

    Gwenne, of sgcausey

  4. I do not know the gauge of the cord that Steve has been using but it was the outlet. Steve had been using the front porch outlet, when he changed to the kitchen outlet it worked. The peculiar thing is that he has used the front porch outlet more than once in the past. He uses it to get the refrigerator going & for me to have ac when I clean before a trip.


    For now, all is well.


    Thank you to everyone who responded. I showed Steve all the responses as he understands them; I'm only the messenger/admn asst. :)

  5. We have the Blue Sea Systems circuit breaker panel and a Progressive Dynamics PD4000 power control center.


    We have checked the 3 outlets for gcfi trip; only one outlet, under the dinette, has a gcfi button. We, really Steve, pressed it; it went red & then blank. I cannot remember if it stays green.


    Steve is somewhat familiar with electricity. I am the administrative person & so do all correspondence. I just asked him if knew what each of the above components does & he said 'no'. So, that's a problem. :)


    As info, we are home & the trailer is plugged into our regular house outlet. We have done this ever since we got our trailer & have not had a problem. Actually, we think we may have had 'this problem' and did not really realize it as we did not need the AC often.




    Thank you.

  6. We have the Micro Air EasyStart on our Dometic heat pump.


    We turn on the unit & will run for a few minutes,

    then air compressor kicks on,

    in 30 seconds the circuit breaker trips.

    Circuit breaker resets itself &

    then repeats the above steps.

    When the circuit breaker trips, a Code E7 appears on the thermostat.




    Any ideas on why this is happening & how to fix. :))


    Needless to say, we are leaving on a month trip soon.


    Thank you.

  7. It is my fault that we are talking about a piece of foam.


    Recently, I began compiling information of what we, as owners, needed to do in order to maintain our trailers. Steve & I have never owned any type of trailer. So, we are true novices. My thought is compile all information in an easy to read format & create a schedule. Then when it is time to perform maintenance we have all information needed & do not have to do looking for it in the manuals we were provided on delivery day.


    To do this project, & in order to ensure I captured all components, I used the Oliver University [love the University info] list of equipment. Most maintenance information was found in the manuals provided on delivery day. For these, I used the University pdf to copy the needed info & pasted it into my maintenance notebook.


    Some equipment does not come with a manual, such as the Dexter Axle & the water pump. For these I copied the needed information from the University manual into my document.


    Then there was other equipment where the linked manual did not provide maintenance information. This was the case of the <span style="font-weight: 400;">13,500 BTU Penguin II A/C. To locate maintenance info I went to the Dometic site and did a search for my model/SKU [9105304190]. On this page were a couple of manuals. I used the Installation & Operating Manual [https://www.dometic.com/assets/59/01/3312500_55901.pdf?att=true]. </span>


    In this manual there is a section title Maintenance, page 14, which states that you should clean the air filters every two weeks. In our two years of use we had never changed the filters. So, I scurried outside to remove the filters. Well, I could not find them. I placed my hand in each open vent and felt what I thought was foam. I <span style="text-decoration: underline;">thought</span> I felt it at each opening. Getting ready to post a question of the Forum I saw CedarForks request for the same information. With ScubaRx's response I was able to locate & remove the filter.


    In responding to CedarForks & ScubaRx, I referenced the foam BEFORE I returned to the trailer to reinsert the filter. Had I done this, I would have seen that there was <span style="text-decoration: underline;">no foam</span> & this whole foam conversation would not have started.


    It was my misinterpretation of materials that got this incorrect conversation started.


    I have a tendency to provide toooo much info in an explanation & the above is probably a good example of that tendency. Hopefully, I have not muddied the waters any further. If I have please do not hesitate respond.


    Thank you.

  8. oppsss ~~~ my mistake re gray foam pad.


    I just went out and looked again. The foam I saw & felt was a strip of foam along the opening of the filter screen. I do not know how I interpreted this as a foam square. I did not look up into the air distribution box once I had removed the filter screen. See pic below of box without filter screen. [a bit blurry & I will clean before replacing the screen.]


    The filter screen is made up of 2 pieces; a screen & a white filter. I am guessing these are the 2 pieces referenced by ScubaRx. They come out as one piece. If I am wrong, please let me/us know.


    Also below are pics of the screen & filter. I have included these for future reference. Between ScubaRx's very helpful pic & these maybe we can help someone else. :)


    In the filter pic, note the sliding tabs around the edges. Gently using these the 2 pieces --- screen & filter --- come apart. Both pieces can then be easily cleaned.






  9. O my heavens, CedarForks --- honestly & truly I just about to submit the same question to the Forum!


    I am mildly embarrassed to say that I have never cleaned this filter in the 2 years & 10k mikes we have had this trailer!


    I just went out & retrieved the filter. I had to push down a little harder that I really wanted to but that could be due to non-use. :)) It is a wee bit dirty & will take some elbow grease to get it clean. It will be mentally added to my regular cleaning tasks.


    Thank you so much for asking this question.


    ps: does anyone know anything about the foam material above the filter? Seems like it would be a collector of junk. In looking at the air box, I really thought this foam was the filter.

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  10. Can/should we, as owners, change the fuses in the Blue Sea Systems Circuit Breaker Panel? If so, how? :)


    I have been to the Blue Sea web site & cannot locate; I have looked at equipment in trailer & cannot figure it out. And, I have looked in the Forum. All to no avail.


    Please know that I am not 'electrically' educated nor do I have an interest in the subject. I am the information gatherer in our duo. I collect the information, documentation & supplies, as needed, & provide to fairly well electrically educated other half.


    Thank you.

  11. I have never had a problem with the shoe bag flopping around or causing any type of problem hanging from the door. I have included a picture of the shoe bag & a bag in the bathroom. I have found that the suction hooks with the a 'suction latch' [my term] & a sticky backing work best.




  12. I did the same thing --- placed a shoe bag inside the closet door. In order to hold it in place I placed these hooks === https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07C788VNN/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 === on the front of the closet door. Then I used some twill tape I had to put through the holes of the shoe bag and looped the twill tape over the top of the door & hold the tape in place with the hooks. The hooks are then used to hold jackets & whatever else. Again, using suction hooks I placed the smaller shoe bag in the bathroom as we do not use the bathroom for showers.


    I have not tried Command products yet but need to. That will be another rabbit hole down into Amazon & its Command products. :)



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  13. Has anyone with the frosted glass cabinet doors had a problem with the hinges coming lose? We have a couple of times. Today as I lightly banged [lol] a  door shut, with one hand, the whole door flew off! The screws, clear plastic washers, and sliver outside bolt fell off onto my semi-unmade bed. :) Steve found everything except a clear washer. He used a small piece of paper instead.


    So, my question is --- has anyone else had this happen to them & if so, do you have a solution? As these doors come loose previously &/or a hinge has become dislodged I have gotten into the habit of tightening the bolts occasionally. 20190527_112233.thumb.jpg.6d60b855b00ab80a2ede59f79b8a8fc0.jpg


  14. We are on a long trip. A stop was at Worthington State Forest, Columbia, NJ. The campground is along the Delaware River & is dry. The bathhouse is semi-satisfactory.  The one near us had composting toilets; another one which served a lot more people was flush. Beautiful location. We were here on Memorial Day weekend & very few people.  We were in spot 38, on a grassy knoll, with a slight river view.


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  15. stlipa & rideandfly: Thank you very much for responding. I did not know if I would get a response due to the age of the thread.


    Steve re caulked around all the windows this am which we are assuming is where the water would come in??


    I will make sure we have a roll of white electrical tape with us; we leave Monday for 6 weeks.


    Again, thank you. I am going to maintain my subscription to this thread. :)





  16. 2 things:


    1)  Today, May 14, 2019, I sorta followed mossemi's instructions for cleaning out window weep holes & the tracks. I removed the white external seal without a problem. I then soaked it in a solution of a lot of water & a good slug of bleach. I let the seal sit for about 30 minutes. Then I sorta scrubbed the indentations. All results were quite satisfactory. While not 100% clean & white, it does look a whole heck of a lot better.


    While the seal was soaking, I washed exposed gap. Here is where I hesitated. I had already removed the shade & screen & removed the window stop rubber thingy - not easy to remove or return! I planned on removing the sliding window 'seal'; the black pieces. In looking at them, & following mossemi's directions, I decided to stop as I could not see how I can easily reinsert.


    However, I did note that the weep holes were clear.


    2)  Steve, husband, had blown out weep holes & I had inserted pipe cleaners in weep holes last week. We had water on the dinette floor prior to this. We had another big storm. Due to the blowing out & pipe cleaners I did not expect any leaking. Well --- on the driver's side bed, there was water this am. Fortunately I had all the cushions out as I have been cleaning. There was no water on the dinette floor.


    So, why did we get water? We have had water in the bed area once before. There has been a great deal of rain here in the last several months & this was the first time water in bed area. I did have water in dinette area several weeks ago.


    Any ideas on what we should/can do??


    Thank you.


    Steve & Gwenne



  17. Ah --- thanks. I will review.


    We are leaving in late May, from NC, for a 6 week, 14 stop trip to Nova Scotia. I am a big planner; I had all 14 reservations made by early March. I know many people prefer to be foot-loose & fancy-free but, I am too much of a planner & just plain cannot help it.


    Thank you very much for the link.

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