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  1. John, I echo all of the above comments. I too have contacted you via PM for assistance. I felt I could do that & get a reply that would answer my question. I am deeply sorry that you need to sell your travel trailer. Best wishes. 😢
  2. Fantastic --- re doing this class, videoing it. & posting it here on the Forum. We are unable to attend the Rally & this sounds like a topic we would appreciate knowing more about.
  3. We have a June 2017 [#224] Elite II. The blinds are in desperate need of a cleaning, especially the fabric. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this? Thank you.
  4. Hi --- like your shoe holder. Where did you get it & do you have the name of it. Thx
  5. Yes, we do the same using what we used to call a 'husband'; a bed rest which we place against the pantry wall & the stove wall. Very! comfortable.
  6. Anyone have a remedy for the rusty tips of my pantry shelf supports? Thank you.
  7. O MY Heavens!!! topgun2 --- how easy!! The funny thing is that in April my sisters & I went on a 2 week trip to the Utah National Parks. They are all Apple users; I document family activities. We could not easily get their pics into my Google Photos. I see that the Google entry is dated June 2022. I hope this means that this feature was not available earlier this year. 🙂 One sister & I are somewhat computer literate. Regardless --- thank you!!
  8. Do any of you have the secret on how to open an Apple created picture on a non-Apple device? I use a Chromebbook & Android. ty
  9. We have had our camper for 5 years [#224/2017). I do not know why but the pictured item has recently bothered me. I cannot find this item listed in my Owner's Manual nor the University manual. Would someone please let me know the name of the item. Also, what activity activates the individual lights? Thank you.
  10. FrankC started a topic in May 2021 re missing 'wheel center trim caps'. He had lost one & wanted to know how to replace it. The post did not provide a definitive answer as the one potential item from Amazon is now unavailable. The post segued into grease caps. So, we needed 2 caps for our camper. As the Forum did not provide an up to date answer [there may very well be an answer but I did not locate] I did various Google searches & finally called Dexter. She had no idea what I was talking about. 🙂 I then opened a Service Ticket. A couple of hours later, Rider from the service center called. Oliver refer to this cap as a 'center cap' & they place a sticker on it. I had no idea that black & silver swish-y looking thing was a sticker! I suggested to Rider that the design be changed. Rider & I agreed that no one would be asking him for his opinion. 🙂 The cylinder protruding from the axle & in which the cap will be placed is called a hub cap. Learn something new everyday. My purpose in creating this topic is to let people know what Oliver calls this thing & where & how to get. See below photos. Center Cap Contact Oliver & they will send you what you need/want. I ordered 4 & was charged $38.60, includes shipping.
  11. Seadawg: thank you for info re Oct. After making the original post, I talked with Steve & he too thought this would be a better time to go. Nancy K & Mattnan,I will definitely check these out! ty
  12. Our grandson attends Florida Gulf Coast University in Estero, Fl [the Naples/Fort Myers area] & we would like to visit him. Of course, we want to go in the Jan/Feb time frame because: 1) March is spring break at his school; 2) April - Sept, Oct? way too hot. I have done a quick search and nothing has come back. O, & again of course, we do not want to spend an arm & a leg. Maybe we should go in the Fall? I have not checked dates for this time period. Any thoughts, suggestions?? Thank you!! Florida sounds especially nice right now as we are currently at the Lewis and Clark State Park in Onawa, IA. It is overcast & 50ish & no sign of Spring. brrr~~~ Bonus fun fact from Wikipedia re Onawa: "The city is known for having the widest main street in the continental United States"
  13. John, 1st, it was not coir; it was peat moss. I spoke, or wrote, too quickly. Steve uses peat because he knows where it is in his shop & I use coir because I bought it especially for the camper & Steve has obviously forgotten. 🙂 I do not know if peat could be sucked thru the fan?? We'll see what happens within the next several weeks as we leave on Monday for an extended trip. 2nd: thank you for your response. I checked the fan; it is there & it works. I removed the tube & soaked it in warm soapy water. I used a dryer brush to get inside & scrub. It does not look like new but a heck of a lot better. Gwenne Causey NC
  14. Part of Annual Maintenance is to Check Tire PSI. We have TPMS on our tires. At last year's Maintenance service, per the invoice the PSI was not checked due to our TPMS. The TPMS keeps track of PSI. We can remove the TPMS upon arrival at the service center. If you remove your TPMS, how do you keep track of each sensor to its tire. What do people do? I know many have TPMS. I would like Oliver to be able to check the PSI as we believe one tire may be low. Maybe I am being overly concerned about something of little consequence. ty
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