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  1. @Routlaw Thanks!! I am guessing your the Bozeman owner we were planning on reaching out too. We are going to be near there part of next week and part of thew eek after and were hoping to to take a look!! Thanks again
  2. Great input and thanks so far! The twin is out we like to sleep together especially during the colder months. @karenlukens as I looked closer I did see we could come up with a storage option for under the bed in the walkway and make use of it. We largely ruled out the Bigfoot because the interior leaves much to be desired its becoming quite dated.
  3. We are considering getting our first TT and are largely down to AS ( 23CB or 25FB) Olli Elite II or a Travel Lite Falcon ( Hard to get real world info ). We are lucky enough we have an opportunity and flexibility to travel and explore for some extended periods of time upwards of 1-3 months at a time. We are still sorting out how often and for how long but expect it to be in waves of extended time. Beside the two of us we occasionally will have two early teens join us from time to time and a dog as long as he stays with us, he is getting older. We have been doing our research in the forums
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