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  1. Is it possible to do without the water storage tank-we don't primitive camp and if hook up water line to city connect anyway, and have a hot water tank, why do we need a water storage tank under seat? If we didn't need one we could have that space for storage. If we need to stop for "potty" usage other than at gas station we just carry a gallon of water to flush with without needing water tank for that either. What do you think about no water tank? Thanks,\ Charleen
  2. Thinking of putting litter box cover at bottom of closet with access through opening at bottom of closet-any other ideas where box could be put and not in way? Also would love to see ideas for kitchen cabinet shelves under sink, etc. What is the metal pole sticking up in trailer? Charleen
  3. Has anyone had experience with the Oliver and Bigfoot? Looking at both. Thanks, Charleen
  4. Hi-am thinking about an Oliver and would like to see one-especially one with closet shelves and single beds. We are two women who are looking for storage ideas under sink, closet shelves, and photo of bumper storage area. Also, would love to see design with outside means of carrying lounge chairs, etc. We have a 17 LD Casita and are tired of having to make things like shelves, storage,etc.Thanks, Charleen
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