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  1. Thank you Pete, Your informations are very useful, I have discovered a new product and your advices helped us very much. Now we have to see an Oliver near where we live to compare it to the Casita and the Scamp. I will get in touch with Oliver tomorrow and hope they have a referral program like them. We are retired and since now we have been tenting on several continents (even under minus 20 degree F ( weather), it is a big change over for us to move to a camper (more weight to pull, more space, more comfort.... more equipmemt to take care of). Thank you, Lou and JJ
  2. we live up north, in Quebec Canada. We are presently shopping for a fiberglass camper. We saw a casita near where we live, next week we will see a Scamp. We are most concerned about insulation the R factor because we will use it year round up here. Does anybody know the R factor for a Casita or an Oliver? The Scamp has an R=15 pretty good, but we do not like the sealed pressed wood floor nor the rivets. The Casita we visited looked very good but again we are worried about those rivets that pop-up. With the Oliver (more expensive) we are worried about the double fiberglass structure with insu
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