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  1. Honda generators in parallel is seen by oliver as “open ground”. When either used alone, the neutral ground plug in the other outlet takes care of it. I plugged a neutral ground plug in each generator one at a time and both at the same time with no help. Any ideas?
  2. January 5 2018 I bought my Oliver for work. I live and work from the Oliver 3 to 7 days a week. February 2018 a horrible smell develop, and I discovered a small leak from the joint at the connection next to the black tank; just a drip. Called Rich and Phil about my problem, and they said they would call me back. When they called back, Rich and Mr. Oliver where on speaker phone, and said "How can we make this right?". I said "I want this fixed with the least inconvenience for me as possible". Rich said "We can bring you an Oliver to live-in while we fix yours, or put you up in a local hotel until we can get yours back to you". I realized at that moment why I bought an Oliver. 1 year 5 months, 10 years to go. Dr. Donald C. Neal with no mechanical skills what so ever.
  3. Yes sir. I am on my tablet now, so I will try to download from this page ASAP. Don
  4. What do I need to do to download John's checklist. I see the attachment at the bottom of the page, but when I click on it nothing happens.
  5. Should I turn off the solar panel when I am on shore power. My Ollie is plugged up 90% of the time in the winter (I live in it all week for work). In the summer I may leave it on solar when I go home for the weekend to run the fan.
  6. Colorado specs, 3.6L v6 275lb torque @ 4k 308hp 7k lb Reese receiver max payload 1548lbs GCWR 12K axles 3200lb front /3500lbs rear. Will fine tongue max as you suggested. Don
  7. Thank you. I will look on door when I get home from my business trip. I have the automatic transmission with the manual shift buttons, that should work. Don
  8. Thank you for the information. Live in Santa Rosa beach Fl. From Anita's estimate, I am looking at less than 6k loaded. I would like to be able to go over any interstate pass. Hope to tour the West, Alaska, and far north East (Nova Scotia etc). Donk
  9. <p style="text-align: left;">Hi, I just put a deposit down for an elite II. My 2017 V6 Colorado has 7000lb towing capacity, and I was wondering if that would be OK.</p> Hope to meet you all at the next gathering. Don and Beverly
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