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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. Your responses confirmed what I thought. Thanks again!
  2. I watched a few videos of Airstream owners having lots of little things break and go wrong. I am definitely leaning toward an Ollie, but was wondering if this is typical on an Ollie. Thinking of paying a good price for a TT and then having rivets pop out sounds scary. I know there will always be issues, but have you Ollie owners found most things reliable? Thanks! Dwain
  3. Thank you everyone!!! Great advice!!!! Dwain
  4. I know these questions are very subjective, but I am torn between a class B and a small TT like the Oliver Elite. 1. I like the idea of a TT because it provides a vehicle to go places, visit sites, stores, etc... But some say unhooking with a class B is not that difficult, only takes a few minutes, and can use it to go most places. 2. When we purchase, we will be about 70, good health, but I don't know how difficult setting up and tearing down, hooking up TT, etc.... will be as we age. Perhaps its no big deal as I know many seniors travel with a TT. But it seems that maybe just drivi
  5. I am a few years away from purchasing, and though I know Oliver is a much better product than Airstream, I love the wrap around bay windows on the Airstream. Now, I am getting ready to have my first RV experience in a 20' Airstream, so I have no experience in staying in a TT. But, we think we want our bed in the rear, perhaps facing a stream/mountains etc.... I see that the Elite has a back window and side windows that would be in the bedroom, but they are not wrap around. Perhaps this is not something we will want, but it seems to me that it would be nice waking up and having a beautiful
  6. Thanks everyone for input! Dwain
  7. Yeah, I thought that may be the case. This is why I am reading forums now. Thank you for your advice. Dwain
  8. I don't have an Ollie yet, but like to dream a little. Just wondering, if I picked up Ollie in from factory, and wanted to go out west, look at Grand Canyon, etc..., it looks like I-40 would be the best route. I am from Sarasota FL, and my wife and I have never traveled out west. We don't even have a TT, so this would ALL be new, and maybe too adventurous for our first trip. Your thoughts? Also, I would not want to travel more than 8-10 hours a day. Where would good RV parks be located to stop on the way. I would want full-hookups on this first adventure. Thanks for any respo
  9. Some of the pics of Boondocking look awesome, BUT, it looks like your out in the boonies! Since I don't have an RV yet, will get an Oliver, I would be concerned of someone driving out to where my wife and I are and getting robbed etc.... I know that may sound hyper, but dangerous world today! Maybe I am thinking of Boondocking wrong. Are there other campers nearby for safety etc....? What if there is a medical emergency, then what? I know, life is full of risk. Looks exciting but scary. Dwain
  10. Thanks everyone for input! I don't think we will go to sites unless they have full hook-ups. It sounds like of you have full-hook-ups it's not that big of a deal. Dwain
  11. I am totally new to this, don't have an RV, but plan to get the Oliver Elite when I retire. I have never gone RVing, but my wife and I will be staying in our first RV in a few months. A few questions about sewage: 1. How messy (nasty) is it dealing with the black tank if you have a full hook up? 2 How messy (nasty) if you have to go to dump site? 3. If just me and my wife, if you have to use dump station, what is the normal time span before you you would have to dump with Oliver Elite? 4. Does the spay mechanism in the back tank help from not being so nasty? Thank
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