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  1. Rumline, $$$$$ indeed. It's only the bride and I who would be towing so it's a bummer to have to drive a monster but I guess that's the name of the game. Can't drive something too high since the joints on both of us would be in revolt. Thanks for your opinion.
  2. Hi John, Haven’t looked at the GMs, but I will. Thank you for including the link. Bruce
  3. Hi Stan. My wife feels the same way towards a pickup. I see the Citadel Durango can pull up to 7100 lbs. using the V-8. I’ll start researching. Thanks for the tip. Bruce
  4. John, thank you for your expertise and practical knowledge. All new to me and we totally appreciate your time. Bruce
  5. Canoe12 We love camping in the Adirondacks mostly. A 6 hour trip for us. After retirement this June, we plan to travel and see this wonderful country of ours. I see the Jeep’s max towing is 6200 lbs with a max payload of 1280. Not fully sure what this all means in regards to the Oliver, so we’ll keep investigating and following the forum. Bruce
  6. Hi Canoe12. Yes, agree about visiting a working model. When driving back from WDW, we were going to visit the “Mothership” (love that) but discovered that it’s closed Christmas week. We’ll figure something out. Thank you.
  7. Reed, your mobility is similar to ours. Your videos are an excellent intro to the Oliver. Very helpful. My main concern would be the winterizing procedure, specifically gaining access to all the valves and whatnot. What disconnects do you use for your intakes? Thank you.
  8. We have decided (so far) that our choice would be an Elite II. Climbing up into a pickup does not seem viable moving forward. We would rather continue in our Grand Cherokee, either Overland or Summit model (more choices????). Thank you for replying.
  9. Hi everyone. I discovered the Oliver a few months ago. I have been camping since the late 50's - back when canvas was CANVAS! Now considering moving from an 1984 Coleman Sequoia pop-up to a TT. Never camped in a TT. This Oliver is a thing of beauty! We are slightly limited in our mobility and wondering if camping in this magnificent trailer is do-able. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
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