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    I own a non-Oliver RV or Travel Trailer
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    2017 T@B Max S.....but I have put a deposit on an Oliver Elite!!!!

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  1. So it sounds like the recommendation here is to go with AGM batteries. I am finalizing my order on an Elite which will go into production in Feb. On the Elite, they are a 900.00 upgrade. Advice?
  2. Carole. Why did you get rid of your Anderson system? I am getting ready to finalize my order of an Oliver and was thinking about getting this. Thanks, Mary
  3. John How are you rigging your drawer straps?
  4. Thanks! Love the pic!
  5. OK, that scares me. 50k is ALOT of money. Please elaborate on your comments.
  6. OK. Reed I need a little more advice. I am going back mid January for my second factory tour and to finalize my options. You mentioned that so much had changed and they were having growing pains.....What questions should I ask? What should I be aware of and/or shy away from? I am not locked into this purchase decision until mid Feb as that is production start. Any suggestions or advice? And like you, this is not my first travel trailer rodeo. I have owned many over the years. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Reed. So knowing what you know now, would you have still gone with Oliver?
  8. I wonder if there are any alternative placement options on the Elite as opposed to what seems to be the current standard placement.
  9. Thanks for making that call and sharing that information! Makes me feel better!
  10. Thanks. That makes me feel better. I am having a little difficulty committing that much money (more than my first house)! Just don't want to make any mistakes...Or at least minimal mistakes!
  11. I have paid my initial deposit and have a production date of Feb 14 but no hull #. Makes me a little nervous when you say they have had some growing pains this year.....Should I be worried?
  12. Anita told me that the upholsterer was not doing any custom work. So doesn't sound like anything has changed since you ordered yours.
  13. Reed. So it looks like one of the systems to mentioned mounts to the roof and the one you have is portable and you place it where the sun is. For someone like me who is somewhat mechanical but knows nothing about solar, what if anything special to do you to make this work? Just clip it to the battery or do you somehow have it hardwired? Also i typically sightsee a fair amount when camping.... National Parks, etc....do you worry about theft?
  14. Bill. Thank you. That all makes sense.
  15. From the pic, it looks as if you still have the solar on top of your unit....Or am I looking at that wrong? So for someone like myself that knows NOTHING about the whole notion of solar, are you saying to leave the $2300.00 Oliver solar option off, get the solar suitcase (that I can clip directly onto the battery) and I will be just as well or better off? I do like shady sites if I can get them, just to keep my trailer cooler...(I travel with my sheltie, and like to keep things cooler for him...And me)
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