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  1. Hi CarolAnn, I have the L L Bean Outback with the H6 engine, so I too was aware of the 3,000 pound limit. I know that is a safe figure, but if I blow a transmission, the warantee may not cover the loss. I would like to see an Oliver, but I don't want to travel to Tennessee just to take a look. I am in Washington, and I don't think there are any out this way. Jerry
  2. CarolAnn: I too found this confusing. I talked to Denice at the factory yesterday, and she told me between $25,750 and $29,759. WOW! That is a lot of money for a 17 foot trailer. They are quite nice, and much less than a Bambi. I may have to keep my Rialta. With a VW engine and frame, and 20 mpg, I could be better off. I am still concerned that the 3,000+ pounds could damage my Outback. Jerry
  3. Thanks CarolAnn! I had a VW Toureg three years ago, and pulled an 5000 pound Aerolite trailer. It had the same horsepower as my Subaru, but was a SUV. I had no problems with towing it. I had a heavy-duty hitch installed om the Subaru because I was planning on selling my Rialta. The dealer thought it would handle a 3000 pound trailer. Jerry
  4. I really don't expect anyone here to be interested in the coolest of all small motor homes, but since I want to sell it so that I can get an Oliver, I thought that I would post it. The motor home is in excellent condition with many extra such as backing camera, CalMark Sunbrella storage cover, and extra 12 volt lighting. Fully equipped with everything you will need including an Oman generator. It now has 28,000 miles on it, and it gets 20 mpg average. It is great to drive and very quiet. $47,000. Call: Jerry at 360-730-1925 Langley, WA
  5. I just found the Oliver this weekend. I am selling my 2004 Winnebago Rialta, and when it is sold, I plan to get a small trailer. I looked at what was available on the internet and found the Oliver. I have a Subaru Outback with the 225 hp boxer six cylinder engine that is rated for a maximum tow of 3000 pounds. So I would also like to know if any owners have a car that is pulling theirs. Anyone know how long the Oliver brothers has been making these? Thanks, Jerry
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