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  1. I have a few questions about OTT's: Rock Damage: I saw John Davies' rock guards from Australia, but they are probably overkill for what we do. What have others done about this problem, or is it minimal when mostly driving on paved roads? BTT Mattress Upgrade: Has anyone purchased this upgrade and, if yes, do you think it with the extra $'s? Contoure Microwave: Does anyone know the model number? I have seen Contoure convection/microwave models on-line which look exactly the same as the model used by Oliver. Is there a reason a convection/microwave can't be used in an Oliver: Composting Toilet: If one opts for the composting toilet, what happens to the black water tank and its corresponding space? Batteries: Are the standard 2 batteries adequate if not boon docking? Repairs: Have any of you who own a 2014 or 2015 Legacy II experienced what might be considered an excessive amount of repairs? 2nd Awning: Have ay of you purchased one and how often do you use it? That's it for now. Looking forward to seeing any replies. George
  2. My name is George Adam.My wife Joanie and I are considering the purchase of a Legacy II to replace our Airstream. Earlier this week we visited with John Davies to view his 'Mouse'. We were very impressed with both it and John's tour. Thanks again, John. I will likely post some questions shortly to get all of your views based on your experiences with your Ollies. Thanks in advance. George
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