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  1. Any one going ? hope to see you there.
  2. Ok its time to think about RVER III , we would like to make RVER III better than ever , 1st go for the most Olivers at a rally, would love to have Mr Oliver him self , we need new ldeas from you, classes if you like, events, game , also as Darlene did last she needs lce cream eaters at her ice cream social . Its not to late to check out this years RVER III 2009 web page just click o the link http://www.rivervalleyeggrally.webs.com/
  3. mountainborn Do you think you could do a posting on the other web sights Like you did here it was very good & flattering Fib rv, casita , casita forum, HU can you can you please hu? We will let you cluster next year , you can sighn up monday or tuesday . Can you hu ?
  4. What is seadogs last name For name tags ?
  5. Geri & Chuck you are now. thanks Herschel
  6. Is every one reg for the Dinner thursday night What is Mr Oliver`s first name ?
  7. Doez ? any one Know if a Factory rep Is going to be there ? I know at least 1 Was bought after viewing an Oliver last year . Also there should be a few peopel we have ask to join us at the rally that are thinking about purching an egg of there own > thanks Herschel PS Maby someone could forward this to Oliver himself
  8. DATE TO RVER II THESE ARE THE GOOD FRIENDS CUMMING SO FAR , *Herschel and Darlene D2 Van Buren, AR 16' SD Casita *Michael and Pat D2 Fort Smith, AR 13' Casita *Thomas and Katy D2 Alma, AR 17' SD Casita *Tom and Joyce Milford, KS 17' SD Casita Lane and the Poodle Girls Warrenton, VA 17' SD Casita *Geary and Mary Haltom City, TX 13' U-Haul *Jim and Ruth D2 Hot Springs, AR 13' Scamp *Marlene D1 Roanoke, TX 17' Casita *Rod and Cheryl Prairie Grove, AR 16' Casita Lonnie and Tonya Hitchita,OK 17' Casita *Ron and Sandy D2 Eldridge, MO 17' Castia *Chuck and Jeri East Point, Fl '08 Oliver Elite Charlie and Joyce D2 Grand Prairie, TX 17' Casita Larry and Betty D2 Vandervoort, AR '08 Oliver Legacy Elite Steve and Tali Tupelo, MS '08 Oliver Legacy Elite we would love for you to join us IF you would like to RVER II web page http://www.freewebs.com/rivervalleyeggrally/index.htm thanks Herschel look at the Registration page for map
  9. Are the critters coming ? Tinkerbell hope so ! Icant wait to meet new fellow eggers .
  10. Hay time is getting close ck out RVER II web to see what is new http://www.freewebs.com/rivervalleyeggrally/index.htm hope to see you there .
  11. Once again we are organizing The River Valley Egg Rally. For those of you who didn't make it last year, it was a blast. This year's agenda is very similar to last year’s, with the addition of security class being taught by lane and poodle girls. It is going to be a great time spent with great people. The venue this year, while not on the river like last year (the old site was flooded this year), is a larger park with many more conveniences close at hand. The club house is brand new, constructed September of 2007. The club house itself is almost twice the size of last year’s facility and has 3 large unisex restrooms, each with its own shower. Plus a restroom inside the club house itself. Sure does beat last year’s site with all the restroom troubles. The rally starts like last year with a catered dinner on Thursday for your convenience after your long drive, and ends with fantastic entertainment on Saturday night and a pancake breakfast on Sunday And all the stuff you could possibly imagine packed in the middle. Hosting this year again are Herschel and Darlene Bowers Thomas Martin and Katy Price and Michael Townsend and Patricia Temple If any one attending has a special area of interest and would like to have a class or lesson let us know. Any one who wants to help with anything, let us know - we aren't shy and would love the help. Hope you look at the site and head our way. Thanks Michael, Pat, Herschel, Darlene, Thomas and Katy The rally is Sept. 11-14, in Van Buren Arkansas.
  12. Dont Forget us we are counting on haveing at least one Oliver there.
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