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  1. Thanks for the responses. Our lien holder is out of state, so physically going there is out of the running. I'll be giving them a call tomorrow.
  2. Hello, We've come to the difficult decision of selling our Oliver. We love it, but it's just not getting the use we had hoped. I've never sold a vehicle with a lien on it, so I am looking for specific advice on how to go about that process that will protect both the buyer and seller. For example, should I set up an escrow account and have the title and payment held there until everything is released, etc., or are there other options? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So these were the two brass connectors, and you can see the full split down the length of them. Oliver was very responsive and got me the parts quickly. I finally got around to changing them out yesterday. It was a tight spot to work in, but honestly the most frustrating part was trying to wrap the plumbers tape around the threading of the intake in such a tight space - that stuff twisted and stuck to everything but the threading. Took about 2 hours total, but we are back in business. Thanks everyone for your input.
  4. This is all new to me, but certainly willing and need to learn how to do more on my own. I assume to move them further inside will require running more Pex line and be a little more involved. In lieu of that, I was thinking that maybe wrapping the valves in some pipe insulation foam might provide some protection. Considering that I pumped anti-freeze (but did not blow out the lines) through those lines and they still cracked would suggest like mentioned earlier that it could have been a bad batch of fittings. All speculation though. I'll probably start with a replacement and if it happens again then move them further inside.
  5. It's the brass valve. The video is only the city intake. My fresh intake is also doing the same thing, but I don't have a video of that. I suspect its the same issue with the cracked valve.
  6. Did they replace the value or was it something easy enough to do yourself if they just sent the parts?
  7. It was in the City and Fresh intake at the rear. The leak was under the storage floor.
  8. So I got under the floor and was at least able to take a look at the city intake. Yep. Quite the leak. I imagine the fresh intake is the same. IMG_0518.MOV
  9. Yes. I followed the YouTube Video Oliver put out and pumped antifreeze through both. Even when I unscrewed the caps antifreeze dripped out. So I am at a loss as to what I overlooked or why this happened.
  10. I checked in the cargo area under the mat and it doesn’t look like I can open up the floor easily to look under there. Not seeing enough visible screws to lift a panel and I didn’t see any obvious water when I lifted the curb side bed. So the hunt continues. The water starts coming out of the holes fairly immediately, so I suspect it is close to the inlet. But no proof yet. What a wonderful way to start the season.
  11. Thanks for the direction everyone. I did follow the Oliver YouTube on winterizing but oh well. It is what it is. I was hoping a leak wasn’t the case, but was resigned to the likelihood that it was. Thankfully I can fill the fresh tank and at least have water for the weekend. I’ll take a closer look once I’m home and see what is going on. Thanks again.
  12. Hello. I am hoping this is something I am overlooking but when I connect my hose to the fresh water or city water the water starts to come out of the overflow holes on either side. I don’t think there is a valve near those intakes that I am missing. I have the valves set to normal operation. Any help would be appreciated greatly. IMG_0300.MOV
  13. My wife and I just recently got back from a trip to Newfoundland (where I am from). We spent a day driving up to Bonavista and saw several campers docked cliff-side in fields just off the road overlooking the ocean and watching the whales swim past. There is no doubt that our Oliver will make an appearance up there in the near future.
  14. Welcome! My wife and I picked our Ollie up in October. Aside from the complimentary night in Hohenwald, we’ve only been out one weekend so far and really enjoyed it. And we got a passing compliment from an Airstream owner walking by who pointed out the hull construction. Interesting that you bought a trailer because of hotel issues. Ours wasn’t so much about allergies as it was cleanliness. We got tired of finding hair and stains in our supposedly clean sheets (and these were not cheap, fleabag motels either). We’re not germaphobes, but is a clean set of sheets too much to ask for? Plus it’s a lot more convenient to take our dogs with us. We really looking forward to dewinterizing and hitting the road in the Spring. Enjoy!
  15. Yes, my 600-plus page owners manual/technical manual is a little intimidating, but I am learning the important stuff first...like how the WiFiRanger works. Got to have internet so I can google a layman's explanation of the other 550 pages. :)
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