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  1. We think the hinges are damaged also. So, it seems best to have everything inspected and repaired by the people that put it all together originally. On the inside latch plate there are two holes that have no apparent purpose. We may try putting a strong cord or rope thru the holes and creating a loop large enough to put your hand through and hang onto.
  2. Ouch! Here is a pic of the damage that was caused when a BIG gust of wind whipped the door out of my hand. The tail end of our trailer was pointed right into the wind. I knew it was windy and should have opened the door with my right hand and held the handle with my left. Lesson learned. However, is there some kind of modification that can be installed to keep the wind from slamming the door into the side of the trailer?? Luckily, the fiberglass hull was not damaged, just the door. Progressive Insurance will cover this, less our deductible. It was an expensive lesson. We have an appointment with Oliver to have a new door installed.
  3. I like it. I will show to Jeff when he gets back from golfing.
  4. Yep, we have a small Stanley. Maybe the longer yardstick style is more accurate, but it seems to work well enough. The fridge is running since we moved to a new site the next morning.
  5. I will take a level, a chunk of wood to set on the pavement and my phone. Hopefully that will give you an idea of what we were failing to accomplish. Remember, we are amateurs and are making mistakes daily. But, we are learning every day also.
  6. Yes, my husband Jeff, took it completely off and wiggled it around. We think all of the fluid drained out. I saw a replacement (wrong size) in the grocery store here at the campground. They are dirt cheap. We will replace with the correct size once we get to a town. In the meantime we have a Stanley level.
  7. Thank you. I will look into it. We actually have the Level Mate Pro installed in the closet, but haven't installed the ap that goes with it. As soon as I have WiFi, I will give that a try and let everyone know how it works.
  8. We pulled into our campsite this evening and discovered that it is a fairly steep paved site. To make it even more interesting, there is a 10 foot drop off into the beautiful forest at the end of it. We tried our best to use the set of Camco Lego style levelers. It was a total fail. If we used them on both sides we couldn't use the chocks to chock the tires. Since we didn't want to take a chance on having our brand new trailer roll off the end of the campsite and bust into pieces, we left it hooked to the truck. What leveling equipment should we use in this situation? Side to side is level, front to back is the problem. This is the campsite from hell. I need pictures or a video.
  9. <p style="text-align: left;">We spent a hot, humid day with Hunter at Oliver reviewing everything. We then spent five nights at Davey Crockett State Park testing everything that we could think of. Everything worked perfectly. Every time we thought there was a problem, it turned out to be something we were doing wrong. Except, our bubble has disappeared on the level. I will call tomorrow to see what if Service has any ideas.</p>
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