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  1. Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful, detailed responses to my question regarding the squeaking and flexing bathroom floor in my Oliver. The pictures were great and your ideas are certainly worth considering - things I hadn't thought of before. I will definitely give your suggestions a try. This forum provides a great service to all of us who are perplexed by certain problems and challenges owning a travel trailer can sometimes present. Kathy
  2. The bathroom floor in my Oliver Elite squeaks and flexes, especially in the corners. I have been told by Cindy that the pan needs to be removed and reinstalled properly to rectify the problem. I can't get anyone to do this for me locally and since I live in Washington State it would be quite a trip back to Tennessee to have Jason take care of it as he has on three or four other trailers. Has anyone else been able to solve the problem working from the top of the pan? I am a little nervous about injecting foam for fear that it might make the problem worse. Putting weight on the squeaks seems to help quite a bit. The only way to do this that I can come up with would be to use toggle clamps to pull things together but they might not be too visually attractive.
  3. When I set thermostat to furnace, the furnace come on, but the heat strip comes on with it. What should I do? Thanks. Sharon
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