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  1. I changed my thinking and instead took my Aero rack to a welder who made a taller center post. Now, even when covered, the bikes are above the tail lights. Doug Bright Star 451
  2. That seems to be the best location, thank you.
  3. This is now a concern for me also. I have the recommended Let'sGoAero bike rack, which is fine, but after adding a cover for the bikes (made by Swagman), it partially obscures the tail lights of my Ollie. Not too badly if someone is following me in an automobile, but sitting higher in a pickup or big rig would probably block my tail lights from their view. Of course eliminating the cover solves that problem, but it doesn't keep the bikes protected. A rack at the front of the Ollie seems to be the best solution. Doug
  4. I'm new to this, and at my recent orientation, I was told that once you add air to the nitrogen filled tires, they have now been compromised and would have to be re-done with nitrogen. Yet I see many discussions here about air pressure "adjustments", with many different opinions. Do most abandon the nitrogen concept in favor of air, or am I misunderstanding? (Which wouldn't surprise me) Doug
  5. In conclusion, high praise for the factory. After the rubber strip came loose on my Ollie, I asked them "why they don't simply screw down both ends instead of just one?" Well, I went to the factory today to have them replace the missing strip, and Jason took me to the location in the factory where the strips are installed, to show me that they had already implemented my advice and are now screwing down both ends. I'm really impressed with them for the speed of changing a production issue because of a customers problem. Bravo. Doug
  6. Thanks Bill, those are good tips, and it definitely sounds like at least a 2 man job. If they screwed in both ends this would never happen. Doug
  7. My trailer is 1 week old, and one of the strips of rubber cushioning between the shell and the frame has come loose and is dragging. Has this happened to anyone, and how did you deal with it? It's screwed in only at one end, and it will not squeeze back into place. Doug H
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