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  1. I would like to know how other owners of the Oliver with 2019 Norcold N41X refrigerators are using their units when the outside temperatures are 32 or below. In the Norcold N41X manual from Oliver University, page 9, there is a paragraph with the heading "Effects of freezing temperatures on operation". The information states that there is a potential for malfunction at 32 or below. We are planning on using our Oliver in below freezing temperatures and we would like to hear from other 2019 owners on how the unit performs under these conditions. I am not sure on the cold weather performance of the previous Dometic model. I do know Norcold markets a cold weather kit (thermostat controlled heat tape) but the kit is not available for the N41X. Thanks for any replies and information.
  2. I am from Southwest Missouri and have been following the Oliver trailer story for a few years now. After looking at Bigfoot's, Airstreams, and Foretravel class A's I always come back to the Oliver travel trailer. Like many of you, I have been taken by the quality and design of the Oliver. Although Airstreams are nice, I live in hail/tornado/severe storm country and travel the south, so the weather around me is likely to be a stress on any RV. So I'm thinking the fiberglass Oliver would withstand hail much better than the aluminum Airstream. My tow rig is a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country 6.2 We also have a 2013 Chevy Volt, so I'm interested in placing LiFePO4 batteries in the Oliver, if we place an order or purchase used. Other than Lithium over AGM, there isn't much that I would say needs to be changed/upgraded in this small but efficient and gorgeous rig. I've read many post's as a guest, so it is time for me to become a user/prospective owner. I'm near retirement and would like to take extended boondocking trips, so the composting toilet and solar package are top selling points for me.
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