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  1. Thanks for the tip. We just returned from Tennessee, so it will be a long while until we return. As do it ourself kind of folks we are hoping to change the TV out ourselves.
  2. We just purchased a new to us oliver II, 2016. The television is in the corner and we would like to move it ot get a new mount that allows us to move the television away from the corner while watching. Has anyone made this modification and if so, what did you use?
  3. jhow

    New To Us

    Wish we could attend and pick the brains of others there, but as teachers we can't take time off with only a few weeks until summer break. Most likely we will just give it time and make changes at a future date. Thanks for the advice!
  4. We will be picking up our Ollie in the next few weeks. It will be new to us, an Ollie Elite II 2016. This is very exciting to us, yet we have never camped in our lives together. My husband is a former Army Ranger so his form of camping will be nothing similar to our new adventure. Prior to picking up our new to us trailer we are trying to decide what to have added. Any thoughts would be great. Currently we are thinking about upgraded suspension, tankless water heater and micro air easy start. Are these worth the money? Should we just live with it for a while and see what we need?
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