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  1. Two days ago while towing my 2015 Legacy Elite II the electrical connector cable and plug that attaches the trailer to the car came loose. It was destroyed after being dragged on the ground for about 75 miles. I had the cable repaired but the electrical system in the trailer doesn't work whether or not the trailer is connected to the car. When I entered the trailer after discovering the problem there was an electrical burning smell. I spent the night in a campground with an electrical hookup but when I plugged the trailer in to the outlet at the campground the electrical system in the tra
  2. I’m hooked up to city water and when I open my faucets nothing comes out of the kitchen faucet and almost nothing comes out of the bathroom faucet. Any ideas on what might be wrong? I had the trailer in for some work on backflow from the toilet, perhaps the repair person did something.
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