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  1. Thanks Jim and Overland! Good thoughts and helpful to me.
  2. Hello Oliver Community, I am curious how many of you take your Olie off road, remote locations, rougher terrain? I am assuming I would have a strong tow vehicle like a F250 4x4. So I am wondering two things? 1. Should you modify with a lift, better suspension and some all terrain tires? Any or all of these mods? 2. Any experience or feedback taking the Olie remote. Thank you, eager to see some thoughts and get some sage advice. BTW, looking to purchase an Oliver vs a 4x4 camper van. Thoughts on this topic are also appreciated!
  3. I am looking at purchasing a used Oli. It does not have a solar option. I am wondering if anyone has added solar after their purchase. What is the cost to do so? Any advice such as what to purchase, things to look out for, etc. Also, is solar even really needed. I am newbie. Thank you. I look forward to learning.
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