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  1. Hi all.  The gaming  caught our eye Nancy.  Might like to learn a new game.  We usually play Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Slendor. We'll ( Katie and Jeff) be at site G25.

     See you all at the Rally.

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  2. Wasn't sure where to place this post, but here it is. Just something for newbie (myself included) to look for.

    I didn't notice these metal shavings before returning from last weeks camping trip.  Didn't see them when we took delivery in May. I imagine they made their way to the end of the channels after a few recent miles on a very bumpy road.  Yesterday I dropped the  rear compartment door to add an additional hose and I noticed metal shavings on both sides. I don't know if this is normal or an oversight in quality control, but it would of been nice if Oliver had ran a vacuum in there before delivery.




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  3. We also opted for the KTT mattresses. They are heavy, but as we don't often need to go into the storage area, it's not a big deal. They are very comfortable, and we think a good nights sleep is worth it. Not to sat they are better than others, like Southern Comfort, but it was nice to have them ready to go at delivery time. 

  4. For me, it's not so much that the thermostat is not Bluetooth enabled, it's the fact that the Standard features Owners Manual for the 2021 Elite II shows the Bluetooth enabled thermostat as standard, which leads me to believe it must have been at one time. This could have been mentioned, along with an explanation. Was this mentioned to anyone who picked up a new Elite II this year?  

  5. Congrats from Hull 802.  We launched on 5/14, also overnighted at David Crockett and camped our way back to CT. We had no major issues, but came up with lots of questions.  You can expect a call from Oliver in 2-3 weeks to check on your delivery, but don't wait to post questions on the forum. Lots of good knowledge available from the fine folks here. I learned a lot just by reading posts. Enjoy.

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  6. Less than 2 weeks since we took delivery of our 2021 Elite II Hull # 802, and I 've got a lot to learn. Today I wanted to Bluetooth pair the thermostat with the Dometic Climate control app, as shown in the Oliver Standard Features manual but the Bluetooth icon is not showing on the thermostat. The thermostat is otherwise functioning properly. Any ideas on this?


  7. Congrats on your Ollie. We took delivery of Hull 802 on May 14.  They do pull great. We also had a great orientation by Hannah, who took the time to answer all our questions. Just wondering if you had any contact from Oliver after delivery? I am disappointed that we have not heard from anyone at Oliver just to check in.

     Enjoy the Oliver. We are enjoying ours!


      Jeff Simone

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  8. Left CT Tuesday heading south to take Delivery of our Elite II Friday. Made a few stops along the way. So far heading down Rt. 81, gassed three times, had to hunt only once in northern VA, but able to keep the tank full. Thursday evening. Just gassed up in Hohenwald. Picking up our Ollie Friday morning. Hope the trip back north finds enough gas to keep going as scheduled.

  9. Hello from CT.

    We are Jeff and Katie. Just a few weeks away from our delivery date in mid May of an Oliver Elite II.

    First time owning a travel trailer so we've been doing a lot of reading on the forum. We took a couple of years researching other brands and made our final decision after taking the Oliver factory tour. Cant wait to join this group and get out on the road this year.


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