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  1. I have been noticing rain water on the dining room table and down the rear end wall to the floor or our Legacy. When I open this window I see it in the channel. I am wondering how it is getting in the channel and how to get it to flow to the outside not the inside of my unit. There are not weep slots at the bottom on the outside of the trim as with our other side windows. Not sure why this one doesn't have them and the other windows do but that is the case nevertheless. I drilled some small ones in hopes of providing a path to the outside which works to an extent but still have water getting in to the inside. I have noticed a gap at the top of my window that seems to be unusually wide and am wondering it that provides an entry point for water to get behind the window. Any thoughts on what I can do to solve the problem? Do I simply need to replace the window unit? If so, where can I get a replacement? A picture of the unusual gap top center that may be allowing rain water in.
  2. Thanks for your response bugeyedrive. I have since drilled out the rivets and removed the screen. I tested the switch and it was inoperable. I drove to RV Surplus in Elkhart and got a replacement $11.00. I installed the new one and all is well once again.
  3. I noticed that our bathroom vent fan is not working. Has anyone had this issue? If so, what was the culprit? I have not begun to trouble shoot it but see I can replace it for $84 or the motor for $35 or the switch for $14. Just wondering if anyone has had one of these stop working.
  4. Thanks ScubaRx but I have not yet changed from 3.5k to 5k. I am talking to Dustin about that very change but if I do it the new axle will already have the bearings in it. In the meanime I removed the other wheel and got numbers off the bearings. The inner bearing is a L68149 and the outer is a L44649. I think I am ok for now but may change the entire axle to a 5k later.
  5. Does anyone have the part number for the early model Legacy bearing kit? My Legacy has hull number 006.
  6. Extremely Important to follow the recommendations by manufacturer. I used to pop the wheels off and use the "bearing buddy" grease zirk to add grease several times each summer. We have had our Oliver Legacy since 2009, I believe. Last fall we were driving it home and stopped for a bite to eat. I walked around the unit and notice a hot metal smell and that the right wheel was leaning in. I jacked it up and found the wheel bearing destroyed. I was less than a mile from an RV dealer/repair shop so we let the axle and bearings cool down the drove slowly and dropped it at their lot. It was a Sunday so no one was there. I called the local police and alerted them about what I was doing and why. I then called the dealer the next morning and told them what had happened. They went ahead and repacked the bearings. Apparenetly, you should not use bearing buddies to add grease on a wheel with electric breaks. Instead, you should remove the wheel and hand pack them. To not follow manufacturer recommendations could have been disasterous. We took her down to Indy yesterday and the connection to the brakes is not working. It could be somethng they did when they repacked the bearings or it could be an electrical connection. I am going to get that checked. Good luck and be safe!
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