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  1. Need help, started to winterize trailer, went to bypass water heater, lever is missing, look to see if it pop off due to vibration but it is no where to be found, Oliver might have remove it for some reason when doing yearly maintenance a few months ago, cannot find that type of fitting with that lever anywhere, any suggestions where to find one

  2. This morning while winterizing, I hook up my first jug of antifreeze to the rear inlet ,went Inside and turn on the water pump.  Not a sound from the water pump, dead as a door knob,  Light on water pump switch was lit, check under the side table at the water pump fuse and it look fined.  I put in a new one to be sure, turn on water pump switch, pump switch lite came on but still not a peep from the water pump.  Any suggestions, I look at the pump and didn't see anything loose.  I have a 2019 Legacy II  

  3. Andersen says disconnect,  which you can manually each time you restart your engine, f-150 forums some do and some don't. It seems like there is no clear answer, Andersen says the anti-sway on f 150 interferes with Andersen anti- sway, I'm just concerned turning off anti-sway on f-150 could compromise safety, maybe somebody with a ford truck pulling a elite II can chime in with their experience

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