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  1. I have a 2019 Elite II, my 2020 ad val. for coweta county in Georgia was $723.00, where they get you is when you initially register your Oliver to get your tag, you have to pay Georgia sales tax. My came to the tune of $4200.00 to get my tag.
  2. I was on the roof today and notice these 2 cracks, is this normal
  3. Anybody who has check the torque themselves, how are you able to get a torque wrench on the bottom nuts. Top nuts I can do, bottom nuts I cant figure out to get a torque wrench to fit
  4. Question on mine 2019 legacy2 frig, the inside is 2 shades of white, is that the way it should be, its looks like bright white and dull white with yellow tint
  5. Thanks, it look like somebody stuck their gum on the window
  6. Pick up new legacy 2 at the end of Aug, first night I was looking it over and notice 2 globs of something on the back window. 1 on the left and 1 on the right, what is it and is it normal
  7. Andersen says disconnect, which you can manually each time you restart your engine, f-150 forums some do and some don't. It seems like there is no clear answer, Andersen says the anti-sway on f 150 interferes with Andersen anti- sway, I'm just concerned turning off anti-sway on f-150 could compromise safety, maybe somebody with a ford truck pulling a elite II can chime in with their experience
  8. <p style="text-align: left;">Will be picking up Elite II at the end of Aug, should I disconnect my anti-sway on 2019 F-150 while towing using andersen wdh</p>
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