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  1. - one is 9 lbs the other is 20, so sounds like Elite I is still an option - wonderful. - was hoping for Elite I bc I have NO experience towing vehicles, I’m small as are my puppers and i’ll have storage in my tow vehicle to help maximize my boondocking time. I’ll have to keep a suitcase filled with travel stuff/business attire for the times I have to meet clients or attend but otherwise wardrobe will be easy. The supersizelife blog has me thinking about a van. Either a van or a truck with a cap, i am considering mounting solar on the roof and running the wire through a window or dr
  2. Her site is a gold mine, thank you!!!! I hadn’t considered a van for a tow vehicle and I like the idea, better to secure storage than a truck cap. Im going to reach out to her with my pet questions. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi! This is my very first forum post after much lurking. I’m planning to dramatically downsize and move into an Oliver full time and work remotely. For those here in the forum who’re living in an Ollie full time, can you please share your lessons learned/things you wish you’d known before making the transition? (Also, I have two small dogs 🐶🐶) Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge! RDM
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