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  1. Thank you AndrewK and ctshort09. Yes, my brain was clearly fogged. HA! Then I had an epiphany and thought - "Wait! this is simple geometry. As I write this, both corners are already cut to radius. BTW, as a new owner who isn't even going to take possession until May 14, I must admit to being bummed at the rally cancellation. We have been organizing supplies and outfitting and are 95% ready to go. Not certain if we will go on to Guntersville anyway or some other direction. Anyway, thanks for the advice. By the time I got back to my computer it was done . . . but the fast response was appr
  2. Oliver Univ notes that the corner radius for the twin beds is 16.25". On the diagram, it even has a dot for the intersection with which to do the radial curve. However, it does not note the measurements down and over for the intersection. I may not have stated this clearly, but I'll bet someone out there understands my challenge and has the information. We are in the process of preparing ahead for the delivery of our Ollie and have cut the length and width of our topper. Only have radius left. Anyone know the intersection point measurements for the radius starting point? See file attached
  3. Thanks, everyone, for the hellos and well wishes. We leave the factory on the 14th for the rally. See you there! Scott
  4. Thank you. We look forward to meeting you, especially as we are also Texans.
  5. We officially closed the deal on a new Elite II Monday. Our production start date is scheduled for March 20 and we are told it will be ready for the rally. We are signed up, have a site at the park and are looking forward to meeting other owners. See you there! Scott and Veronica Dyer
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