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  1. Hey Minnesota Oli, thanks for this! You mean to say I don't NEED to change my inverter? Somehow I presumed i had to go w/ pure sine wave when converting.... can't explain the rationale that made me arrive at this conclusion, but this is, indeed, great news for my dusty wallet:) @SeaDawg, these poor AGMs are badly swolen, and no longer keep a charge for >15 minutes or so. Yikes!
  2. @ScubaRx, yes you're right... I looked at the Zamp units, and see they include a setting for Lithium, but are in fact PWM units. My mistake. Am I then best served to remove the Zamp display from 215? A pretty big hole to fill if I do. Hopefully not a necessary step to take. Thoughts/comments welcomed here. I appreciate the feedback on your BlueSea unit. I'll also check them out!
  3. Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Brian McCord. My wife and I just purchased #215. Super excited to be officially in the mix! One of our first agenda points is to remove the mostly non-functional AGMs, and to get a basic LiFePo equivalent system underway. I've read through the other threads, and feel like I'm ready to take this on... Thinking to outfit as follows: Batteries: 2) 100AH Battleborn, with the likelihood of a third in the next year or so. Solar: MPPT Zamp upgrade from original 2017 unit Charger (DC): Remove/bypass existing charger, use Xantrex 2000 watt inverter/charger (to replace original inverter already installed) Monitor: Victron Smart shunt, possible expansion in future Am I missing anything? Guidance and wisdom most greatly appreciated! Kind Regards from Southeast Tennessee!
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