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  1. Thanks for the replies! @SeaDawg I have several small screw holes around all of the upper cabinet doors and 1or 2 chips in the fiberglass on the exterior (front). I am up in MT, a little further than I am willing to go to have the factory make the repairs...
  2. I have a couple chips/nicks and screw holes that I'd like to repair (interior/exterior). In addition I am needing to change the size of the upper cabinet door openings to accommodate different doors. Any suggestions/recommendations. Also wondering about color matching the gelcoat. I have done a very small amount of fiberglass work but it has been many years ago. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply everyone! @Overland Thanks for the pictures, I hadn't realized that some came with sliders, that would make for an easy install. I'd like to figure out a way to get some trim back on it with curved corners to match what used to be there. Just not sure what to use, I think Oliver said that they fabricated the trim out of plastic? @SeaDawg Any chance I could see a picture of your microwave cabinet with the Ikea doors and blum hinges? I'd love a visual. I think I know what your talking about. I have assembled quite a few Ikea kitchens... I don't have microwave either and wasn't quite sure what to do with the door, great idea!
  4. I just acquired a 2008 Elite I (Hull #43) as I am getting acquainted with I am finding that I don't care for the interior cabinet doors. One of the previous owners replaced the stock/original cabinet doors with a roll top style door on all the cabinets. I don't much care for the way they look but more importantly they don't function all that well, and they take space inside of the cabinet when rolled up and don't roll all that smoothly. I am leaning toward installing frosted acrylic doors but am open to other ideas. From what I can tell from photos it appears that originally there was a (plastic?) trim piece that went around the rough opening of the fiberglass cabinets and then the acrylic doors are installed after that. Is that correct? I have contacted Oliver Service Dept. and unfortunately they no longer make the trim/door pieces for my generation trailer. Which I believe those original cabinets slid on a rail instead of swing on a hinge. Any thoughts/ideas/considerations on how to fix/update the cabinet doors? With a quick google search I was able to located some marine style custom hatches that will work, but wanted to see if the Oliver community had any suggestions/recommendations! Also do the current cabinet doors swing down and not swing up? I was thinking about having them swing up (bad idea?). Thanks in advance for any help! Attached is my current cabinet situation:
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