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  1. Thanks all for your help. We came very close to purchasing an Oliver, but because we travel with two dogs, we decided the narrower width would be a little tight for us. I still admire the construction and design, but we purchased a BF 25RQ. It fits our needs, and we are happy.
  2. Thanks Bill. We searched and found ShallowGal's thread on their Alaska trip -- traveling with "doods" Great trip! And it gave us confidence that we could find room for our pals. We have decided to sell our Leisure Travel Unity. Hopefully we can find a buyer who will enjoy it as much as we have. We love the adventures, and want a rig that will enable us to go even more places in more seasons. We have a lot we want to see and do!
  3. You won't meet a nicer person than Chuck Stovall. He kindly showed Cary and me his Ollie this morning. Cary is concerned that it might be too small for us and our two midsize dogs. And all that keeps popping into my head is the beautiful belly of that trailer --- the craftsmanship, the welds, support structure. The clean lines and functionality. Hmmm..... We will figure this out. Thank you.
  4. Thanks All! Just saw these replies. This gives us some peace of mind. It doesn't sound like service and repair for the Oliver will be an issue, even out West. Thanks, Moots
  5. Hi Roy and Mary, So interesting to hear your story. Good luck on your new build. Moots
  6. I appreciate fine welds on my Moots and Steve Potts titanium bicycles. The craftsmanship is beautiful. When I get a chance to see an Ollie, I will look for the fine welds. I am close to sold on the Oliver travel trailer, and will be surprised if an in-person tour doesn't confirm that. My wife, however, is a little more careful and unsure about selling our Leisure Travel Unity. So we will take our time until we both are sure.
  7. Hi WhatDa, We appreciate your thoughtful response, which mirrors much of our thinking, with some additional thoughts that hadn't occurred to us. Thank you! We are meeting ChuckStovall this Friday to see his LEII. He lives very close to us. Can't wait! We have owned enough rigs that we will know pretty quickly whether the Ollie is a good fit for us. And yes, I have done a lot of road biking in Colorado over the years, and still ride a Moots VaMoots. Thanks. Moots
  8. We are considering purchasing an Ollie LEII, but live in Colorado. I see from reading other posts that Oliver might have an approved list of dealers that can do warranty work on the Ollie. If so, where can I find the list? Are there any in Colorado? Our concern is that Colorado is a long way from Tennessee. What are owners doing in the Western half of the United States for service and other issues given that there are no Ollie dealerships? I suspect I am not as handy as many owners posting in this service section, and issues do come up. What are your thoughts? Thank you! Moots
  9. Chuckstovall, Thank you for the offer. That would be helpful. I will message you. Moots
  10. Katanapilot, The Leisure Travel is a fine camper. We have sure taken it on some beautiful trips -- clear to Vermont and eastern Canada (from Colorado) last summer. We are emotionally attached to the memories and our great traveling rig. But if the Oliver, because it is a true four-season travel trailer, allows us to do even more of what we love, that would be a win! Mainiac and Trainman, Thanks for the Big Foot comparisons. We hope to see both. Still getting used to the wet bath idea, but in the big scheme of things, that is a blip. Really looking forward to seeing an Oliver. Thanks, Moots
  11. Hello, My wife and I started with a tent in the back of a Subaru and kids, bumped up to a pop up trailer, a Holiday Rambler 29" travel trailer, a Keystone Montana 38' fifth wheel that we pulled with a Ford diesel dually, sold it all and bought a Leisure Travel on a Sprinter chassis. We love the simplicity! But there are things we don't like: not a 4-season rig, no spare tire or room for one, expense and hassle of servicing the Sprinter, the tradeoff of having to unhook the rig to drive to town. You have all been there! We thought we were through with travel trailers, and the finish and design of the Leisure Travel is generally top notch. Solar installed on roof, great little generator, no slider but comfortable queen bed in the back etc. Then we saw Oliver trailers and wonder if we can match the experience in a four-season trailer that will last and hold its value. That's where we are at. We have a diesel Audi Q7 that I think would pull it, although we might ultimately get a half-ton pickup if we go down this road. Also considering Bigfoot. Is that okay to say here? I will read the forum, but just wanted to introduce ourselves. Rob and Cary Hansen from Littleton, CO. Safe travels!
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