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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I figured for sure it was the board or the igniter. Like I said the thermostat initiated the furnace and the blower went on. The last thing I thought it would be was the T-stat. Well I did a reset on my T-stat today and the thing fired up I could hear the infighter and the flame. Here's a screenshot of the procedure. Wish I knew why this happened. Peter
  2. Thanks, I'll check it out! I checked the sail switch, and cleaned it, looks like it works. No light off for sure. I'll read that like John sent thanks again.
  3. Hello, Thought someone might be able to steer me in the right direction, or have the answer. I have a DFSD20111 furnace that just started blowing cold air. The control board blinks 2 times then pauses for 3 seconds. This indicates a hard reset so I pulled the fuse to reset it. Same problem. I then purged the LP to confirm gas. Same problem. I called Oliver and Dometic but its Sunday and I can't get any tech support. Thinking it might be the igniter, was going to start checking for power at the connectors, then maybe remove it and check continuity. Any thoughts, I'd like to at least find the problem today. Thanks, Peter
  4. John Great, I was thinking the lift will do it, we'll see when I hook her up. Ahhh the money pit. I haven't made any vows yet, we'll see. I love those 80 series truck's, they're the ones to mode out for sure. Perfect size. I pulled off my running boards too. I put some Budbuilt sliders on. Highly recommended, heavy duty for sure. I did install a brake controller a few weeks ago. I went with the Redarc Tow Pro. Easy install, hope it works, haha. Test light says it's all good, we'll see. Ya, my receptacle is way over to the right also. I like the way you set yours up. I'll do the same. Thanks for the heads up on the length. I'll try and add a few pic's of my 200 to this thread. I'm just learning the forum thing. Peter
  5. John, Thank you I have a 2018 It has Dunlop AT/23's. I plan to upgrade, but they are still in good shape. I did get Anderson and I upgraded to 2 5/16" I really love the truck. It's a beast. I put in the Heavy BP-51 OME suspension to handle some extra weight. It brought me up almost 3". Sitting in my driveway the top of my receiver is about 28 1/2" off the ground. I'm assuming I'll have to drop the Anderson down to about 24" for the LE2? Sooo I'm thinking my tailgate will open without hitting the locking pin on the bulldog hitch or the top of the Anderson drop hitch. Hopefully! What were your experiences with this? Peter
  6. Overland, Yes, I will be picking up my my trailer with my LC200. I'm looking forward to the road trip. I will be camping out of it on the way down. I have spent some time reading through Johns' posts, they have been very informing. Peter
  7. Hello everyone! I have been searching through the forum over the past week. Really enjoy reading peoples experiences and opinions on topics that interest me. Thanks for sharing all the knowledge. Well I'm headed down from the Northeast soon to pick up my LE2. Should be fun, deciding what to bring, what not to bring! Where to stay, what questions to ask, making sure all the systems are working properly while I'm there. Expecting my paperwork to show up in the mail today, so I can get all registered and insured before I leave. I really expected it yesterday. I'm new to forum use, but I just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the great info! Best, Peter
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