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  1. I appreciate everyone's guidance. No worries about the confusion. I think I am starting to get this. Everybody's comments have inspired me to do more research also. Pretty amazing stuff! Our needs seem to be going towards the three regular BBs and keeping the 2000 watt inverter for now. I may change to the 3000 watt inverter before I am finished. With the additional potential of the 3000 watt inverter it seems like a good idea. Battle Born is having a great sale right now but still pretty pricey.

    I really like your setup above with everything in the battery tray!  BB did not say anything about adding a fuse at the batteries but it looks like a very good option.

  2. 22 hours ago, Mike and Carol said:

    I’ve got the older 320W solar panels.  We don’t use the AC much at all.  Too loud.  No, we’ve never run the AC off of the batteries.  The two BB’s do fine running everything else.  We’ve never been below 80% in the morning after running the furnace, lights, occasional microwave, etc.  Mike

    The AC is definitely loud! We did not realize you could run the microwave on the batteries. We have the 340 W solar... pretty much rookies with our Oliver. We are grateful for you insight! Thanks!

  3. Wow, thanks all! It is great that there is room for four batteries but the four lithiums get pricey pretty fast. It seems that if a person could install four golf cart lithiums then that might be an alternative, and have the golf cart battery benefits. Another alternative that just occurred is to put in two lithium 12 volt batteries instead of four. This forum is forum is great! Thanks again!

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