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  1. Thanks John. We love the 200 series lc! just need to get her married up to the ollie the right way and appreciate your tips on what is needed. I'll take a look. I have the p3 brake controller on her Kevin
  2. We just purchased hull 64 from Michael and elizabeth and are very excited to get started with our ollie adventures. We are Kimbellee and Kevin from Birmingham, Al. We have been silently following oliver for a couple years now and Michael's trailer is just perfect. I Look fw to sharing more on these forums and they were great theoughout the process. My initial question if someone reads this is if there is an optimal hitch height for the ollie when loaded to the hitch. I am pulling with a 2013 land cruiser and andersen hitch on 64. I feel like I may be a little high on the hitch at the moment but am not experienced on what exactlh to look for. Thanks, kevin
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