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  1. Anyone else consider the white chemical based dust coating the entire interior upon delivery. I’ve been wiping it down but seems to be never ending. It seems breathing this dust is hazardous. Perhaps Oliver should consider a thorough cleaning of the interior prior to handing over a hazardous hull?
  2. Thank you for uv tip. I drop iodine tablets in before filling but did not consider uv damage to nylon, thanks again.
  3. “ Plastimo” comes from the boating/yachting industry. 425 lbs when full. Very well made.
  4. No chair. It makes for some very helpful counter and desk workspace. Still working on the right chair.
  5. Snow Peak it is with just logs burning. The grill assembly.
  6. Boondocking Pictures of our Oliver Travel Trailer
  7. Saving on disposable filters will eventual begin to pay off.
  8. Back flush IMG_0402.MOV
  9. For me, it replaces going to the gym. I fill 5 gallon contain and then transfer into bladder 5 gallons at a time. I also use iodine tablets in bladder and then transfer into Oliver through UV purifier. Drinking water from each tap. The Oliver fresh tank material concerns me a bit but so far, so good.
  10. My blue bladder is 52 gallons and I use it to transfer water with my tow vehicle.
  11. If you decide on Katadyn Expedition filter, $1200 is doable as they are listed at $1500 mostly.
  12. Found fresh water testing kits online through amazon. 5 different brands but sent 2 samples to local labs as well. Any reputable testing kit with good reviews will do. Be sure to follow instructions to the letter. Good luck, will be making my way through North America including North Carolina at some point and would be happy to meet up to compare systems should the opportunity arise.
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