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  1. How much will you travel and/or carry? Most 1/2 tons can easily tow LEII but you can hit payload limit depending on how you travel.   If  I did not have TV I’d buy F350 with 7.3 to max out payload.   You do not need a diesel to tow an Oliver.   Nothing wrong with them but it will take a lot of miles to cover cost delta.   BTBRV is great channel for towing.   He even suggests gasser when under 10,000 pounds.  Whatever you get absolutely get tow package 

    I have F150 with max tow.  Tows my LEII easily.  I do not really like having to use WDH but it is needed per Ford.   I have truck camper on order so actually upgrading to F350 for payload. If I wasn’t getting truck camper I’d stick with my F150.   

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  2. On 2/18/2023 at 1:28 PM, Mountainman198 said:

    I tried this when I ordered mine in 2021. No such luck. You want the couch, no wing for you. 

    Really interesting.  Both my beds have the wing and are same width.   The extra $299 cost I assume was for extra cushions you get for the back of one side.   

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  3. Solo traveler with a grown kid with me sometimes. Otherwise just me and dog.  I got the coach option.  I just leave extra cushions at home if I need other bed for a guest.   

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  4. So interesting that max trailer weight is different than sticker on my truck.   Payload is correct but max towing is a bit less.  Now I’d never get near the sticker or calculator but thought it is interesting that it is different.  

    I have read on some Superduty forums that some of differences are significant and folks are rightly upset if Ford is changing specs after they sold a truck.  I am guessing maybe calculator needs some work otherwise expect lawsuits if they sold a truck rated for 20k lbs of towing that now says 15k lbs.   

  5. I’ve looked at that one.   I’ve got regular toilet in my Ollie but have a truck camper on order for smaller adventures and was really intrigued.    Good to have so many options out there.  

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  6. Felt too cumbersome to me.  Last thing I want is another credit card and login to keep track off.   There was a thread on FB where feedback was also lukewarm but it was quickly deleted as it seems any criticism of Oliver is not allowed there anymore.   

    Like others not something I’m interested in doing. I’ll answer questions from curious folks while camping but not show through Oliver.  With all the new trailers coming out plenty of folks to show trailers.  

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  7. On 10/16/2022 at 1:18 PM, Tom and Doreen said:

    Hi John -

    I noticed the nice quilt you have on your bed and I am wondering if this is homemade. Tom and I have our twin bed Ollie II on order and I am planning on making quilts for the beds. Since they are not really twin beds, the dimensions for the quilts will not be standard. I can guesstimate the dimensions needed, but thought I would check to see if yours was "custom" and/or handmade and what the dimensions are for it. 

    Reading this thread, I had to smile. Being on the shorter side (5'1") has its' challenges (for example, high shelves in the kitchen or grocery store), but sleeping and showering in the Ollie will not be a problem! 😀

    Best, Doreen 

    So I had a king sized quilt cut in half and use that for twins.  I had it done by seamstress as my sewing abilities is limited to buttons.   It was a good way to recycle bedding set still in good shape that I was not using.   

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  8. I had some work that needed to be done just after pickup.  I was already home in Texas and wasn’t going to drive to TN.   Found a local place that is great and Oliver paid them directly without any issue.  I’d use them again for maintenance if needed.   I’m planning to attend rally so I will just go tovTN after for annual maintenance.  


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  9. On 11/21/2021 at 11:23 PM, Dunnet said:

    We have just placed our order for an Elite II and have turned our attention to a new tow vehicle.  We are considering a Toyota Tundra or a Ford F150.  We have a question about the Ford and choice of engine, is the V6 eco boost a good choice rather than the larger V8.  I've had a look on the forum, have previous  threads looked at these vehicles?


    Been offline for a bit.  I tow my LE II with 2021 F150 4WD with max tow package and 3.5EB.  Have towed over 6,000 miles since pick up and truck tows like a dream.  Very happy with how the truck handles trailer and EB engine handles weight with no issues.  One reason I often use cruise control is to keep speed down.  The 3.5EB actually tows more than V8 and I have average 12.5 mpg towing.

    Good luck with search.  

  10. So I picked up in May.  Oliver provided sewer hose, drinking water hose, water pressure regulator, sewer elbow to connect to sewer at campsite,  lug wrench and power cord.   You need a torque wrench for tires and that is not provided.  I bought my own water regulator so I can see the pressure and use Oliver one as backup.   You will also want chocks and levelers.

    I’d highly recommend a tire monitoring system.   

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  11. 22 hours ago, Pilots Lounge said:

    After almost a year of having our Ollie II we have done the different ways to hook up the whale tail.  It's always been a little difficult every time with a few times no problem.  Mostly backing up under the ball hook up and then pulling forward to get on the ball.  Tried the raising the jack but sometimes that doesn't work either and don't like the stress on the jack either.  WELL we camped this past weekend and unhooked being totally straight for the pin no problem, and it was a good level site.  WHEN we went to leave there was no method going to give us the slack to hook up the whale tail.  It was like we were inch or so short and there was no way it was going to go on.  Visually you could see we were too short to hook up.  So we hooked to the hitch and pulled out of the campsite and tried 3 locations where it was level to try and hook up the whale tail.  Nothing was working...needless to say it was raining all this time.  I love the security of the hitch and we don't overpack our truck or camper, but this time it was about all we could take with the frustration.  We did make it home using the hitch but was glad we had a bungie cord to secure the whale tail.  Luckily we were not too far from home.

    So in desperation my question is does the chains tighten over time?  What is the best way to fix this?  I have read many posts but wanted  to get a fresh idea on what we need to do to fix this.  Thank you in advance. 


    I had that issue when I went to pickup trailer at RV shop.  I tried everything and of course it was pouring down rain but nothing created enough slack.  I eventually had to just remove chains completely from the frame.  I think over time the chains got twisted so by removing I was able to ensure they had same slack at install and links completely straight.    I also have found it is easier for me to get hitch under ball but attach whale tail first and then lower trailer onto ball.   For me it has made hitching faster and with less  F bombs. 

    I’ve had days where I was ready to upgrade to 3/4 ton just to get rid of Andersen.  It works great once attached though.  Lol

  12. On 9/26/2021 at 7:28 PM, Mike and Carol said:

    In Texas, our favorite, hands down, is HEB.  In fact, we find we miss our HEB’s when on the road.  When on the road, we venture into any grocery store that is convenient.  We do prefer most grocery stores over Walmart, but we’ve given a lot of business to Walmart when traveling.  We eat pretty simple, grill a meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish) and a veggie and we’re good.  Walmart is fine for paper goods and non-food supplies.  Mike

    HEB is finally coming to DFW and folks are thrilled to soon have another choice.   Not a fan of Walmart or Kroger. 

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