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  1. I just booked mine over the phone. I looked online but all the spots Oliver had held were not available online. Looking forward to next year!
  2. I’ve only got 3500 miles under my belt and this is my first RV. I was really worried about towing manners after seeing all the videos about sway. I have to say the towing manners of the Oliver is one of the most impressive features. No sway thus far. I use Andersen with my 1/2 ton and tows beautifully.
  3. No issues for me at all. I’ve also got back up camera which zooms on the hitch which makes it pretty easy.
  4. Not sure where they put in 2017 on Expedition but in addition to payload in drivers door see if you have this one on the hitch. Tell you max weight with and without WDH.
  5. So I’ve got 2021 F150 and still learning features. In the FordPass app there is feature that runs a light check for you. Nice to avoid getting in and out of truck to check when you are solo so thought I’d share.
  6. I watched his whole series on Alaska/Canada and he definitely took some roads I’d never consider but also saw a lot of other highways with amazing scenery that looked decent and something I’d tackle. My Alaska trip is 5+ years out as I can’t take that much time off work now. I do wonder when it is time if a truck camper is a better option. I’ll admit I did heavily think about a Northern Lite before getting my Ollie. There is a trade with every RV but wonder if easier not having to tow on those roads.
  7. So I can’t store at home as there just isn’t space and not allowed by HOA . I live in DFW area. I have a spot that is covered with open front. Space is 50 feet long so the Oliver tucks back nicely and well protected from weather even in front. I am able to trickle charge battery and storage place has a dump station and will fill propane tanks which is nice. I could pay less for uncovered but then I’d need a cover and we get some wicked spring storms here so covered is a big plus. Eventually I’d a place where I can have enclosed garage that can be climate controlled but need to figure out first where I want to be long term.
  8. Congrats ! Do you have to use a WDH in your 1500?
  9. There are other options. I use Fort Knox locks. Not as expensive as Proven Industries. But robust enough for me. https://ftknoxlocks.com/shop/ols/products/bulldog-lock
  10. No. I am in the Dallas area. Place I went to is in Carrollton which is north side of Dallas.
  11. I seriously looked at AS. I really liked the 23 Twin Globetrotter with the dry bath floor plan. I have to admit it was temping. Living in an area where hail is not uncommon the durability of the hull was a real concern. At the time they still used wooden subfloor which also concerned me. Glad to see they have moved to a composite material. At end of day the feedback from current AS about issues and higher price made it a no for me. I still do love how they look though. I was nervous about wet bath in the Ollie but after first trip realized how little time you send in bathroom and it was non issue for me. I think if you had family of 4 a wet bath is harder but for one or two folks super easy to manage. Good luck!
  12. I just used a local family owned place here in DFW to get warranty work done. Since they aren’t a dealership I was treated same as any customer. I appreciated they don’t schedule you to bring RV in until they can work on it , that way it doesn’t sit there for weeks untouched. They are not too far and I’d use they again without hesitation.
  13. August is the hottest month in Texas. I hate August and I live in the Dallas area. I have no plans to camp near home that time of year. Typically we have highs at or close to 100 and lows around 80 if lucky. Have I mentioned I hate August in Texas 🙂 You should be fine in RV with AC running. If you don’t have pets Magnolia is really popular place to visit for the day in Waco.
  14. I picked up on May 20th and mine didn’t have one. Just inside door there is a small nice looking placard that says proudly made in Hohenwald TN.
  15. When looking for RVs I quickly zeroed in on fiberglass trailers. I looked at Casita as they are so close. Interior was a no go. Just felt cheap and carpet a huge turn off. Same for Scamp. Escape seems like a step up from those two but still not the same and while 5th wheel interesting interior was a hard pass. No trailer is perfect but Oliver interior are like nothing else. Now it isn’t for everyone but I smile every time I step inside my Ollie!
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