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  1. Unreal. I don’t think I’d want to drive that road with either of those vehicles.
  2. That is a bit disappointing to be honest. The current model has better looking front end. They really missed the mark with headlights.
  3. Pennie If you did want to go through a trailer before pick up and come through DFW area on way to TN there are several owners in this area. I am a new owner and would be happy to show you trailer and share my steep newbie learning curve, lol. I have had a couple issues and worked with Oliver to get in with a repair place here in DFW. Good luck.
  4. I went with stock cushions and memory foam topper. I also got sheets/mattress pads from AB. I don’t full time or spend weeks at a time in my trailer so it did not seem like needed upgrade. Plus with southern mattress option you can always upgrade later.
  5. So the Oliver has built in EMS by progressive. I don’t add a second one on top of that but progressive does make ones you can plug into source directly. I used the Fort Knox lock (with puck lock) for hitch lock. Small company in Oklahoma. I got a Viair compressor. I have Tireminder i10 but read a lot of good things about TST as well.
  6. So I just setup the protrailer backup assist on my 2021 F150. It came with a sensor that easily mounted to the trailer tongue. Once plugged into TV calibration was really simple. Not sure if the sensor can be used on pre 2021 models.
  7. Your intended travel style is really important for TV consideration IMHO. I really thought about 3/4 Tom diesel but I just didn’t want that for my daily driver yet. Until I retire I plan to take shorter trips and after almost 2,000 miles on shakedown trip I am very pleased with my TV. In another 5 years when longer trips and hopefully an extended Alaska trip are on horizon that 3/4 will probably be on my radar. I also travel light. I don’t carry bikes or kayaks and normally it is me and a medium size dog.
  8. Interesting they gave you a list of mobile techs. I got the okay to use a mobile tech for my solar that doesn’t work but they did not have list of providers they could provide as starting point.
  9. Interesting to see 6 on your Andersen for your F150. Mine was 3.5 from Oliver after install for my 2021 F150. Is the 6 your writing or from my Oliver? They did red sharpie in nut and bolt on mine.
  10. Payload will get most folks well before towing capacity. My F150 has stated tow capacity of 14000. I’d never be able to tow that and take anything. Not even sure I would have enough payload for a driver, lol.
  11. There is a connection box on each panel. Anything inside worth checking ?
  12. I’m actually starting my trek back to Allen Texas tomorrow which is next city south. I had access to ladder today so got up and checked both fuses on roof and connections. All connections and fuses were good. I’ll look for fuse John notes in diagram. I haven’t been able to find that one yet.
  13. Mods. - please feel free to move So today we pulled into our first national park campground. Very scenic setting. This is my shakedown trip and I am still learning to backup and this was the hardest spot yet for me. Anyhow while my son was helping I was blocking the loop for maybe 4 minutes. Two cars were there for about 3 min and first driver gave me the ugliest look as he went by so made me wonder. What is the etiquette here? Should I just pull forward and make another pass or our folks generally patient with folks backing in ?
  14. You get a solution for issue and get solar working? Interesting that two campers delivered within days of each other having issues. I wonder if a new person started working on these connections and did not get it setup properly?
  15. So quick update. I was able to test lines connected to solar panel during daylight hours and meter registers nothing. I am seeing no power coming from solar panel connections. So now waiting to hear back from Oliver to see how they will fix.
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