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  1. Good luck! The new RAMs are beautiful trucks. I am not so patiently waiting for my new truck and Ollie in May. I will be anxious to hear your feedback!
  2. Surprised to see F-150 over payload on the Elite. Any idea of weight for cargo in truck bed and your tongue weight? I have 2021 F-150 Supercrew 4x4 on order to pull my Elite coming in May so no experience yet with TV. Appreciate feedback from those already on the road.
  3. I’ve lived all over the US and the western US is top of my list when I retire. I love the area around Bend Oregon plus coast is not that far. I’d probably head south for part of winter but that is what the Ollie is for! Texas is home so I have thought about having a small place in the Hill Country for winter between Austin and San Antonio.
  4. So I have been looking at a new truck for my TV as current driver is going to my son plus it cannot tow an Oliver. I have be really surprised how high the prices have been in the used truck market, at least in DFW market. If you are open to brands you might see if you can get a deal on 2020 F-150 as new design for 2021 drops in November. If they incentivise them enough it may not be much of price delta to a used truck. Just depends on the market where you live. I was looking at 2019 and above models. Good luck. I get my LE in May so I have to wait longer.
  5. So I still have time with my build sheet and I am starting to waffle on the LE vs LEII. I really like small size option of LE but one reason for getting trailer is to spend time with my son who is 16. I’d love to have his older sister along but she isn’t much of a camper 🙂 In the LE the smaller dinette seems too small for an adult to sleep for extended period of time. Anyone close to 6ft actually sleep there ? I was looking at specs again and those dimensions are concerning. The LEII twin option is appealing as it gives him a good bed and when we can talk her sister into comi
  6. That live edge walnut top might be my first upgrade when I get my trailer next year. That looks amazing !
  7. So I went to the Casita factory recently. A couple things I noticed. The carpeted walls and ceiling was a deal breaker for me. Once I saw in in person I knew I couldn’t get past it. The cabinet doors were pressed wood and just had a cheap feel. If you are handy can probably replace those easily. I liked the exterior and the options of multiple floor plans. They are lighter since a single hull. The plumbing underneath is exposed. Good luck!
  8. Welcome. Wow, with that view not sure I’d ever want to leave! I have a Legacy Elite on order for May so like you I am working through all the options. Best of luck.
  9. So RAM owners are Ramboxes worth the upgrade? Not crazy about how they look on side but looks super practical.
  10. Really nice looking setup! I’m looking for my TV and while it is great to pick a TV from day 1 there are almost too many good options!
  11. So the TVs I have look at in person have between 1400 -1700 on door jamb sticker. This includes F-150, Expedition and RAM 1500. I will be towing the smaller LE I. I really like LE II plan but don’t need it with just me and dog and smaller trailer size is appealing. Plus a LE II would make it super easy to justify a nice diesel F-250 !
  12. The video above is excellent and helped give me confidence to place my order. I am planning to go before I have to finalize selections to see options in person. I want to do tour as well but shorter tour would not make me delay trip but that is just me.
  13. Not yet. I have a 2021 Elite I on order!
  14. So I drove a couple vehicles this weekend to tow my LEI on order. I was really impressed with the RAM drive and interior. I have never owned a FCA product. For those towing with 2019 or newer RAM 1500 any issues ? Would you buy it again? TIA
  15. My plan next summer after I get my Ollie is to head to cooler weather when I can. If I can sneak 4-6 weeks away from Texas summer I will be thrilled ! In the fall and winter I hope to do shorter extended weekend trips in Texas and OK. I generally find folks at campsites more considerate vs a hotel. Can’t recall a time really being bothered by fellow campers but have countless examples of kids and adults screaming down hotel hallways at all hours. I am good with nature and long as I have screened in place like TT to sleep.
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