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  1. Well my build sheet is submitted! Thanks to everyone for sharing all your experiences. This forum has been a tremendous resource- much appreciated. I did decide to go with LE II. Two primary reasons. The LE I was just too short. I would be constantly grazing ceiling with my head. Secondly I just kept coming back to how much more practical floor plan was for my needs. Look forward to picking up in May!
  2. For those with Oliver lagun table option can the top provide by Oliver easily be replaced by a wooden top? Assuming you can unscrew the provided top and mount another one? Thanks
  3. I’ve seen several videos on this topic by the YouTube “experts”. I agree that the normal RV market doesn’t really apply to direct to customer manufacturers like Oliver, Escape and Casita. I think all these now have delivery dates in 2022 at this point. As pricing is set you aren’t really subject to supply/demand dynamics of dealer model to get the best deal . Will be interesting to see if market gets flooded with used RVs late this year into 2022. I don’t think you will see that with Oliver. Given price point I’d expect most buyers to have down considerable research before buying. Wi
  4. Scary for folks in Texas who have been without power most of the day. I’ve been lucky with power but going to -1 tonight.
  5. 10 degrees and snowing right now in Dallas thus no trip to factory today and tomorrow. Supposed to hit 0 Tuesday am. Never seen it that cold here. All 254 counties in Texas under winter storm warning, crazy.
  6. I’ve got an iPhone and no issues.
  7. I was really tempted by F250 but I didn’t need it and it won’t fit in my garage. I can just get my F150 to fit. Maybe down the road when I spend weeks at a time out I might consider 3/4.
  8. Sounds a lot like my 2021 F150 I got in December. Competition among truck builders is great for buyers. The RAM is very nice but I gain payload with F150 in similarly equipped trucks. What are you picking up ? Elite or Elite II? The TRX and Raptor are awesome trucks. I’ll never own one as it would be a shame to own one and never actually really take off road but I appreciate all the engineering that goes into them.
  9. Congrats from a fellow Texan! I am in DFW and pickup in May. I lived in Austin years ago when I went to UT. I visit when I can as it is a great place . Good luck !
  10. We will be there at the same time ! I have meeting Monday morning to finalize and see factory so I booked 2/14 and 2/15 and will head home Tuesday.
  11. Got more creative with search of the forums. Looks like Commodore is the best option. Thanks
  12. I have a hard cover. I personally didn’t want to lose visibility especially since truck is also my daily driver.
  13. So for those who have picked up recently did Oliver cover a night a Davy Crockett? If so did you stay more than a night ? I wanted to stay a few nights after pickup and wondering if you just booked your entire stay directly with the park or just the extra nights you wanted to stay. TIA.
  14. Congrats on your Ollie! I pick up in May and am so ready to get on the road!
  15. Yeah the twin bed with couch was $300 more and I think that is for extra cushion for back and sides.
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