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  1. Welcome. Wow, with that view not sure I’d ever want to leave! I have a Legacy Elite on order for May so like you I am working through all the options. Best of luck.
  2. So RAM owners are Ramboxes worth the upgrade? Not crazy about how they look on side but looks super practical.
  3. Really nice looking setup! I’m looking for my TV and while it is great to pick a TV from day 1 there are almost too many good options!
  4. So the TVs I have look at in person have between 1400 -1700 on door jamb sticker. This includes F-150, Expedition and RAM 1500. I will be towing the smaller LE I. I really like LE II plan but don’t need it with just me and dog and smaller trailer size is appealing. Plus a LE II would make it super easy to justify a nice diesel F-250 !
  5. The video above is excellent and helped give me confidence to place my order. I am planning to go before I have to finalize selections to see options in person. I want to do tour as well but shorter tour would not make me delay trip but that is just me.
  6. Not yet. I have a 2021 Elite I on order!
  7. So I drove a couple vehicles this weekend to tow my LEI on order. I was really impressed with the RAM drive and interior. I have never owned a FCA product. For those towing with 2019 or newer RAM 1500 any issues ? Would you buy it again? TIA
  8. My plan next summer after I get my Ollie is to head to cooler weather when I can. If I can sneak 4-6 weeks away from Texas summer I will be thrilled ! In the fall and winter I hope to do shorter extended weekend trips in Texas and OK. I generally find folks at campsites more considerate vs a hotel. Can’t recall a time really being bothered by fellow campers but have countless examples of kids and adults screaming down hotel hallways at all hours. I am good with nature and long as I have screened in place like TT to sleep.
  9. So renting a class B this summer confirmed my decision to go with a TT. It was very easy to drive, park and hookup. It was so loud in the van while driving due to items shaking. I also didn’t care for layout limitations with cab in the living area. Personal preference but renting helped to solidify direction I wanted to go. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for sharing story. I am in the DFW area and will be getting a TV later this year. Think I am down to 2021 F-150 or RAM 1500. I have started looking and when I start asking some guys about payload and weight ratings they look confused. Buyer beware is my approach as they just want to move the truck.
  11. So I am in line to get my Elite I next spring and am looking at TV options. My current daily driver is going to my son as planned who is getting his DL at the end of the year. Here are the TVs I am currently considering. Based on Elite I and vehicle specs all should work. F-150 RAM 1500 Expedition Q7 I was pleasantly surprised at the payload on the Expedition once the sales guy knew what I was talking about and why I was asking to see sticker in door frame! It is about the same as F-150 trims I am considering with both just over 1500 lbs . I will be curious to se
  12. Thanks for sharing. One of options I am really on the fence is the counter upgrade. I really like the white counters. I am also partial to your Texas flag!
  13. Congrats John. I hope all works out for your pickup! I am in line for a May delivery. As a single traveler as well I am curious what led you to Elite II over Elite I ? Thanks.
  14. Congratulations! I have to wait for May for my Elite I. I will be getting my TV this year as son gets current one. Was considering diesel on 150/1500 truck but not sure if I want payload trade off. What is maintenance like on them?
  15. Thanks. I am very familiar with Frisco. I live there for over 15 years. I am now in Allen which is east and a bit south. My folks are just down road from you in Boerne and I have family in San Antonio.
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