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  1. I got and took survey. I think footprint of current fridge would be fine if compressor model. As for AC would definitely consider upgrade.
  2. I had some work that needed to be done just after pickup. I was already home in Texas and wasn’t going to drive to TN. Found a local place that is great and Oliver paid them directly without any issue. I’d use them again for maintenance if needed. I’m planning to attend rally so I will just go tovTN after for annual maintenance.
  3. I like the Andersen’s. They are more expensive but I am mainly a solo traveler and find them easy to use on my own. I bought levelmate pro as part of pre trailer pickup supplies and have yet to install.
  4. I'll be there for first one as well. I am in E loop.
  5. Been offline for a bit. I tow my LE II with 2021 F150 4WD with max tow package and 3.5EB. Have towed over 6,000 miles since pick up and truck tows like a dream. Very happy with how the truck handles trailer and EB engine handles weight with no issues. One reason I often use cruise control is to keep speed down. The 3.5EB actually tows more than V8 and I have average 12.5 mpg towing. Good luck with search.
  6. So I picked up in May. Oliver provided sewer hose, drinking water hose, water pressure regulator, sewer elbow to connect to sewer at campsite, lug wrench and power cord. You need a torque wrench for tires and that is not provided. I bought my own water regulator so I can see the pressure and use Oliver one as backup. You will also want chocks and levelers. I’d highly recommend a tire monitoring system.
  7. I had that issue when I went to pickup trailer at RV shop. I tried everything and of course it was pouring down rain but nothing created enough slack. I eventually had to just remove chains completely from the frame. I think over time the chains got twisted so by removing I was able to ensure they had same slack at install and links completely straight. I also have found it is easier for me to get hitch under ball but attach whale tail first and then lower trailer onto ball. For me it has made hitching faster and with less F bombs. I’ve had days where I was ready to upgrade to 3/4 ton just to get rid of Andersen. It works great once attached though. Lol
  8. HEB is finally coming to DFW and folks are thrilled to soon have another choice. Not a fan of Walmart or Kroger.
  9. I’m sure it will be solid truck but personally it just looks ugly. The outgoing Tundra was much better looking truck. My .02 on 1/2 ton trucks Best looking exterior - GMC Denali Best looking interior- RAM Best tech and drive trains. -Ford Lucky for consumers there is a a lot of competition in that market.
  10. I just booked mine over the phone. I looked online but all the spots Oliver had held were not available online. Looking forward to next year!
  11. I’ve only got 3500 miles under my belt and this is my first RV. I was really worried about towing manners after seeing all the videos about sway. I have to say the towing manners of the Oliver is one of the most impressive features. No sway thus far. I use Andersen with my 1/2 ton and tows beautifully.
  12. No issues for me at all. I’ve also got back up camera which zooms on the hitch which makes it pretty easy.
  13. Not sure where they put in 2017 on Expedition but in addition to payload in drivers door see if you have this one on the hitch. Tell you max weight with and without WDH.
  14. So I’ve got 2021 F150 and still learning features. In the FordPass app there is feature that runs a light check for you. Nice to avoid getting in and out of truck to check when you are solo so thought I’d share.
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