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  1. @John E Davies I'm on the East Coast in Maryland, so my journeys will mostly be to the Mid-Atlantic, New England and local mountainous areas (I'm close to the Appalachians), along with lots of Civil War areas (I'm a buff, like George Costanza). We'll be doing a fair amount of winter camping, as my wife and I like cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and cold-weather camping in general. One of the major reasons for the Oliver purchase, in fact, is its superior 4-season abilities. We'll also be heading west, but much less often until we retire. Probably no really long trips until then as wel
  2. @John E Davies I'm happy for general feedback on what folks like and don't like for their specific usage/situations.
  3. For those of you who have owned an Oliver LEII for some time, what upgrades have been most valuable for you? And knowing what you know now, what options do you wish you'd gotten? Conversely, which ones have you found out aren't nearly as nice or as useful as you thought they'd be?
  4. Has anyone gotten this upgrade on their trailer? When (not if!) I get my Oliver Elite II trailer, it will be crucial that I have as much connectivity as possible, as working from the trailer will be a necessity. For those who have this, I'd love to know if you feel it's worth the premium, and how it's worked out for you. I won't be full-timing in my Oliver, but I will be using it regularly. Thanks for any and all feedback!
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