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  1. Not sure if this reply goes to all who contacted me but here is my response. I'd consider a used Elite depending on how it is configured but by all accounts, they are rarely on the market. I did have the Alde heat system which is brilliant. I do not have the Coolcat AC but something they call the Aire8 AC. Folks are curious about the fold down sink in the bathroom. To be honest, I rarely use the bathroom, especially the sink. It drains water ok and I don't see any problem with it. The TAB does have a "cool" factor but I just haven't enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. Having said that, th
  2. Hello. I currently own a 2020 TAB 400 Boondock which I would like to sell this coming June and trade up to the Oliver Elite. I previously owned a Casita so I'm sold on the fiberglass construction. For now I'm just monitoring the forum to get tips on buying, etc.
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