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  1. Thanks SeaDawg. Not camping yet...airing the trailer out in Northern AZ, where we've been having epic monsoon rains. No trees on the property, and no debris or dirt in the weep holes. The water doesn't make it to the weep holes. That part of the frame is actually dry. When you say "3rd Tail" do you mean the Oliver sign above the window? If so, do you access it behind the insulation in the rear upper cabinet? FWIW, I felt under there (between the Oliver sign and the top of the rear window) after a rain and it was dry. And really? Already leaking here at just 2 months old? On a $54K trailer? So disappointing. Is installing the RV gutter to prevent leaks when the caulking fails, or something else? Is this a thing all owners need to do asap on purchase? Do you recommend around all windows, or just the ones that are malfunctioning? Oliver tried to tell us that this was normal (which is part of my question, I guess...is this normal for other owners? If it is, they need to be clearer about that as part of the package). After a bit of frustration with the company over that point, it's now at our trusted RV repair shop for assessment. While we wait, we'd like to know if anyone else has run into similar issues in the past, and if so, whether/how it was resolved. Thanks for helping troubleshoot here...
  2. Hi fellow Ollie owners, My brand new Ollie (delivered in June) is leaking! When it rains, the rear window track is full of water (including inside the trailer). The two rear side windows also have this problem, although to a lesser extent. I've seen other threads about leaks in this area due to caulking issues around the rear Oliver sign and around the rear window, but the caulking is just fine on my trailer. And I've also seen threads about putting strips of plastic in the weep holes on the outside of the trailer/window frame to help the water drain, but the water isn't making there. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had this same issue, and if so, how it got resolved? Are there other threads that might be helpful? Thanks.
  3. Thanks so much to everyone for their replies! All very helpful. (And thanks for the welcome @topgun2.) Good especially to know that I'll need to keep the composting toilet covered when showering. And that if I want to improve ventilation and keep the door open while showering, suction cups are the way to go. I don't microwave at home much at all...honestly only to heat up a rice pack I use to keep my feet warm before I go to sleep. I'm thinking I can get a solar powered heating blanket for that. @SeaDawg, can you share more about your custom cabinet build where your microwave was? What did you make it out of? Was it easy to blend it into the surrounding structure? Do you have photos to share? And @Mike and Carol, did you go with the Easy Start for your AC? Also, solar is for sure happening, it's just a question of what that looks like. Still learning about it all so I can figure out whether to get AGM or lithium, and whether it's worth it to have Oliver do the installing or to try to find someone local to do it after I get it home. (Is an Ollie ordered without solar wired in such a way that solar installation will work at a later date?) Thanks again everyone. I'm glad y'all are here to help provide information! Meg
  4. Hello Ollie community! I am finalizing my options for my new Ollie (this is my first post!), to be completed in late June. I'm planning on living in it full time for a year or two, and am leaning strongly towards the Elite (It's just me, and I'm a little nervous about towing the Elite II as a newbie). I plan to be boondocking at least 50% of the time...but likely more. I've got most of my options honed in, but am looking for your feedback on three things at the moment. (The solar conundrum is coming, but I've got more posts to read before I can formulate my questions about that.) First, talk to me about the shower track. Moisture control is very, very important to me. At first I was thinking shower track was a must-have, but now I'm reconsidering. (FWIW, I'm planning on getting the Nature's Head toilet.) For those of you without one, how easy is it to dry up the bathroom after showering? And for those of you with one, same question. And do you find that letting the curtain dry is more of a hassle than it would be to wipe down the walls without one? I saw in another post someone proposed using suction cups with hooks to hang a shower curtain. If you've tried this, how's it working for you? Second, all I can find about the Micro-Air Easy start is that it allows you to start and run AC off of a generator. I'm a total newbie here, and so don't really have much concept of whether or not this is something that I'll need. Thoughts? I like to be in hot environments, but will want something to take the edge off of 102+ degree days. Finally, for those of you who went with the standard microwave, is it permanently in the Ollie, or is it something that if you don't like it, you can easily take it out at some later point and utilize the space for other things? Thanks!! Looking forward to joining the community! Meg
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