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  1. I am not sure if it is on the forum but I know that several post on FB have list of items.
  2. You and my husband have a lot in common! I will Be sure he sees this. I am guessing we will have a new purchase for the camper.
  3. Hello fellow coffee enthusiast! We wanted to share with those of you who like to camp off grid or find yourself often without shore power how we make copious amount of coffee with no battery impact. We drink A LOT of coffee and for fear of an intervention we will just leave it at a lot, so we needed to come up with a way to make a large amount of GOOD coffee. We started with a large French press. It was a water consumer when trying to clean and we were spending a lot of time making coffee instead of enjoying our time enjoying the scenery. Pour over was the next option but it too took a lot of “preparing” time UNTIL we found the melitta 60 oz carafe and pour over basket. We have a traditional percolating camping coffee pot. But is used for boiling water and only use it to make coffee in an emergency. It was hard to be consistent with taste and strength and keeping warm without “burning” it was an issue. I have attached pictures of our system. Hope this helps our fellow boondocking coffee drinking camping enthusiasts. Finding joy in every moment,
  4. We picked up our Ollie 1/10. Had an exciting week long trip back home and have our next trip in a week. We saw an Oliver heading west as we headed home to NC. Hope to see more of the Oliver family out in the wild. Look for us in national parks, harvest host and BLM lands. Looking forward to the Oliver Rally in March! Follow us on Instagram Road2trails.
  5. Pick up day will be here before you know it. Have you started packing for it?
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