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  1. I will!! I usually post pictures on the oliver trailer owners on facebook. We tent camped at FCP last September, chilly, but thats the way we like it!! Sites are all right on the water, so we brought our kayaks and was able to put in right from our sight. Tupper lake and Saranac Lake are both close by for supplies and treats.
  2. Camp stove outdoors of course.
  3. We are planning to boondock at Fish Creek Ponds in NY. This is a beautiful campground! We tent camped here last year and loved it, and now plan to use our new to us Ollie "Rita". We are looking at October, so will not need AC. I think the only things we would need elec for would be lights at night and the water pump. We can use our camp stove or the propane cook top indoors for meals. The sites are all partial shade. So, if I am planning a 5 day/night trip, do I need to get a portable solar panel that I can direct towards the sun (as opposed to the rooftop panel that may be in the shade). My son tells me that solar recharge is extremely slow, if so, should I get a portable honda generator. Or maybe I do not even need to worry about it. Any tips/info would be appreciated. BTW, I know nothing about solar power.
  4. Never thought about the shedding!! Thanks for asking!!
  5. I am looking for tips/ideas/information on how you travel with big dogs. We lost our last beloved English Bulldog 5 months ago, and we pledged to not get anymore dogs so we could travel. However, that was not what God had planned for us. Someone dumped 2 hound/lab mix puppies on our land, and they were too cute to give up!! Now we have 2 fifty pound 6 month old puppies and we are wondering how we will ever manage if we are able to finally get an Oliver. My dream trailer. Any ideas would help.
  6. I see that the Oliver company first produced trailers in 2007. Are their any still in the road? What is the oldest Oliver still in use?
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