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  1. We connected the pump fully and still no response. I'd expect it to at least kick on but it doesn't. Current working theory is that the new pump is defective somehow as there seems to be no other logical explanation. Seems odd though. Replacement pump here tomorrow so fingers crossed. We have a ticket into Oliver in the off chance that there is some edge case we aren't considering.
  2. Just tried that. Pump still not working.
  3. Update: we've had a faulty switch inn the bathroom so we just changed the configuration and now have 12v at the wires. Pump still won't come on though. Does Ii t need to be fully connected to the pipes to turn on?
  4. I posted this on the Facebook forum early do this might be Deja Vu for some of you. 1) I think I fried the water pump. Accidently left it on when draining the fresh water tank. Came back and the green pump light was on but no pump activity. I checked the fuse box and the fuse is fine. There is 3-4v across the fuse. Is that enough? 2) I replaced the water pump. I reused the existing power wire but I had to cut the ground wire and reconnect with a wire nut. Before connecting the hoses etc, I tried turning on the pump. Nothing happened. Actually, seems like we took a step backward as now the green light on the pump switch no longer comes on. 3) Checked the power at the pump wires and we're not getting anything there. Is there another inline fuse somewhere? What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it? We are supposed to be leaving for a month-long trip on Saturday.
  5. Well, on the maiden voyage of Hull 953, we experienced some very strong winds. At one point as I was opening the door, a strong gust got a hold of the door and both pulled me out of the camper and slammed the door stop into the side of the camper. As a result (picture below) the metal plate around the door stop smashed through the fiberglass of the door. Any suggestion on how best to repair this? Thanks. Mark & MaryBeth
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