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  1. Hey thanks Cameron. I must have missed that during our delivery. Hanna did ours as well. Thanks much for that. This forum is a great source for all kinds of info. Thanks much.
  2. Thanks much Mike! Nice job on the shut off switch. I'm going to install one as well if I have room. I have 3 lithiums. I'll check with Lithium Blue to get there take. Our batteries each have a on/off button on top. 👍
  3. We have Lithium's. (Lithium Pro Package) Mike and Carol, We expect to use them in October, so it will over a month. If I'm understanding you correctly, it is not enough just to shut them off, they should be disconnected at the terminals as well? Thanks so much to everyone for the feedback!
  4. I have 20 amp power plugged in to keep the batteries charged. Is that sound thinking? (Lithium Blue)
  5. Thanks much for your response Bill. I think the tip on the newspaper is great! Thanks.
  6. We took delivery of Hull #870 this month and we just placed it in storage for the first time. We were fortunate to obtain, indoor, climate controlled storage, with 20 amp power available. Considering the fact that I have power available, what would be the optimum set up for storage? Batteries on? We have solar, but of course we're indoors. Refrigerator left on low setting using AC or off with the door ajar? Vented with some of the windows open or completely closed up? We're located in the SC with high humidity this time of the year, so We're concerned about moisture developing in the interior. Right now we have 20 amp power applied, with the refrigerator on low, batteries on and fully charged, and all windows and exhaust fan closed. Unfortunately, we won't be able to enjoy the use of it again until October, so it will be stored for over a month. Any suggestions on this topic would be appreciated. BTW, we loved our maiden trip after delivery and look forward to many more.
  7. Thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone! We look forward to meeting many of you out on the road.
  8. Just wanted to introduce ourselves and thank everyone for all of the valuable information on the forums. We are Dave & Becky Rutkiewic and we are picking up our LEII (Hull # 870) in August of this year. We live in the upstate of SC on Lake Keowee. We are first time RV'ers and are excited about hitting the road with our new Ollie!
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