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  1. Thank you everybody for your input. It turns out the water heater draws 1200 watts, the battery charger draws about 200 and that would make up about the 1500 watts I was seeing. I guess I was curious to see if the bypass switch was causing the issue because of the ground neutral disconnect at the generator. Going forward I think I just need to make sure the water heater is off and should be able to run the air conditioning with no problem. Everybody have a great day and once again thanks for your input.
  2. Hello All, I am trying to test whether my Westinghouse iGen2500 can run the A/C in my Legacy Oliver II (2017). The Surge Protector throws off the Error of E2 when I am hooked up and running, which means the ground and neutral is disconnected at the generator. I am awaiting a Bonding plug from Amazon in order to help remedy the situation. Fingers crossed. However, In the meantime, I decided to bypass the Surge Protector, and see if the generator could run the A/C anyway. Before I even turned on the A/C though, the generator surged to 1.5-2kW of power, and nothing (no fan, fridge, lights, etc...) was running. I figured that power could be hurting something, so I turned it off. Curious if anybody has had this issue before particularly with generators. Might have something to do with the neutral ground disconnect, but not sure. Definitely don't want to damage the converter haha!
  3. Yeah, we've messed with it today for several hours with no simple fix. Appreciate the response, but still no luck. Thanks!
  4. It was easy to pop off using the red tab, but not sure how to put it back in. It looks like it slides in the same channel where the red handle is, but won't slide all the way to the left because of the handle. According to a video I watched, it looks like it's in front of the handle, but ain't working for me. If someone could help or better yet, demonstrate with a short video, that would be greatly appreciated. We're at a loss, but it has been a long weekend! Thanks in advance for any help, and I apologize if this is a stupid question!
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