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  1. Hello Everyone, This is a big thank you to everyone at Oliver and in this forum for all of your great responses and assistance in the past months since I discovered Oliver and joined. Unfortunately, circumstances have changed having nothing whatsoever to do with Oliver. My desire to purchase a new Elite I remains strong. Oliver is, without a doubt, the best in the industry. But, for now, I need to postpone my order. I didn't want to disappear (for the time being) without thanking everyone at Oliver and in this forum. You all rock! This is my last post until I reappear. Thank you for everything and please know I wish everyone the best! Happy trails, Pennie
  2. I appreciate your post, information and offer Steve, Oliver Saleswoman Anita called me back after doing some research on her end. Her explanations about Steve's specifics were reasonable and reassuring. She knows I am new at this and as much as I read and watch on Oliver University, I will be learning on the curve, as I go. She also knows I will be living with them in Tennessee until everything is shipshape for a maiden voyage, with as complete an understanding of systems as one can derive from afar accentuated with some hands-on trials. Thank you for your invitation. Unfortunately, I do not live close--actually live near the hottest places in the USA this week--the great Southwest. I will be heading east in late September for delivery on October 4--great news for one who was given an original approximate day in June next year. If time permits and I can stop by, with pre or post delivery, that would be wonderful. At Oliver, there have been a few order cancellations of late. Some may be due to health reasons, some to individual situations, and some to the huge numbers of people who have hit the road crowding both public and private campgrounds, trashing some of these places. Who knows? They let me and others come in earlier than originally thought. I am plunging ahead with plans. I do not expect perfection. Life doesn't work that way--certainly not my own--lol! I am expecting a well-built, high quality TT with a fine customer service team behind it as well as some guidance (much given already) from the terrific community here on this forum. I will need much more, I'm sure. Thanks again Steve, Pennie
  3. Hi John, My condolences on the loss of your wife of nearly five decades. I’m so sorry. I’m stuck somewhat speechless John and truly appreciate your concern for me after what you’ve been through. I admit to being stunned at your Oliver experience. You are making me more nervous than I am already, being a real newbie. If Oliver is suffering a real QC issue, that is truly concerning! Thank you for writing and again, please accept my condolences. Pennie
  4. What a great article! Much to ponder. Thank you as ever SeaDawg
  5. Thank you SeaDawg! I may not need much more than I have already. Probably should just try it out first before I leap. Pennie
  6. Hello group! Oliver's Anita let me know today that the company is building a "campground"/parking area adjacent to their service area allowing new owners to park there following delivery. It has been held up by lots of wet weather recently but the plans are moving forward. Plans include full electric, H20 hook-ups along with a dump for BW and GW to replicate a campground, so that us newbies can test our systems on-site and they will fix anything that is not working right away. Great news! Onward, Pennie
  7. I will check it out--as ever thank you for all of your input! I like the idea of adding T-Mobile to my current Verizon account. I already cancelled the Cradlepoint. Thanks again SeaDawg. Pennie
  8. Thank you Texas Guy! I truly appreciate all of this feedback. I'm learning as I go. Thanks again, Pennie
  9. Thank you as ever Sea Dawg! Time is on my side and I be asking Oliver for your suggestion. I live in a very warm, dry climate that will require some cooling at some point. Thanks again, Pennie
  10. 3. You are correct Mike, a surge protector is built-in. Thanks again! Pennie
  11. Thank you Mike for all the responses! 1. Will do. I probably need a cell booster. I'll check on that surge protector inclusion. I just got off the phone with Anita at Oliver for the past couple of hours--true that. I told her that there was not a great love for the AC unit. She gave me a detailed explanation about it and said it was the quietest they could find. I have some time and will work on possibly eliminating it although it may not change the price. Viair it is. The group consensus is that the idea for the genset I got from an RV blog on the net is overkill. I will be researching a different model. Group rules! Lots of love for the TST TPMS. I'm on it. Thanks again Mike, Pennie
  12. Thank you as ever SeaDawg! I am trying to approach this thoughtfully. After all, it's just the rest of my life--lol! I also have Verizon and I like your suggestion about adding T-Mobile as they are good at coverage. Small genset coming up! That seems to be the consensus here--one I value great deal. I got the model idea I posted from the a regular column on the net and am glad I asked on the forum. This is such a great community! Thank you again, Pennie
  13. Thank you for all of your feedback and thoughts RB! Very, very helpful! Pennie
  14. Once again, thanks SeaDawg. I'll possibly invest in an additional solar panel to augment the 230w. See how the money flows--lol!
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